Saturday, July 23, 2016

Big Brother Gossip #606:Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

There may have been a feed blackout this week, but it didn't stop us from babbling for over two hours. We talked about bullying, haircuts, the Battle Back, an endurance competition, and a couple of girls with little self-esteem.

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Friday, July 22, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 15 Recap

As I hit play on tonight’s show, I have no clue how this is going to work. Since it’s going to be game-heavy, though, I can bet this recap will be shorter than normal.

After a super-long recap just in case you forgot about these five bozos, the first match is held between Glenn and the “Messiah”. Ugh, the diary room crap is as bad as the regular episodes. This game has them racing across balance beams to grab “berries”. Yep, it’s the same course used three weeks ago. Through the magic of fast-forwarding I’m able to quickly see that Jozea wins. No shocker there.

Round two sees Jozea versus Victor, and again it’s a redo of that same tennis comp from earlier this season. Well, it’s a bit different as they have to hit targets. Again, the diary room material is beyond listenable. The cheese level has never been this high. While it’s a close competition, Victor eventually wins.

Now Victor goes against Bronte, and this one redoes the true/false photo comp from last week. In this version, the pictures are flashed on a screen and then they have to put individual photos over the descriptions of said person. OMG, Bronte is almost as bad as Victor at reading the diary room script. This comp is shockingly won by Victor.

The final round finds Victor against Tiffany. Wouldn’t it be great if this was the card game they’ve all been predicting for two weeks? It’s not, of course. They have to search for puzzle pieces to create the “electric BB poster”, and there are audio clues to help them. Yeah, whatever. Hmmm, Victor says he’s had “dreams of this competition”. Sure he has. This one is actually kind of cool to watch as long as you do it with the mute button on. Victor actually wins and gets to return to the house!

The final segment is the only one truly of interest as we get to watch Victor return to the house. Julie makes an announcement to the cast, and they run to the living room. She babbles a bit about not much before announcing what they all knew anybody - somebody was coming back. That’s not really “expect the unexpected”, Ms Chen. “They will be moving back in shortly.” Then the bell rings, and in walks Victor. He gets nothing but hugs, although a few people do seem to be a bit worried.

Julie then says that there is another twist - a secret room that will give them a “power that could change their fate in the house”. This room will only exist for the next four weeks. In other words, Pandora Box-lite.

So that’s it! I’m so glad I was able to fast-forward. What did you think? Are you glad that Victor is back? Let’s talk!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 14 Recap

Outside of who will be evicted, nobody really knows what is going to happen tonight. This special Battle Back episode that will be broadcast tomorrow night really throws a wrench into the proceedings. Will there be a HOH at the end of tonight, or will that be saved until later? If there is no HOH competition, how will they fill this hour?

Confusing the situation even more is the fact that the feeds are at this time of writing down, and won’t be turned back on until after tomorrow’s west coast airing of the Battle Back episode. (Don’t get me started on that idiotic plan.) This opens up a ton of possibilities, including the potential of an endurance competition to take place tonight. Ugh, I wish I knew what was going on!!!

Oh well, we still have a show to recap. As you may expect, tonight’s broadcast begins (after a Julie Chen intro) where we left off last night. Tiffany has semi-secretly put up Day to replace Corey as the Roadkill nominee. Yep, expect a lot of loud diary rooms moments in these first couple of segments.

Day gets up and starts hugging people, but laughs in the diary room about being on the block. She doesn’t think she’s the threat that others are claiming. Tiffany is pissed that Day flipped her braids on her (ugh), and talks about it to Frank. “She’s already cracking”, Frank replies.

Sitting outside, Day tells Zakiyah that Tiffany won’t even sleep in the same room as her. Paul the narc tells her that Tiffany was complaining about whipping her braids. Day admits that she did purposely do it.

Paulie now sits on the hammock with Day, with Tiffany and Bridgette watching from the couch. Paulie says that none of them had been campaigning against her to him, and if it’s a tie he’s going to still send Tiffany home. “I’m not leaving leaving a wounded animal in the game.”

