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Sunday, December 25, 2022

The Traitors is worth checking out. Here's how.

Happy Holidays one and all!  I mentioned on my podcast yesterday that I'd try to post links to watch the Australian and UK seasons of The Traitors, this is that post!   Scroll to the end if you are in a hurry, otherwise I'm including a re-edited version of my post from where I discuss the show and compare it to The Mole (which many have done).  So with that here you go and again I hope you all are well as 2022 wraps up!

First off, if you aren't familiar with "The Mole" - it was originally hosted by Anderson Cooper (before his CNN days), was really good and was recently re-booted on Netflix (sans Cooper). Personally I wasn't too thrilled with the new version having now watched it.  One Mole tries to sabotage the player's games but had no real stake in the outcome, they can't be eliminated, nor do they win any of the money.  As a viewer we also have no idea who the Mole is.  On "The Traitors" unlike "The Mole" we the viewer know who the Traitors are and there is, as the name implies, more than one usually. It makes for a much more interesting show as we are in on the secret. Like the Mole the cast works together to earn money towards a pot but the Traitors also have a shot at the money unlike the Mole. Also unlike the Mole the individual Traitors can be eliminated.

My biggest qualm with The Traitors is there often isn't a need to watch the competitions as in the end everyone wants to earn the most money possible. This is a minor annoyance though.

The AU and UK versions cast about 20 "fresh faces" and I really have enjoyed both series. I am hopeful for the US version but learned that half the cast is made up of Reality TV 'celebrities' which is not a great selling point to me. That being said I think the show will still be worth the watch when it shows up on The Peacock in late January. (Post US Version Watching Note: I agree with this assessment - I did enjoy the US version but I still feel the UK & AU versions were better - unless you wanted to see your favorite US Reality 'star')

Since I originally wrote about the show I have finished watching the UK season and I loved both the AU and UK shows.  As its not easy to watch here in the US I've decided to link you directly to every episode (with the hopes they links keep working).  So with that here you go - enjoy!

*10/2023 update.  All versions seem to have now gone with the Celeb / Newbie mix.  I guess I'll live with it. 

*1/3/2024 update. Correction! UK has stayed with all newbies!!  Bravo!!

The Traitors Australia.  The site that hosts the videos has A LOT of Australian reality TV so be sure to check out - here are direct links to each episode:

*Season 2 of the AU version is also now out.  Here are links to watch it on Dailymotion...

The Traitors UK can be found outside the UK on Dailymotion if you go there and search for "The Traitors UK" (AU episodes can also be found there).  Here are direct links to each episode - if they stop working I'd suggested going straight to Dailymotion and searching for Traitors UK. You can also let me know and I'll try to set up new links - I've already had to do that a couple times. (Note: As of  9/20/2023 all links were working)

Surprise!! Season 2 is here and they added a post show called Uncloaked which I enjoyed so I am also including it.

Traitors NZ also recently aired (Aug-Sept 2023) and was another good season I'd suggest checking out.  You can view all ten episodes via these links....

Here is Traitor's Canada.  As it just started airing (October 2nd), the links will go up as soon as I have them, likely the day after the show airs. I've discovered that you can watch them the day after the episode airs here if you have a VPN  
Update (10/2023): UK season 2 is coming soon, and yes, a second season of USA.  Also other countries (France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Greece and Germany) but USA, AU, UK, NZ & CA are the only English versions I am aware of! 

Secret update(10/11/2023)..  what to do about BBUK which premiered Sunday?  I've ended up doing a write up so those coming here looking for links to watch it - please check this post:

Update (1/2024): Scroll up -  Traitors UK Season 2 is dropping!! Enjoy!

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