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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Second Eviction Victim Is...

Give me a second. I have some other stuff to chat about before we get to the eviction. Let's start with the online craziness of the last couple of days. Let's not get twisted here. I abhorred Monte. He's a complete moron. But I advocated for evicting Danielle, and my main reason for that is the fact that I detest showmances. Look through my entire history of covering this show, and you'll see that I'm completely consistent with that fact, especially when said couples become so intertwined that they're never seen without the other. I would have actually preferred that Shane was the one out the door, but he screwed up that plan by winning POV.

Again, Monte is a dummy. He's ignorant. He's cocky. He's socially inept. Seeing him dropped a peg or two almost every day gave me joy in this early season. But saving him (and Kryssie, by the way) was certainly not a decision based on race. Separate the couple today, and the southern squirrel murderer could be the next victim.

As with everything these days, on social media this decision was completely misinterpreted. While it led to some interesting conversations with a few people, way too many just like to point fingers and scream when somebody has a differing opinion. I'd rather chat. Maybe my mind will change. Maybe they'll understand where I'm coming from.

One more point before we get to the eviction. I love the recap episodes. But, and this is a big but, they could have cut out some of the POV competition. We didn't need to see each and other swing of the club. It caused tonight's eviction to be delayed by almost twenty minutes.

Then when it finally became eviction time, they went back to putting the same thing on all four cams. Last week was brilliant. The diary room voting was on cam three, and the other three were on various angles in the living room. Not this week.

Anyway, as soon as the recap episode ended, Alex began reading off the cue cards. Danielle's short speech is that she considers her time on Big Brother to be a "blessing", while Monte just rambles a bit thanking everybody. Kryssie, however, uses the opportunity to out Alex for the reneged deal they made to keep her off the block.

Voting then began, and it was as expected. Producers set it up, just like on the CBS version, for the back and forth between sides of the house. When everybody was done voting, it was a tie.

Alex then went to the diary room to get the results, and America obviously gave their vote to Monte as he was evicted 5-4. He smiled, calmly hugged everybody, and was out the door.

Everybody then ran to their corners of the house to talk about what just happened, and Shane informed quite a few people of the deal Scott tried to make with him to save Monte. (This semi-convoluted plan involved Scott telling everybody he was voting against Kryssie.) Ha, this could be an interesting week.

The HOH competition is coming soon. Who do you want to see win? My vote is for Justin!!!

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