For some reason we now have Natalie and Paul cooking in the kitchen. She sends Paul out to ask James if he wants any, but he replies that “he’s a grown man who can make my own food”. This makes Natalie sad. “I don’t like that at all. I think it’s our first fight.”

They’re now in the have-not room, and Natalie whines about how he reacted to her. “I should have not started liking you. You’re free to cuddle with whoever you want now.” He apologizes, and says he didn’t know how she felt about him. They make up, of course, and they’re “now BB official”. (Funny how they didn’t show Michelle and Nicole tell him once again that she’s just using him.)

In the storage room, Paulie talks to Corey and Frank about who to go after. Frank wants to go after Day, but Paulie says Tiffany has to go now. Frank says they don’t have to worry about Tiffany in the future because she’ll just go against the girls. Even stupid Corey can understand that point.

Now Tiffany tries to chat with Nicole. She complains about all of Day’s lies, and points out how Day cries whenever she “has stuff to hide”. She also talks about how Day told her about the couple’s alliance. “That’s not even true”, Nicole lies. Tiffany says that they should trust somebody who has never lied over somebody who always lies.

Next she tries to work on Paulie. “I swear on anything that I wanted to work with you so hard. LIke I feel dumb because I let somebody else play me like a little rag doll.” She tells him everything that Day has told her, and now Paulie supposedly is worried because “it’s a matter of time before she tries to blow me up”. Tiffany says that he’ll never be her target, and she’ll go after anybody he wants her to target. Paulie now claims in the diary room that he’s now worried about Day.

There’s a kitchen fluff scene involving knives that includes Tiffany, Paulie, and others. Day is pissed, and goes upstairs complaining about this “kumbayah session” downstairs. Yep, it’s time for the return of paranoid Day. They (Day, Zakiyah, Michelle) notice that Tiffany even has Paulie’s hat on.

Back downstairs, Day has a chat with James. He’s her “right hand man”, and she tells him that they have to break up the showmances. “I’m in a showmance”, he replies. “Not you.” Day says the other fake relationships are “too powerful”, but again James worries about his own showmance. “You’re at the bottom” of the list. Oh James.

In the storage room, James then tells Paulie what Day told him about getting rid of couples. “This has confirmed all suspicions I’ve had about Da’’s making it really hard to make a decision on which one I want going home”.

Time to take a nice little bowel movement as “I’m going to call them out” Cody is on my screen. Along with Tiffany’s manic-fuelled sister. No thanks. It’s bad enough we have vets on the cast. We don’t want to hear from the ones not on the show.

With that awfulness over, it’s time for the eviction. Since there’s no drama here, I can only hope that Tiffany has another crazy final plea. Day is first, and after thanking God she babbles about trust. “Thank you in advance for saving” my life. Natalie stands and says nothing but how she’s so glad to meet everybody “especially James”. Otherwise, I have no clue what she said. Tiffany then stands and says she’s had a great time but has “played a loyal game...just trust your gut and go with what is best for your game”. Hmmm, underwhelming.

Voting starts with Michelle, and she obviously goes against Tiffany, as does Zakiyah, and James before we go to commercials. When we return, Nicole votes to evict Tiffany, as does Frank (what?), Corey, Bridgette, and Paul. Yep, it’s unanimous. Tiffany is history...for now!

Julie announces the results, and she’s out the door! The interview starts with Julie asking about her going against those that saved her last week. We again hear the whole Day/Frank story, and “the people I trusted the most were my enemies in the house”. Julie claims that she was in a solid place (what?), and Tiffany said she had planned to play a low-key game but discovered she was “aligned with the wrong people”. Having her sister in the game did hurt her “a little bit”, she admits, “but after awhile I got my own sense on how to play the game myself”. She says that if she could do it again, she wouldn’t be so emotional.

The goodbye messages are from Frank, who “didn’t get the job done”, and for some reason, Nicole’s whine. Paulie said she was too much trouble for his game. Day sings and dances “I beat you. I beat you. Bye girl!” Chen then tells her about the Battle Back twist, and Tiffany’s mouth drops. “That’s awesome! That’s amazing!”

OMG, we get great news now!!! NO MORE TEAMS!!! It’s about time!!! After the last commercial break, there’s a recorded bit among those already evicted. Yeah, they all want back in the house. Same old stuff as always.

