Sunday, June 26, 2016

Big Brother Gossip Show #602: We Run This Sh*t

It's the first real episode of the season, and we cover these 16 twits via what we witnessed on the first two broadcasts episodes and two days of live feeds!!!

Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Update - POV Comp Results

Howdy howdy all,

Another quick update on the major event of the day.

The POV competition was held and Paul won it.  Since he was nominated by the Mystery Comp winner (now it looks like that was actually Frank), it appears Frank will be the one to do the re-nom.  This is much like the MVP from Big Brother 15.

So we think as of now Paul will use the POV to save himself and Frank will put up Bridgette in his place (but many don't know Frank is the one with the control).  Expect that to happen on Sunday.

In the meantime there is much plotting and we learn more and more how un-knowledgeable about Big Brother most of the house guests are - including James, Davonne and Frank who couldn't remember that it was Big Brother 3 HG Marcellas that didn't save himself with the POV and was voted out.

Thats it for now - yes this is a short one.  Remember we have out second Podcast of the season at 10pm Saturday night.  Tune in live via the link at Big Brother - or catch it later at our Patreon site.

Live Feeds Reveal 3rd Nomination.

As the feeds kicked off tonight we started to learn lots more about the HGs.

The biggest news appears to be that, as a result of the 'mystery' competition that we will see on Sunday, Paul was nominated - making it a total of three nominees.

Nicole was the winner of the mystery competition and secretly nominated Paul - but many in the house seem to think that Michelle was the winner and made the nomination.  Nicole and Michelle discussed this briefly about 1:04am.

More details we've picked up in the 1st 4 hours of the live feeds.......
  • Have Nots ended at 12am BB time. 
  • POV has not been played yet. We think it will be later today. 
  • One Team (Frank, Paulie, Bridgette and Michelle) have to wear costumes that make them look nude with their 'privates' pixelated out.


  • 8 Pack - Frank, James, Corey, Davonne, Nicole, Michelle, Zakiyah and Tiffany
  • Fatal 5 - the 5 women from the 8 pack above (secret all girl alliance)
  • Paulie and Bridgette apparently are the 9th and 10th members of the 8 pack.
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 2

After last night’s two-hour premiere, we were left with a team whose members are destined for both good and bad futures. The good news is that one of them will be the next HOH.

The bad news is that there will be an eviction tonight. The four members of said team (I refuse to use their stupid names) will compete in one final round. This will obviously be an individual competition, and the person who loses will be automatically booted. Will it be Nicole, Glenn, Corey or Tiffany? I know who I want to see disappear.

Of the remaining three, they must then somehow decide which one will be the first HOH of the season. Too bad it wasn’t Da’Vonne’s team in that position, as there would be some good drama between her and her loudmouth teammates Paul and Jozea.

This new HOH apparently will have to pick the first two nominees of the season. I have to say that they’re pushing harder than usual at the beginning of the show. In past years all we really saw after two broadcasts is a HOH winner. Except for the year “poor” Jodie was booted.

So let’s get started!! Instead of the usual Julie Chen intro, tonight’s broadcast begins with the losing team moaning about their plight. James is with them giving Nicole some sympathy, and she’s then shown whining in the diary room. God, I hate that voice! James reminds them that one of them will be HOH. Tiffany and Da’Vonne then come into the room, and Day takes her aside because she’s upset. She’s in tears as she says it’s so embarrassing that she could be the first person going home. She admits to Day that Vanessa is her sister. Day gives her a little pep talk.

Back in the bedroom, Nicole picks at her ass after Paul walks in. When she leaves, Paul reminds the newbies that they’re still in line to evict the returnees as quickly as possible. Corey doesn’t like this plan.

In the bathroom, Frank and James meet up. They move over into the lounge, and Frank says he thinks that there is a pact against them. Day joins them, and Frank says they need to “nurture their teammates” so they evict themselves. Day hopes that either Tiffany or Nicole wins the first HOH competition.

A bit later, Nicole goes into the living room and pulls Corey aside. She claims in the diary room that last time she “let the game play me”. She’s not going to do that this time. They talk about who the next HOH will be because she wants to be it. There it is! The first “blood on your hands” mention of the year. Her goal is to make Corey not want to be HOH. Which he does. Like real quickly. That voice!!!! UGH!!! “Thank you for thinking of it.”

