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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Third Evictee Is...

That was a bit anticlimactic. Well, the actual eviction was, but it got entertaining afterwards. But we'll get to that in a second.

First I need to update you on what happened at the POV meeting. Alex did not use her veto, but Justin took down Kryssie (as planned). Scott replaced her with Shane, just as they had planned all week.

Also, this is the first night that I've been a bit disappointed with the weekly recap "episode". It was edited like a typical summer CBS broadcast. There were a few fluff sequences, and Danielle was given a completely unrealistic sympathetic edit. We didn't see any evidence of the types of things that were annoying not just the "other" side, but her own alliance and the online viewers. Her becoming a Have-Not wasn't mentioned, nor her childish reaction. Getting America's Nomination did seem completely out of the blue, which was clearly not the case for those of us watching at home.

Just like in the past weeks, the moment the recap was finished we went right to the eviction. Neeley gave the first final plea, and simply said she can't possibly "campaign against my friends". Danielle said hi to her son, and then talked about how lucky she was to have met Shane.

Then it got a bit interesting. Lame Shane stood up and started babbling about how great his Late Night Jamboree pals were, and how they were a real family. If/when he's evicted he's not going to hug a single one of them. According to him, neither Alex or Scott have a chance to win the game since they've gone after him. Well, they probably won't win but it's not for that reason.

When he was finished, Scott actually made a funny. "Monte felt the same way."

Voting then began with Alex, who voted against Shane, as did Whitney. Kryssie and Justin then voted to evict Danielle, but this was countered by Morgan. Jason then voted against Danielle, but Shelby very happily went against Shane.

That makes the vote 4-3 in favor of Shane, but when Scott returned he announced it was a tie. Obviously, that means America voted to evict Danielle (see why that edit was silly?). Scott then had to break the tie, and as he started to explain what he was going to do Shane said "don't". "Danielle, you have never broken your word to me", Scott then said. "Shane, when you drank the blue potion, I knew you were either going to be my friend or my enemy. I vote to evict you."

Shane then kissed Danielle and said, "I'll wait for you" before hugging the rest of his alliance. He then took off to the great unknown. The girls then began crying. Well, at least the girls on his side. Kryssie was furious. "Scott is not a man", she later said when she was alone. He's a scared little boy."

Ok, I'm jumping the gun a little bit because Scott did ask Kryssie if she wanted a hug after Shane was gone. She declined as she is pissed at that speech. "He's a human being", she whined. Scott actually tried to smooth things over by reminding her that this is a game, and that afterwards she hopes that they will all be friends. Her response is that he'll see what it's like when he's on the block. She's particularly pissed that he was backdoored, which n Kryssie's world I guess isn't ok.

It's a bullshit scenario. Scott had a plan, and he and his alliance perfectly executed it. Even though she's bitching that Scott is not playing a good game, he's done a lot more so far than she has. And that is coming from something who DESPISES Scott.

The new HOH comp is starting any minute now, so you're bound to see another post soon. Join us online!!!

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  1. Can't stand Krissie. Sje is such a hypocrite. She doesn't like when the plastics celebrate when they win something but her and her side have celebrated every one of their victories ( even though they were Americas doing, not theirs. She was upset about people touching her dirty laundry but she wipes her pits on their pillows. She doesn't understand it's not a popularity contest but a game and everyone has to go at some point. She is a know it all moral lecturer but then talks shit right after. I hate that she is HoH. I want Alex to get the ACP so she is saved and will be Krissies servant. Both will annoy Krissie.

    Damielle does get the favorable edits. It's pathetic. Show these HG's for what they are. How many people are only watching the"episodes" only on a live feed show? We see she is a little brat.