Julie addresses the house, and thankfully announces that the team twist is over!!!! Nobody is really surprised. Roadkill is also over!!!! YAY!!! She doesn’t let them know about the Battle Back, just saying there “are more twists to uncover and secrets to discover”. (Trust me, they all kind of know what’s happening.)

So that’s it for tonight! Tomorrow we find out just who is returning to the house, and hopefully who is the new HOH!!! What did you think of the episode? Happy that the twists are over? Happy that Day was saved? Who do you want to see come back? Chat, kids, chat!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Big Brother 18, Episode 13 Recap

Tonight’s episode is all about the POV. Or is it? Unless Tiffany wins, the outcome should be pretty much the same. Or is it? Well, given the events of the last 24 hours on the live feeds it may matter. Could tomorrow be similar to last week? Doubtful.

As always, the Wednesday show begins with the aftermath of the Roadkill nomination that we saw at the conclusion of Sunday’s episode. Tiffany, the “secret” winner, has nominated Corey. Tiffany says she put him up to “shift the power in the house”. Nicole, of course, is sooooooooooo annoyyyyyyed. “Taking a shot at Corey is like taking a shot at meeeeeeeee.” She then starts crying in the diary room. Yep, she’s more upset than Corey, who thinks it was Frank who won Roadkill. Natalie, meanwhile, is paranoid and sad. “Bronte is gone so now I feel completely alone. I don’t know who to trust.”

Half the house is in the lounge talking about who won Roadkill. Corey says now way was it Tiffany. She is a girl, after all. Day knows better, but she’s keeping quiet. “I don’t need to rock the boat no more.” They move to talking about Tiffany being the Roadkill winner, and it’s just so infuriating that anybody would actually think about nominating Corey. She’s insane, you know.

We also hear that Paulie claims to have “rattled” Tiffany before the nomination ceremony. It’s really a silly little back and forth, with Tiffany asking if Paulie is getting a little nervous, and Paulie responding that TIffany will never beat him. She is a girl, after all. “I was bred for this.” Oh please. Even Nicole has cocky words. She really, really, really “frickin’” wants to play. Bitch please.

Back in the bedroom, Tiffany makes fun at how “the whole house” is mad at her. They again talk about how Day is the person who put Frank against Tiffany. He finally knows that those people have been lying to him all along. “I don’t trust anybody over there”, proclaims Tiffany. She asks James if he feels like the “low man” on their totem pole. He plays dumb, even after Tiffany informs him of the couples alliance. His plan is to just disappear for a few days. “It’s definitely time for me to lay low this week.”

Frank and Corey are now talking. Corey still doesn’t believe that Tiffany could possibly win a competition. “She’s the worst player in the game.” Frank asks who he believes won. “You really think it was me, you son of a bitch.” Corey plays dumb, which he does naturally, but he’s not a very good actor when he denies it. Frank talks to him about bringing him and Nicole into their group, but Corey isn’t buying it. “I know you won that Roadkill.” Cuz, like I said, Tiffany’s a girl. Girls can’t win.

Day is now chomping on chips in the living room, and Frank “graces me with his presence”. She decides to humor him, although she admits she wanted to punch him in the face. He says he wants to find out more about what happened with the Bronte situation, and Day asks why. He claims he wants to be on the same page as Day, but she’s not really receptive. Paul walks in, and then whines in the diary room about how she’s talking with the enemy. Oh please, you dumb rookie.

Paul then has to report that “Day is being really weird” to Corey and Paulie. They’ve decided that Day is going back and forth between the two sides. Paulie says if Tiffany comes down, then Day will be her replacement.

With the first set of commercials over, it’s time for filler. Paul is cooking. Who cares?

Moving on...the white funk comes on, which means it’s time to pick veto players. Joining Tiffany, Natalie, Corey, and Paulie is Day and Paul. Tough girl Nicole doesn’t get to avenge her boy toy after all.

Bridgette makes a rare appearance, and says she hates everybody. Frank then joins her and Tiffany, and he gives her a pep talk. Tiffany is still hoping that Day can be an ally. “I don’t know if I can trust her.” Speak of the devil. Day walks in and gets under the covers.

