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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Updates on ACP, Have-Nots, and the First Safety Meeting

It's been a couple of days since the last update, so I thought I'd explain a few of the things that has happened since Scott won HOH:

1. Immediately after the win, Scott informed the "plastics" that they were safe. He's also not interested in evicting Kryssie as that would be a waste of his HOH. He really is targeting Shane and Danielle, but not just because Alex failed to do so last week. He's angry at Shane for dumping the all-male alliance (Cornbread, Monte, Shane, and Scott) the moment he hooked up with Danielle, and last weekend's attempt to blame Scott for the Monte/Justin fight didn't help her cause.

2. Justin has made a couple of surprising friends. Remember when Monte went after Justin for dropping his drawers in the bathroom? It must not have offended Morgan as much as he thought, as they've become a bit friendly the last few days. Justin also has a secret alliance with Scott, and the two meet up at least once a day for a quick chat.

3. It hasn't been a good week for Danielle. Well, Wednesday night was good as her and Shane played hide the pickle in the middle of the night. It must not have been THAT good, though, as she replied that she wasn't sure when Shane asked if she came. Ooops. She has also angered most of her late night jamboree pals for various reasons, including the fact that she's only interested in talking about herself. Thursday night she also had a shocking story about how her dog died.

4. America's Care Package was awarded to Scott. It's a convoluted prize that allows him to pick what type of veto they'll be playing for this week. He has to choose from a diamond veto (winner gets to pick not only who they use it on but who goes up in their place), double veto (two vetoes in play), or "boomerang" veto (winner can remove two people). At the moment, he's utilizing the double veto, and it's forced him to rethink his nominations. The current plan is for Kryssie and Neeley to be "pawns", and anybody brought down will be replaced by Shane or Danielle (or, hopefully, both).

5. Today saw the reveal of this week's Have-Nots. Even before the announcement, Danielle was whining that it better not be her. Well, it was, along with Shelby and Alex. Danielle immediately made plans with Shane to still sleep together. "Thanks America", she sarcastically babbled. Shelby made some wisecracks on how she's not going to make Danielle any slop, but Alex is taking it with good humor as it's another feather in her superfan hat. Justin also was entertaining during this segment. He had started cooking chicken right before the meeting was called, and he was really nervous he'd be a have-not. He kept his fingers crossed as Scott read the announcement, and immediately jumped around when his name was not read off. "I'm gonna eat the fuck out of this chicken!"

6. Over the course of the last few days, there's been a little game between the Plastics and Misfits. Jason started it by hiding Shelby's Krackel bars, and today the girls did the same with the soda. It was all fun and games until somebody touched Kryssie's dirty underwear. She spent a good half hour crying and bitching about it. Of course, she giggled when Jason was rubbing his armpits on the girls' pillows.

7. The first safety picks were made by Scott. Due to losing a game against Morgan a half hour earlier, Justin had to wear her bikini top during the ceremony. Justin was the first named, followed by Alex, Whitney, and Jason. Shane knows he's the target, but he's not as smart as he thinks he is by saying that. No, Shane, you won't be initially going up. And no, Kryssie, you're not going to get backdoored. It's the other way around.

Tomorrow night sees the rest of Scott's safeties (probably Morgan, Shelby, Shane, Danielle), which obviously leads us to his initial nominee picks of Neeley and Kryssie. We'll be talking about all of this and more on Monday night's Big Brother Gossip Show. You better listen!!!

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