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Thursday, October 6, 2016

HOH Comp Results!!!

Sorry for the delayed post, but the length of this comp, coupled with the late start time, caused me to give up about halfway through to go to bed.

At around the top of the midnight hour (east coast time), everybody was called out to the backyard. There they found Monte dressed as a king. (Gross.) This comp was called "Live by the Sword", and it was sort of a endurance competition. Every contestant had a sword, crown, and knight in their own image. Standing on a platform, they had to use their swords to keep the crown attached to their "knight" photo. If the game was still going on after one hour, they would then have to switch to a one-handed grip.

It didn't take too long for Shelby to drop, followed by Jason, who says he lost it while trying to adjust one of his hands. Shane, who had been sort of struggling from the beginning, is the next out (but I have a feeling he threw this comp). Weirdly, it was around this time that Scott asked Jason how many times the second HOH ended up being the winner of the season. Jason didn't know, but Scott actually did. (The answer is nobody.)

Justin, who has been pretty animated throughout the game, suddenly is worried about his pants falling off. Seriously, he's been pretty lackadaisacal throughout the first hour, dancing around in place like a lunatic.

It was at this point that they had to switch to a one-handed grip (and a bit later Alex is warned because her other hand was touching the pole). Morgan drops, followed by Scott and Kryssie. Almost a full half hour later, a shivering (and upset) Danielle is out. A half hour later, the next to be eliminated is Whitney.

Another 15 minutes or so later, and Justin is out. How he held his crown in place is a mystery, as he was crouching and dancing throughout the whole game. Shelby even commented how he was doing "some Michael Jackson shit".

It's now between Alex and Neeley, and they begin chatting about deals. Neeley desperately wants a real bed to get some sleep, but Alex seriously wants HOH. Every offer one gives, the other says they'll do the same. There's even talk of sharing the HOH (ala James/Nicole), The negotiating ends after a few minutes, but both swears they'll keep the other safe.

Finally, just short of the 2 1/2 hour mark, Neeley's crown drops and Alex is the HOH! She runs around the backyard, hugging Shelby while Monte is standing there holding her key. She finally grabs it, and then the plotting over nominations begins.

So...your thoughts on this comp? Are you happy Alex won? Who should she nominate? Let's get some conversations going here!

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