Fake white funk comes on again, as it’s time for the veto competition. The backyard is a big candy-oriented set. A player challenges another for an ice cream challenge. They then have to transfer “scoops” of ice cream into a certain order. The winner then challenges another, and everything happens again.

Corey is the first up, and he challenges Tiffany. After commercials, Corey wins, despite the his low IQ. In fact, his strategy is to just copy her and race to hit the buzzer before her. Nicole’s panties are definitely a little damp now, but Tiffany is pissed at herself that she lost to this buffoon.

Paul then challenges Natalie, and it’s no surprise that Paul cartwheels his way to a victory. “Your boy knows how to scoop.” Paulie then asks Day on the sidelines if she wants to play, and she wants to play last. Paulie doesn’t like this plan, so he challenges her anyway. No shocker, but Paulie wins.

Now we have Corey versus Paul. This doesn’t make Day happy, as she needs the nominations to stay the same. Corey winning doesn’t help her. The boys talk about setting it up so that Paul wins the POV, but this doesn’t really work out due to Paul’s idiocy. Corey ends up winning. “Corey beat me in a mental comp”, complains Paul. “And he was supposed to throw it to me. I’m pissed.”

So the final round features Paulie versus Corey. Paulie hands the POV win to him, but says he “has to turn into a beast in the future”. Day isn’t happy with this situation. “This is not good for me” because if Corey saves himself then Day could be his replacement. Nicole is also paranoid, but that’s normal for her. And again we see tears. Not only from Nicole, but Day. Tiffany is pissed about this, because “if she trusted me, then she would not be this upset”. Hmmm, I wonder who will go up in Corey’s spot?

After commercials, everybody is shown walking back into the house. Corey says he’s going to be calm about winning, and Tiffany now has to “make a bigger target than myself” to ensure her safety.

In the bathroom, Day tells Frank that she’s now concerned that she will be the new nominee. Frank says that he’s pretty sure that Tiffany trusts her, but Day doesn’t trust either of them. Tiffany needs to put up a target “bigger than myself, and that could easily be me”. Frank walks out, and she then tells Paul that Frank was acting shady.

Upstairs, the “other side” congratulates themselves. Paul joins the party, and we get a small snippet of the four hours that Paulie patted himself on the back. Corey now claims that he doesn’t know what to do with his POV win, but he still can’t believe that Tiffany is the Roadkill woman. She’s a woman, you know.

Back downstairs, Day is still furious. “I need to go to Tiffany to see what’s the next plan.” She walks into the have-not room to ask Tiffany what she’s going to do, and after Tiffany says she has no idea Day storms out. “That was pretty shady”, Tiffany says as she’s storming out. Yeah, another year of Day self-destructing her own game...even if it’s not this week she ends up leaving.

Day then walks upstairs to ask the others what they’re going to do, and Corey says he’ll do “whatever you want me to do”. “I just want to be cute when the ceremony happens”, she says. Day also whines about how she knew she had to win the POV. Paulie is having none of it because “we’re in power right now”.

Back downstairs, Tiffany tells Frank her new plan since Day has “been fucking me since day one”. Tiffany then informs Frank of all the various alliances he knew nothing about (Fatal 5, the couple’s alliance, etc.). Frank is now on board with putting up Day as the replacement.

Paul then walks in, claiming he’s “confused”. He says he doesn’t know what’s going on, and since Tiffany doesn’t give a fuck she repeats her stories to Paul. She hopes this will help her campaign against Day this week. (Funny thing is that these last few paragraphs were ALL played on last week’s Big Brother Gossip Show. Yep, they’re copying us again!)

What’s weird is that they didn’t show a second of Paul’s belief that he was a double-knot spy. He spent the rest of that night (Saturday) going from the bedroom to the HOH reporting on everything Tiffany and Frank said. Oh well.

It’s POV meeting time, and Corey obviously decided to use it on himself. The Roadkill screen then flashes all the names before settling on Da’Vonne!!! She sits on the couch, and then turns to Tiffany and says she’s “pissed”.

