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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Have Not Reveal

I was wrong yesterday. TODAY is the final "first" of the season.

Feedsters have been voting for have-nots for the last 24 hours, and it was just revealed. It's a glorious reveal, too, as the have-nots are Monte, Morgan, and Scott. Two of those three were my choices.

Monte, of course, has reasons for why he became a have-not. "I knew I'd be a have-not." It's because he put up fan favorite Jason. Oh, and also because we thought it would be funny to up the fitness-oriented people. Yeah right. It has nothing to do with the fact he's a douchelord.

They were also shown the have-not room, which is called the Haunted House "It's actually not that bad", said Alex. Scott said "it could have been a lot worse."

Two minutes later, he was in tears in the bedroom. He claims it was because Shane has abandoned him, which is a bit of the truth, but there's no doubt he believes he was a fan favorite.

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  1. But as a fan he should experience all the parts of the game...