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Friday, February 1, 2019

Celebrity Big Brother Gossip #203: Friday Morning Fights

It could have been an easy week. Tom wins HOH and nominates two people, and maybe backdoors somebody else. Oh no, the beauty of Big Brother is that nothing is easy. That's certainly the case with this week with the Power of Promotion twist upping the paranoia of the entire house, especially Tom and Kato.
The very existence of this twist completely turned the house around. The "Team Fun" alliance was not fun at all. They all pretty much disintegrated into pure hatred, with the two girls (Lolo and Natalie) plotting on one side while the other side (Tom and Kato) did the same.
All of this growing animosity culminated in a series of altercations on what should have been a quiet Friday morning. Since then the sides have retreated to their corners after an hour of what may be the most exasperating feeds we've seen in quite some time.
We thank you guys so much for being a part of our show for this short season. It was so much fun. We will be back this summer as usual for our regular Big Brother Gossip season. Oh yeah, and it also helps us out a lot if you do some simple little things like retweet this post, or any post about the Big Brother Gossip Show. Or if you're a member of our Facebook group, hit that little share button. You can find this show at all of the various podcast sites, or click here for a direct download! 

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