It’s now time for the dramatic final part of last night’s competition. The four losers are playing a game called “Hit The Road”. They’re “stranded” on their own island. They have to climb a tree and grab coconuts. Each step, though, causes the island to move, and coconuts will move around and possibly fall off the platform.

Nicole whines, Corey says he can’t go home first, Tiff says the “stakes are high”, and Glenn says he’s “frustrated” with the game and team. This is not real exciting to watch. CBS tries to liven it up with cheesy sound effects, but to no avail. The noobs cheer for their own, while the returnees cheer for Nicole.

Nicole gets her coconuts in place and wins the competition. Yes, she’s “so so happy”, and then makes an awful joke about somebody up there seeing her SOS. Awful. They all give some more diary room lines before we head to the first commercials.

Coming back, Corey is getting close to winning but the other two aren’t far behind. Tiffany seems to be losing one for every one she grabs. Tiffany fills her up and grabs second place.

It’s now between Corey and Glenn to see who goes home. They’re both pretty close, but Glenn’s finished first. Unfortunately, his every move causes the platform to wobble. Corey hears the cheers and Glenn grabs the flag at the same time that some coconuts start moving. It’s a photo finish!!!

The Latin Lover gets the results from the officials, and Corey beats Glenn. That means Glenn is going home!!! He’s crushed! The three remaining people from this team huddles together, and Tiffany helps Nicole out by saying it should be the first one to accomplish the task to be HOH. Yes, Nicole is the first HOH, and gets some safety promises.

Paul is not happy. Frank is, though. “I want to go over there and throw her up in the air.” Glenn says goodbye to everybody, and Paul says he “went out a champion in my books” because he came so close to beating the baseball jock. Glenn says he was still “so happy to play Big Brother this summer”.

Everybody else heads into the house, and Glenn’s picture is already blacked out. Bronte is worried that the returnees know what they’re doing, and “they are out for blood”. Paul complains to Corey in the storage room, and Corey now thinks giving the HOH to Nicole may “backfire on me”. Paul yells some more about it in the storage room.

After more adverts, Paulie is shown laying around in the HOH with James and Nicole. They all talk about how they “can’t believe” this is happening, and they’re all with each other. Paulie talks about his brother, and James says he has all respect for him. Nicole may want to keep him as an ally, but Cody was the one to boot her out twice. Paulie, though, says they can trust him 100% when Nicole asks who he would have nominated. James adds that he’s the “most loyalist player out there”. Yes, that’s what he said.

Back downstairs, James gathers the troops to talk about “getting messy”. Jozea says he has no problems with that. The Latin Lover then heads upstairs to ask Nicole what her strategy is for this week, and she says she has no idea. “I don’t have a strategy.” That idiot says the newbies “want to stay together”. You fucking moron!!! He then takes his shirt off and Nicole goes quiet. “I don’t want to go after people who are after me.” He replies “that’s everybody”, and throws Jozea under the bus. Nicole can’t believe he’s revealing everything. “This has to be, like, one of the stupidest moves ever.” For the first time ever, I agree with the dingbat.

We come back from a break with stupid James pulling silly pranks again. He heads into the HOH room, and tells a showering Nicole that he is Victor. “Can I come talk to you?” “While I’m in the shower?”, she replies. He babbles that he had a feeling she hated him, and is up to make amends. “You know we’re coming after you, right?” The silly girl is falling for it. “What do you want me to say?” He then acknowledges the it’s James.

And now it’s time to introduce slop to this crew. Remember, this is what Da’Vonne’s team must endure this week. (Again, I won’t be using their silly team names.) They head into the Have-Not room, and it’s a circus-style room. Day, of course, isn’t happy.

Back outside, Day and Jozea talk for a bit. Jozea thinks he’s a strong player. “I’m like a messiah for the newbies.” Day doesn’t like this. He goes on that “it just kind of happened.” This is the Day I love, not the shrieking twit from last night. She asks him who he wants to go after, and HE ALSO outs the originals versus vets. He wants Nicole out first, followed by James and Frank. My God he’s an idiot!!! He adds that the game “don’t start until they’re gone”.

