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Thursday, November 17, 2022

Is the Twitterverse collapsing?

Well hi everyone, a quick post from me in case Twitter does indeed go away in the near future.  My main Big Brother handle has always been @bbgossip.

I have no idea what form of communicating I may use as my main one for Big Brother 25 if Twitter does indeed cease to exist but this website will remain active.

Other ways to reach me.....





But mainly bookmark this site, its been around since Big Brother 8 so it isn't going anywhere, even if I haven't used it much lately!!


Mike aka BBGossip

Friday, July 8, 2022

Big Brother 24 Has Begun!

Well hello there!

Long time no post.

I'll keep this one brief as I just wanted to get something down since its literally been a year!

I'm still deciding how I want to use this site for Big Brother 24.  Its day 3 in the house and I have thoughts for sure!

Just know that I will be posting from time to time and of course you can keep up via my Twitter Account and my almost daily Big Brother Gossip Podcast.  

The "Big Brother Gossip Show" as we knew it is not coming back any time soon, however I continue to record my daily podcast as noted and I will again be trying to do video streams as well, I tested out Twitch yesterday and it actually worked.  Click here to see the result. Scott and Colette are also continuing to discuss Big Brother on their weekly Day Drinking Podcast.  

All my best!

Mike aka @BBGossip