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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Live Tonight! The Big Brother Gossip Show! Join us!

It is another Saturday in the summer and that means another Big Brother Gossip Show!

Some of the things we have to talk about tonight include......
  • Answering out Patron's questions about us or Big Brother
  • Rehashing what a bust Cliff's HoH ended up being.....
  • Jackson's HN issues
  • Thursday's Eviction Show
  • The HoH Competition
  • Nominations 
  • The Pose In Ivy punishment
  • Have Nots (yup they are back for another week)
  • PoV player selection and the drama around it
  • PoV results (if its over when our show ends)
  • Speculation on the Field Trip coming next week
  • And lots more!
You can listen & chat LIVE at 9pm ET on Mixlr via this link or wait until later tonight and catch the show on pretty much ANY podcasting app.  If you aren't sure how check out our Big Brother Podcast page which has loads of links.

Hope to see you in the chat room tonight!!

Oh and ONE MORE plug for my video about Ovi that he saw this past week:

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