Day heads up to inform Nicole of everything. She also can’t believe he’s that stupid. “I’m getting to the point where I’m stressed, but I don’t know.” Yep, we know that Nicole can’t handle any power.

Shortly before noms, Corey heads into the HOH to talk to Nicole. She tells him everything Jozea told Day, but Nicole doesn’t know who the second nom will be. She wants Jozea to go home, and is talking about putting up Paulie since he’ll be a good POV player. “I need Jozea to lose”, she says in the diary room. She’ll only do it, though, if she’s good with it. Oops, there’s the second “blood on my hands” reference.

Before we get to the nominations, the HOH’s and Paulie are hanging out in Nicole’s room. She still doesn’t know about putting up Paulie as a pawn. Paulie is asked who he thinks she should go up, and he suggests Jozea and Zakiyah. Nicole suggest somebody strong, but Paulie doesn’t bite. Frank finally flat out asks, and he says “I could go to bat”. She says it’s the “best option for him to go”. Day adds that they all “have loyalty. If I’m telling you I got you, I got you.” In the diary room, Paulie can’t see why she’s already willing to risk him. Nicole admits he has a point. Well, she’s doing it because she’s spineless.

It is now time for the nominations. She reads last year’s script, and the first key she turns is Jozea, while the second one is indeed Paulie. Nicole explains that this “wasn’t an easy decision. I decided to pick a strong player from each team.” Gutless. She’s gutless.

Paulie hopes he can trust Nicole, who agrees it’s super-risky. “It could be a terrible thing”, she acknowledges. Jozea isn’t surprised, as “she was a snake in her season, and she’s a snake this season”. He claims that he “rules the majority”. Yeah right. Day thinks it’s “instant karma for (his) butt”, which makes me giggle.

And that’s it for tonight. On Sunday we get to see the new competition for this year, and also the feeds go live tonight!!! Don’t forget we have a new episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show this Saturday night, and we also have a Patreon site if you want to help fund this little program. In the meantime, tell me your thoughts on tonight’s show. Were you happy Glenn left? Are you pleased with Nicole’s nominations? Comment, my friends and enemies!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 1 Recap

You’re read the rumors. You’ve listened to the Big Brother Gossip Show’s preseason thoughts. Tonight we finally get to meet this year’s goofballs, and hopefully all of the questions we’ve had will be answered.

The biggest question of the night involves the four extra spots on the cast. Will it truly be four returnees? Will it be more than four competing to take those spots? And what did Grodner mean when she told The Hollywood Reporter that tonight’s show will have more competitions than any previous first episode?

Our first view of the show is Julie walking through the house giving the usual spiel about “strangers” “locked out from the world”. Yeah yeah yeah. We know how this works. “Fasten your seatbelts, as this season is bound to be a bumpy ride” is what we hear before she heads to the main stage.

 She says there are four competitions, three twists, and an eviction before the next two days of shows are complete. Oooh, Julie also promises a summer of “new” competitions. And apparently the four returning players are hiding in the house.

Now it’s time to meet everybody with the fake “key” finds. The first four are Natalie, Paulie nd Bronte. It’s the usual shots of these folks pretending to work and hang out with friends. Of course, stupid Paulie is without a shirt. Cody tells his brother not to get into a showmance. Bronte tries to prove how smart she is, and we also see her doing yoga. “I’m a big force to be reckoned with.”

We move on to three more noobs - Victor, Zakiyah, and Cory. I hate shirtless Victor. I mean really really hate Victor. It’s all about meeting girls. That should disqualify him. Zakiyah is a “bad bitch” and is “pretty sure I’m going to bother the other females”. Cory is shown coaching his baseball team. We’re reminded that he’s a sleepwalker.

Glenn, Bridgette, and Josea are next. Glenn’s mobile dog grooming services are shown, and he says he goes to places most groomers will not dare to go. Bridgette is a traveling nurse, and she claims that people don’t expect her to be manipulative. We hear the term bucket list at least three times. Josea’s a celebrity makeup artist who is “the life of the party”.

