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Saturday, July 7, 2018

Big Brother Gossip #903: Lunatic Fringe

So far, the Big Brother feeds have been nothing short of amazing. There's no returnees to mute the insanity. There's a group of 16 people playing hard to win the season. What more can we ask for?

We certainly didn't expect the insanity of this week, starring that lunatic Kaitlyn. She is a live feed treat. On Monday she dominated the feeds with her insane jealousy that Fessie may be interested in Haleigh. Tyler capitalized on this and got her to switch her vote. Bye bye Steve.

That's not the entire story of this week, however. Kaitlyn shocked the entire Big Brother world by winning this week's HOH competition, and she's certainly lived up to her lunatic personae ever since. It's been a glorious weekend of HOH meetings and illicit flirtation. She's a wealth of insane quotes.

Obviously, she's not the only person that created news this week. We talked about Baileigh's insecurities, Swaggy's tendency to always be wrong in his analysis, and Rachel's reaction to "winning" the least trending app. It's a great week that sets the stage for days of fantastic live feeds.

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