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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Important News About Tonight's BBG Taping

Over the last few years we have aired a stream of our Big Brother Gossip Show tapings. Mixlr has for the most part worked pretty well in this regard, but last week we were unable to broadcast due to a weeklong Mixlr outage.

This week we're going to try something new. YouTube Live is where we will be tonight, and if it works well this will probably be a permanent switch. All you have to do is head HERE at 9 pm ET tonight. There's a chat on the side just like in Mixlr so you guys can comment throughout the broadcast.

Since this is a new platform for our show please do us a favor and promote it on all of your social media accounts. We'd love to have a huge audience for our first broadcast of the season. We're excited to chat about what we've seen this week not only on the first two CBS episodes but the past three days of live feeds. Who do we now like? Who is a disappointment? Listen tonight and you'll find out!

Edit: If that link doesn't work click HERE!!!

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