Finally, we’re shown Tiffany, Paul, and Michelle. Michelle is a registered dietitian who is shown bitching at her friend’s food choices. She also bitches about how ⅔ of people are overweight. There’s then a litany of things that she’s scared of. She should be a treat. Paul is shown pretending to play guitar with his “band”, along with some shots of him working on his clothing company. Tiffany received her key while at the beach in her bikini with friends. She’s Vanessa’s sister, and we get a clip of that psycho. She says she’s 145 IQ and is more sociable than her sister. She definitely shows more skin than Vanessa has ever shown. She’s also bisexual, so she can be fun.

Why CBS pushes showmances I don’t get, but there’s now a medley of clips showing people open to these phony relationships. Tiffany is also shown informing Vanessa that she made the show. Others talk about how they’re going to succeed, or try to convince us they’re not dumb. Most of the time it doesn’t work. Sadly, we also see all of the males in Paulie’s family kiss each other goodbye.

With this silliness over, they’re all now on the main stage. Julie repeats the “craziest summer of all time” cliche, and initially sends in Natalie, Victor, Michelle, and Paul. You know what happens here. Lots of screaming and running around. Natalie brought a cheer. Ugh, that’s awful. Michelle immediately likes Paul because they’re both “a little different”, but she doesn’t like beards.

The girls run around looking at the bedrooms, and they pick out their beds (as does Victor). Oh god, and then he reads some scripted garbage in the diary room about how he’s a lover. Paul continues to run around yelling about how wild he is.

Bronte, Zakiyah, Paulie, and Glenn are the next to enter. Yep, it’s the same sort of goofiness, along with introductions. Paul’s already annoyed with Bronte’s voice. “My ears are laughing.” Zakiyah is impressed with Paulie, but knows her mom is watching. Glenn talks about his daughter for the first of I’m sure will be a million times this season. #GlennHasaDaughter.

The final four (Corey, Tiffany, Bridgette, and Josea) to enter. Somehow Bronte’s voice carries over everybody else. Bridgette tries to convince us she’s a huge fan of the show (she’s not). Tiffany says she plans to just watch other players at the beginning - “stalk my prey”.

Bronte heads into the bathroom because she feels a bit overwhelmed. “I need to find my zen.” Then she’s shown “finding” said zen in the dairy room. She’s a nutjob.

Champagne is now poured as they begin to introduce each other. Bronte lies and says she’s in childcare instead of a crazed mathematician who wants to work for the CIA. Victor loves Natalie. Too bad Natalie seems to like Corey, but he is impressed by Victor. Wait, what? Tiffany doesn’t want to say she’s Vanessa’s sister, but Michelle has it figured out.

The scripted diary room segments are way out of control. It’s terrible. Really it is. It’s already hard to watch. That’s why I’m not recapping too much of this segment.

They now notice there’s only 12 people, and our math expert Bronte says that means there has to be something coming up. Yep, the whole “expect the unexpected”.

After our first set of adverts, we’re introduced the “four stowaways”. Julie has everybody gather in the living room, and she tells them that they will be introduced to three twists before the next day begins. Twist number one is the reveal that they’re “not alone”. Julie asks if they want to meet them, but then says they’ll be meeting them shortly. After a little segment of Bronte and Jozea figuring out clues, Nicole jumps out of a suitcase. Natalie tries to convince us that she was her favorite of all time, but she wasn’t a fan until she was cast. Paulie isn’t happy since her brother was responsible for kicking her out two years ago.

Nicole wanders around the house, and the guys start bitching about how this is actually her “third chance”. Another suitcase opens, and it’s now Asian James. Bridgette is the one now excited because he’s a “prankster”. He says this year is “all about business”.

Next to jump out is Da’Vonne, who loudly yells “hello”. James is now a bit worried as he voted her out last year. Paul isn’t excited by her being in the house since she was out the second week last year.

The fourth and final returnee is Frank, who I didn’t recognize at first since he’s had a serious haircut since his season. Michelle is excited to meet him since he was an “underdog” and “super loyal”. Yeah, but he also reportedly smells. I wouldn’t be so excited about that.

Da’Vonne is already concerned because they’re outnumbered by the new players. She knows she’ll have to be nice to them. Jozea heads into a bedroom with Paul and Zakiyah, and they begin bitching about Nicole. “Don’t come in here with your dusty seconds”.

