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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Your Nominees Are...Well, 2 Of Them

Expect the expected.

This overlong process began last night at 7 pm BBT when Alex revealed the first four people safe from eviction (plus Jason, who was saved by Kryssie's Care Package prize). Her picks were (in order) Kryssie, Whitney, Neeley, and Morgan. No surprise here. Production clearly learned something from last week, though, as instead of 30 minutes Alex was prompted when to make her picks during a five minute segment.

Tonight saw the rest of her safety picks, and they were Shelby, Justin, Monte, and Scott. 

Yes, that means the nominees are Danielle and Shane, as we knew they would be. The pair quickly left the table to get rid of their unlit necklaces, and then headed to feel sorry for themselves in the bedroom. Shane says it was a stupid move because even if one of them leaves the other "will take her out". Well, that could be said about any HOH pick for nominee. They're also hoping that the person we put up will save their asses.

Interestingly, we didn't have the usual "I nominated you because..." segment because the two nominees didn't want to hear Alex's "bullshit speech". Danielle adds that Alex and "kiss my ass. You're just a coward.". 

Speaking of which, it's now time for you to pick the third nominee. My suggestion is Scott, who I just can't bear to watch on the feeds anymore. We'll find out who the person is tomorrow afternoon, along with the results of the POV competition.

We'll have those results, and a rundown of everything else that happened over the last week on tomorrow night's Big Brother Gossip Show!!!

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  1. I voted for Scott but I am seeing a lot of people in chat wanting Monte or Morgan. I dont see them getting the votes. I think with Scott you can actually get the votes.