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Monday, October 17, 2016

Big Brother Gossip #703: Puppy Tears

Last week's show was dominated by the various idiotic things that Monte did and said. With his eviction, we were forced to find another twit full of silly fodder. 

Well, that wasn't hard. While we've been a critic of Danielle from almost the very beginning, she took the crown this week. Besides being voted a have-not and nominee by America this week, her house conversation reached a whole new level of dumb these past few days. 

Need some examples? How about the fifteen minutes she spent running down each and every one of her birthday? Or how she intends to save up her child support money for a trip to the Bahamas on her 25th birthday? What about the tragic tale of her puppy who starved to death primarily because she wasn't intelligent enough to care for him?

We talked about all of these issues, along with so much more on tonight's episode. As always, there's plenty of impassioned rants from Colette, which is always the perfect sign that this is a keeper of a broadcast.

Most importantly, we all give a lesson thinking of the big picture. We perfectly analyze why certain people need to stick around for a few more weeks even if they are indeed the worst people in the world. Hopefully, you have all learned that you shoudl take Colette's voting tips to heart. She is thinking of the overall good of the feeds - chaos, controversy, and clusterfucks!

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