Meanwhile, the vets get together and decided to work together, and “take advantage that we have fans out there”. At the same time, Paul tells Zakiyah and Jozea not to worry if they see him talking to the returnees. “They have to go”, says Jozea.

For some reason, Paul thinks there will be another person added. It turns out he doesn’t know how to count to sixteen. Dummy. Paulie now thinks he has to out the fact that he’s Cody’s brother. Some don’t seem to know what this means, but Paul is not happy that he waited until Nicole was in the house. Yeah, Paul. Get that idiot. Tiffany doesn’t know what to do since she’s in the same boat. She better, as Da’Vonne has her figured out, but she says she’s going to keep that info to herself.

With another commercial break out of the way, Julie calls them all back to the living room. Julie says hi to the returnees, and then announces that the second twist is that they’re playing the game in teams of four this summer. They are told to change clothes for the first competition of the season. Most people are freaked out, but Tiffany actually likes this twist. Da’Vonne, though, “didn’t come here to play with other people. I came to get redemption for Da’Vonne”.

They head outside to something that’s “straight up NASA”, according to Bronte. Before they begin, they have to choose teams. The returnees head up each of the teams, and they now get to pick additional players. Hmmm, sounds like “coaches” if you ask me. They have to choose somebody from the opposite sex, though, and the person picked makes the next pick.

Frank goes first, but he can’t remember names. He picks Michelle because she was a fan of his. Da’Vonne goes next, and she picks Paulie because he’s “strong”. Oh wait, it’s Paul she wants. Ha, that’s hilarious. James goes for Natalie, who screeches as she bounces out there. Yep, that perv picked the hot chick. Nicole is the last to choose, and she’s “super-stressed out”. She goes with Corey because “he’s very big...and it doesn’t hurt that he’s kind of cute”. Gross.

In round two, Corey gets to pick first for Nicole’s team. He decides on Tiffany. Natalie goes with Victor, and he’s happy to “work with this sexy girl all summer”. Zakiyah is next chosen by Paul, and Michelle goes for Paulie. He complains how he’s never been picked so late in her life.

In the last round, Paulie takes Bridgette (why?). Zakiyah gets Jozea. Paul is happy with this, even though Da’Vonne is involved. Bronte goes to James’ team, and Glenn is the last one picked and he heads to Nicole’s group. He isn’t surprised, but he’s aggravated.

It’s now competition time, and they can win cash, punishments, and/or safety. It’s called “Ride the Rocket”. They all have to hold on to a rocket for as long as possible. When all four members of a team are dumped they are eliminated. The first team to lose will be have-nots for the week. The second team will go to “Mystery Land”, and will get a punishment that will be announced later. The third team will get ten grand to split. The ultimate winners will be safe for the next two eviction. Julie adds that the first eviction will be before the second broadcast. Paulie is pissed because he hasn’t even got his tan yet. Come on.

Glenn has trouble jumping on to the plane, and Nicole is already stressed. He finally gets aboard...and we head to a break.

Finally, this competition commences, along with all kinds of comments about how it’s so important to win this to obtain safety. Repeating his role from last year, James repeats the rules for the game. He’s also happy to have his face in Natalie’s butt. Oh wait, this rocket isn’t moving back and forth. It is moving around a bit, I guess, especially after Julie announces a “storm” is coming through. Bronte hates the rain.

Tiffany, shockingly, is the first person down. Glenn is shocked, and then he’s off. Nicole knows she’s going to be have-nots. Yep, she then falls down, leaving Corey the only one left.
My god, the diary room crap is terrible, and then Bridgette and Michelle fall. Frank is next, leaving Paulie on that rocket. Da’Vonne and Zakiyah are the next out. Paul goes right after he talks about how much he likes this comp. Jozea also immediately follows Paul, and they’re now have-nots.

James’ team has not lost a single person, which, of course, mean he falls. Natalie almost pops out of her top when she drops, and now bird poop and feathers hit them. Bronte is now gone, and all three remaining rockets have one person left.

