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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This Scott Publicly Wished The Other Scott Wasn't HOH. You'll Never Guess What Happened Next

A little less than 20 minutes after Monte's eviction, everybody was called outside for the HOH competition. Tonight's comp is called "BB Barcode". There's a giant optical illusion barcode in the backyard. Each round is 15 minutes long. They have a measuring tool, and they have to guess which numbered piece of the barcode is the longest.

After hearing the rules, all I could think of is "what the hell?" It really doesn't make a lot of sense. I would imagine that the difference between some of them are in centimeters. They all ran on to the playing field just before the buzzer sounded. Then there was silence as they all began pacing up and down, let's call it a tarp.

After a few minutes, people began guessing. Shelby was wrong with 195, and Jason was right behind her with 147. Danielle and Kryssie began chatting about how two of the segments had only one chain-length difference, and their conversation carried on to Neeley and Shane. Her suggestion was to use the chain measuring device instead of pacing. At one point, they asked production if they could use the chain of somebody who was out of the round. The answer was no, but Shane and Danielle then began working together.

Scott was then out with a guess of 88. Suddenly Danielle then raced over and rang in with 22, which was also wrong. Shane was also incorrect with 171. Neeley is now out of the running with 187. The round then ended with no guess from Justin or Kryssie.

Since nobody was correct, they all got to continue on with round two. Shane and Danielle were now completely working together, as was Morgan and Whitney. Jason quickly chimed in with 54 (wrong), and Danielle with 147 (also wrong). Shane's attempt rang in at 197 (incorrect). 21 is also not correct, as Morgan discovered. Justin finally made an attempt, and 11 was not what Big Brother was looking for. Whitney's 123 thankfully disqualifies her, as does Shelby's 101. Neeley's 151 is also not right. Scott chooses 73, and Kryssie ends this round with 174.

Justin kicks off round three with 158 (nope). Neeley repeats 171, and if it didn't work the first time it certainly doesn't now! Funny thing is that right after the camera began focusing on the 72 board, Scott chimed in with that guess and won HOH!!! (Ugh)

Well that didn't go as I hoped, but oh well. Are you happy? Who will Scott nominate? Let's have a chat.


  1. I'm actually surprised that Scott would want to win HOH. He's openly (and stupidly) been playing both sides of the house, so now he is forced to show is true colors.