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Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Kayak Conspiracy

On last night's Big Brother Gossip Show I mentioned there had been some complaints on the timing of the runs. 

One had been the location of the finish line.  I explained that many of us concluded the timer was tied to the wheels under the kayaks which lead to weird looking finishes.

Then today several people said another complaint was the on screen clock seemed to go backwards and forwards and I was linked to a video showing the on screen counter jump backwards.  I was able to confirm that on my copy of the video as well.

I was also told that people think Analyse was the actual winner so I loaded up my recording of Thursdays show in a video editor and check the times (as best I could).  Here are my results for Tommy and Analyse. The start and stop times are on my edited video - with the counter from my video editor which also counts by the 0:01 second.  This is by no means perfect but its a rough idea.  I am simply trying to check the CBS timer - I can't see the lines well enough to judge when we are talking hundredths of seconds.

Start - 2.06
Finish - 11.04 or 11.05
My time - 8.98 or 8.99
CBS had 8.90

Start - 16.04
Finish - 25.07 or 25.08
My time - 9.03 or 9.04
CBS had 9.14

So my times are even closer!  But Tommy still won by 0.01.

Screen caps of my analysis below:

Best I can do.

Debate away.

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