The most boring man in history, Corey, has the last words of nothingness before we go to commercials. Funny how the last three people in this competition have similar body types. Victor seems to be handling this the easiest, and it’s pretty clear that Paulie will be the next down. Especially after he talks about how safety is so important. This means that his team is now in “Mystery Land”. After a few minutes of straddling, Corey is the last to drop. Victor’s team is now safe for the next two evictions! “I hope at least one of the hot girls knows.”

Julie announces the results, and adds that “one of you will soon be leaving the game”. They all head inside, and the twelve noobs congratulate the “Puerto Rican sensation”. Zakiyah says “old heads gotta go”. Michelle talks about what happened in the coaches season, and Paul agrees that they have to go.

The four coaches head into another room, and Nicole is (shockingly) scared. Just like she did throughout her entire season. Da’Vonne decides that she needs to work with the noobs, so she goes to kiss the asses of her team. Paul says they have to win HOH. She says she’ll keep her boo’s off the vet’s radar if they’ll do the same to protect her. She leaves, and Paul giggles. “Fuck her.” “I’m a nice guy, but I’m not that nice.”

Victor’s team now kisses his ass and they just HAVE to create a team name. Ugh, really? Nobody has an idea, though, so Victor puts on a safari hat. Natalie wants “Team Baywatch”. No, really? Paulie’s team is thinking the same thing. They like “Category 4”. Really? Really?

Now they’re all thinking the same. Nicole’s team is now “Freakazoids”. Victor like the term “Cavalry”, but the cheerleader has no idea what this means. Da’Vonne’s team settles on “Big Sister”. What???? Finally, Victor and his friends pick “Team Unicorn”.

Now Tiffany finally figures out that Michelle looks like Nicole. She asks if that’s the case, and Michelle says no. Michelle says Tiffany looks like Vanessa, and she replies with “who?”. Tiffany is confused as to whether she should admit to it, but she finally does. Michelle hopes this leads to a bond or future alliance. “This could be really good for me.” Tiffany still isn’t sure about the Michelle/Nicole situation.

A few people are now sitting in the living room when Julie comes on the monitor. She calls everybody together, and congratulates “Team Unicorn”. The next competition, “Hit the Road”, is announced, and after the final round of this competition the losing team will face off against each other. The person who loses this individual round is the first evictee, and the other three will pick amongst themselves as to whom the first HOH will be.

Nobody is happy about this, obviously. Which is why we go to commercials after a couple of diary room comments.

The setting for this comp is sort of a beach. The cheerleader loves it, especially since all she has to do is watch. The goal is to build a 15-piece sand castle. Three of them are holding ropes, and the fourth digs for pieces. That piece is then placed on the platform without dropping it. The digger has to change places with one of his teammates.

In case you didn’t get that, stupid Nicole has to repeat the rules. Paulie then babbles how it’s so tough, and he just can’t be the one to go home.

This is more than boring to watch, so let’s just go to the results. It looked like Nicole’s team might win, but it ends up being “Category 4”, aka Frank’s team. Da’Vonne is pissed, especially at Paul. “I feel like picking him was a bad decision.” Frank’s team celebrates, though, especially Bridgette since it’s probably the first team she’s ever won in her life. Nicole whines in the storage room with Corey, who says they’ll win the next round. “If I don’t, I’ll be going home”, whines Nicole. (Ugh, I don’t miss her.) Day goes into the room and cries about her awful team. Literally, she cried. Funny thing is that I liked her short run last season. This year, not so much.

After commercials, we get round two. There are buried sand castle pieces, and the team who correctly builds their castle will be safe for the week. The loser will then compete against each other for the first evictee. At the outset, Nicole is mad because Glenn moves super-slowly. He’s mad at her for not doing any planning. Da’Vonne is still screaming at Paul. At this point once again, I’m going to sit back and wait until the results.

Ok, here we go with the final segment of the evening. Nicole’s team thinks they have won, but they have some erroneous pieces in their castle. That gets Da’Vonne screaming in the diary room. Tiffany then says they realize the mistake is in the foundation, which is exactly what Glenn told them. Da’Vonne’s team then also has it built wrong, but Paul claims to know what’s wrong. He flips over a section and they have indeed won! One of Nicole’s team will now be leaving tomorrow night! Paul wants Da’Vonne out, though.

