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Monday, June 28, 2021

Big Brother Gossip Show Status

Hey all, its me, Mike aka @BBGossip and I wanted to let you know that I decided that I needed to take a break from the Big Brother Gossip Show and told Scott and Colette that about about a month ago.  I told them to announce my departure on their own schedule and last Friday on their "Day Drinking" podcast in addition to passing on the news of my leaving they said they had decided they wouldn't do this season as a duo but would instead there would not be a Big Brother Gossip Show  for Big Brother 23.

Now that the announcement has been made I wanted to explain some of my reasons for stepping back.  We've been doing the Big Brother Gossip show since Big Brother 14 and have covered all versions including both Celebrity Big Brothers and Big Brother Over The Top for something like 12 "seasons."  During the regular seasons we generally would do our shows every Saturday night for 4-5 hours plus the prep work throughout the week for 14 weeks straight.  Over the years I've done the show from hotel rooms, my parents house and even from inside my mini-van a couple of times. So plain and simple I needed a break, the stress of doing the show the last couple of years sucked all the fun out of it for me as was evident from time to time in recent years.  We also were not able to do out shows 'live' this past season which I really enjoyed, the immediate feedback was always one of the highlights for me as we did the show.  So after thinking long and hard the last six months since Big Brother 22 ended I decided I needed to step away and I hope everyone can respect that.

I will still be watching Big Brother.  I'm excited for this season with a the new casting coordinator and the promise from CBS to cast a more diverse group of people, lets see how that works out!  I will still be tweeting about Big Brother - A LOT!  I will still record my daily 'Carcasts' and once I figure out which way I want to do it I'll still do some kind of video when driving home some nights.  The only thing I won't be doing is the Podcast, which I know for some is / was the 'best' part of  Big Brother Gossip. 

Thanks to all the fans that have listened to and supported the show all these years. Will it be back? Honestly that is Scott's call as he was the creator of the podcast, he just invited me along for the ride, either way he'll always have my full support.  

And with that, speaking of support, if you wish to support me going forward you can become a patron at - that's a page I set up a couple of years ago and a few die-hard folks have decided to help me cover my costs of the web pages and podcast hosting AND take my wife out to dinner occasionally and its very much appreciated.

Scott and Colette will also both still be tweeting about Big Brother and they continue to have a their weekly Day Drinking podcast - their patreon site for that show can be found here:

All my best and see you here and elsewhere!  Mike aka @BBGossip 


  1. Bummer. But I totally understand. Going miss the three of you.

    1. Richard, you've always been a big supporter and it's appreciated!!

  2. Awww that makes me sad. I enjoyed the podcast so much and loved the inside info I'd get. I totally get it though. I tried to comment on Twitter but wasn't allowed to for some reason. I'll be listening to the carcast if I can figure out Twitch lol

    1. The carcast can be found on most podcasting apps and there is even a link to the most recent episodes right on this web page. Look to the upper left when you view the web version of this site!!

  3. Huge thanks to you, Scott and Colette for all your hard work throughout the years. This season won't be the same without the pod.