Glenn continues to play the “I told you show game”, but he knows he must battle for himself in the final competition. Nicole whines again. And that’s it for tonight!!!

Special thanks to "Rambling Monkey" for tonight's screencaps.

So, tell me what you think of tonight’s episode? Who do you like or don’t like? Are you happy with the veterans? Were you also confused by tonight’s competitions? Tell me what you think!!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Big Brother Gossip Show #601: Season Premiere

It's our season premiere!!! Mike, Colette, and I went through this season's cast, and discussed the various rumors surrounding the "mystery guests"! Grab this via Stitcher, iTunes, or Soundcloud...


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Scott's Initial Thoughts on This Year's Cast

It’s finally happened. We’ve waited and waited and waited, and then CBS made us wait another 30 hours. For some unknown reason, although the official version is that it was out of respect to the situation in Orlando, the planned Monday morning introduction of the new cast was postponed to Tuesday afternoon. Honestly, since I had another article due on Tuesday this worked out perfectly.
So here are my initial thoughts on the cast of Big Brother 18! These opinions are based only on what has been provided so far. That includes a biographical questionnaires and video interviews on, along with interviews to K-Frog radio in L.A.

Unfortunately for us, the CBS interviews are pretty worthless, mainly because it’s former Big Brother contestant Jeff Schroeder hosting. He’s terrible. Why CBS has stuck with him all these years is beyond me. The network also denied access to, who usually creates top-notch preseason chats.

1. Paul Abrahamian: Abrahamian is a 23 year-old clothing designer from Tarzana, CA. The initial read from most people online is that he’s this year’s version of Big Brother 16’s Donny Thompson. Come on, the only similarity is that they both have giant beards. He looks more like a hipster, which seems to mesh with the fact his favorite activity is playing music. The problem is that which kind of hipster is he. Is he a Mumford and Sons fan, or does he like something more interesting? The K-Frog interview is pretty interesting, as he a loud and sometimes vulgar voice. He’s incredibly lively, so I expect some fireworks.

2. Victor Arroyo: This 25 year-old self-proclaimed “Latin lover” is a gym manager in Slidell, LA. He’s all about attracting women, and it’s also clear that he’s never watched the show. I hope he’s quickly out the door.

3. Corey Brooks: He’s a 25 year-old baseball coach from Dallas, TX, which is no surprise after taking one look at him. He’s definitely a jock type. He’s another one that’s clearly never seen the show until he was cast. (They all get videos of the last two season while in sequester.) After he was announced, the online sleuths discovered some five year-old tweets that are a bit troublesome, but that’s just silliness. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fan, and I know he was cast only due to his looks. He’ll probably last through most of the season.

4. Paulie Calafiore: The first of a few stunt-casts of this season. He’s a 27 year-old DJ (sure he is) from Howell, NJ, but more importantly he’s the older brother of Big Brother 16’s Cody Calafiore. Truthfully, this is not a great stunt-cast, as Cody was a dope. He was a bore on the live feeds, and made the dumbest move in Big Brother history when he took Derrick Levassur to the finals over Victoria Rafaelli. Paulie’s a dope. He’s bland. He’s tedious. I could go on and on.

5. Bronte D’Acquisto: Oh boy. She’s 26 year-old student from Denver...or so she says. It didn’t take long for people to find her ModelMayhem listing. She claims to be a math expert, but completely screwed up an easy math question in Jeff’s Interview. That’s not the worst part. Her voice is atrocious. I’m sorry, but she sounds like a high-pitched cartoon character. I have a feeling this is all an act, as she’s the only one so far that made any sense when talking about their strategy plans. If that’s the case, I may end up rooting for her.

6. Bridgette Dunning: The Ventura, CA travelling nurse is not really a superfan, but she has clearly studied multiple seasons in preparation. The 24 year-old is a true nerdy girl in the mold of last year’s Meg Maley, and like her she’s bound to make it a little bit past the halfway part. Especially since she can’t lie under any circumstances.

7. Zakiyah Everette: If this is what preschool teachers that are 24 look like in Charlotte, NC I need to adopt a kid quickly. I’m kidding. She’s pretty cute, but I bet she doesn’t take crap from anybody as she sounds like she’s straight from a show like “Basketball Wives”. This description is best exemplified by the fact she says she likes to suddenly twerk for no reason. She claims she’s “in to win it”, though, and would rather be hated winner than a beloved loser.

8. Jozea Flores: This L.A.-based 25 year-old celebrity make-up artist is an interesting character. In his interviews and photos, he fits the mold of what CBS usually casts for their one and only gay houseguest. Yet he’s got a ton of modelling photos online where he’s a macho musclehead. What is the real Jozea? I believe it is the Big Brother version, especially when he says the thing he hates most is people “stealing his food”. Uh oh. It won’t take long for an argument or two.

9. Glenn Garcia: A big break from the previous eight, and also could be the most controversial. He’s 50, and the Bronx native is a former police detective who is now a dog groomer. He definitely fits the Bronx tough guy stereotype, which should create some fireworks in the house. This will especially be evident if the topic of politics comes up, as Garcia has a ton of tweets praising Trump. Personally, I don’t care about any cast members politics, but there are people online that already dislike him just for that reason. He’ll either go quickly, or last until the last couple of weeks.

10. Michelle Meyer: When I saw her interview with Schroeder I wasn’t impressed. This nutritionist from Washington Township, MI is actually a true superfan. She’s watched most of the previous seasons, and the only person to mention watching live feeds. The 23 year-old looks sweet and wholesome, but her reddit comments about Big Brother are at times similar to my snarky posts. If she keeps her knowledge of the game in check, and just pushes her wholesome appearance, she could be a contender.

11. Natalie Negrotti: She’s another that didn’t apply to the show but was cast by Big Brother. She claims to be a event coordinator, but this 25 year-old was formerly a cheerleader for the New York Jets. She’s a bit in love with herself, and even uses the word “beautiful” as one of the descriptions of herself. Producers cast her for one, and only one reason - to hopefully create a “showmance” with Corey Brooks. Like most of the model/cheerleader types of recent years Natalie will be out with in two or three weeks.

12. Tiffany Rousso: The second stuntcast of the season is the 32 year-old sister of last year contestant Vanessa Rousso. This fact is immediately evident as she’s the spitting image of her sister, and even more so when she started to talk. I had a few nightmarish shivers throughout the interview, as Vanessa was a high-strung maniac last year. A serious maniac. It was actually tiring to watch. But if Tiffany can act a bit more relaxed than her, I think she’ll do pretty well.

So that’s far. Although it's nice that there is actually a true adult in this year's casting, the vast majority are in their early 20's, and there is only on in their 30's. Also, did you notice that there are only twelve people listed above? That’s because there are at least four more people coming into the house. Various rumors have circulated the past few days, and the most credible story is that some housemates from previous seasons are coming in. Many names have been thrown around, but it’s pretty much agreed at this point that these will be Big Brother 17’s James Huling and Da’Vonne Rogers, Big Brother 16’s Nicole Franzel, and season 14’s Frank Eudy.
This lineup initially points to a flashback to season 14’s “coaches” twist. That year, Britney Haynes, Dan Gheesling, Janelle Pierzina, and Mike “Boogie” Malin were brought back to head teams. If they made it to a certain point they were allowed to decide if they wanted to remain in the game as players. Obviously, they all said yes.

Those four were true all-stars, though. This year’s foursome aren’t that formidable. They’re all nice people and very popular amongst a good portion of the fans, but outside of Eudy they weren’t very good players. Da’Vonne was actually voted out almost immediately!

The theory currently floating around is that the theme of this season is “second chance”. This would explain the casting of Rousso and Calafiore as this would be a second chance for their family, while the four returnees are obviously being given a second chance to play. There may also be some other requirements for those four.

Who knows if any of this is true? We’ll find out next Wednesday with the season premiere of “Big Brother”, along with the live feeds being turned on Thursday night. Strangely, the cast entered the house today (Thursday), which is something I’ve never understood. The show and feeds should start when they actually start the game, not a week later. Oh well, we’ve complained about that for years and years.

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What do you think is going to happen? Do you like this year's cast? Please let me know, even if have differing opinions. In fact, especially if you have differing opinions!