After the usual commentary in the diary room, and Tiffany complaining about Day’s dreads in her face, tonight’s show is over. Is this the last Wednesday we see Tiffany, or will she successfully get Day out of the house? Were you as bored as me? Should Nicole stop crying? Most importantly, can a girl win a competition? Corey doesn’t think so. What do you?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Big Brother Season 18, Episode 12 Recap

Normally, my episode recap is posted right around the time the east coast broadcast concludes. I’m a fast typer (and fast-forwarder) so whatever time I lag behind I’m more than able to catch up during commercials.

Last night I failed to post a recap. In fact, I even didn’t watch it. But I had a good excuse. Due to a scheduling issue, we didn’t produce a new episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show until yesterday afternoon. Because this particular episode was sub-titled “Day Drinking With Scott, Colette, and Mike” I really wasn’t in proper shape to do anything but gobble up some food and veg out on the couch.

So we’re a little late this week. Oh well. From my understanding, they didn’t show much that we didn’t feature earlier in the day. Let’s find out if that’s the case.

The show starts off with the house coming back in after Paulie’s HOH victory. Frank is furious that Bronte was evicted, and he’s blaming the girls. Nicole follows him and James, and acts nervous. “We’re kind of panicking.” She’s pissed that Frank is “calling me out”, but really Frank feels safe since it’s his buddy Paulie that is the new HOH (plus his team is exempt from being nominated).

Frank and Nicole head into the lounge, and Nicole continues to whine how he shouldn’t be calling her out. After all, she did “stick my frickin’ head out for you all the time”. Yeah, right. She claims to not “know what’s frickin’ going on”. Then we have to sit through one of her patented elongated syllable diary room sessions.

Corey is the next to be interrogated by Frank, but he’s just doing what he does naturally - “playing dumb”. Paulie also does the same, especially since he wants to keep Frank “nice and comfortable”. Michelle is bummed that Frank or Bridgette can’t be nominated.

Natalie is now shown as being sad that her best friend, Bronte, has been evicted. We see her in tears during the diary room, and James (and then Paul) try to cheer her up. “She’s the last person I wanted to see her go...we had so much fun every day in here”. Bridgette is also depressed that her HOH turned out to be worthless. “I swung. I missed. Grrrr! It’s frustrating.”

Frank is then heard saying how much he loves the game, which causes Day to laugh. Tiffany is sitting next to her, and she gets up to confront Frank. “You know this is all because you were targeting me for now reason”, she tells him. He says that is because she was targeting him. “I never said I was coming after you”, she replies. Frank said that it was Day that told her, and then we get clips of the Tiffany’s all-girl alliance plans (and Day repeating it to Frank).

Day comes into the room because she hears her name, and we get our first real fight of the season. Day denies everything. “I never talk to you.” Frank says that now everybody knows she lies. “Who’s everybody?” “Everybody in here.”

Then Day asks about the rumors that Frank has been targeting her. Frank admits, but she replies that she’s not going home this week. “Neither am I.” In the diary room, Day claims she remembers last year’s fight with Clay, so she walks away.

The damage is done, though. Tiffany now knows that Day has fucked her, and she supposedly has “nobody” in this house. Day and Zakiyah then talk about Tiffany in the bathroom, and Day goes to talk to Frank for “damage control”. They have a bullshit conversation where she claims she wanted to F2 with him. Frank says he just “got a weird feeling” about her. Frank wants to know the votes, but Day claims she has no idea. “Who flipped on me, Day?” She still refuses, and says “moving forward we have to start trusting each other”. They both say in the diary room that the other is still their main target. (BTW, we played all of these sound bites yesterday.)

Paulie then comes into the lounge to talk to James and Day. Of course, he strips off his shirt as he wanders in. Tiffany is once again his number one target, and he wants to put Natalie up next to her. “I don’t want (Tiffany) safe this week.” James says that Bronte would have never caused this much trouble if she had stayed in the house, unlike “loose lips cannon” Tiffany.

After commercials, a number of people gather in the have-not room to talk about Tiffany. “We should have just not rocked the boat”, says James. Tiffany then walks in on their little chat, and it’s uncomfortable. Nobody talks to her, and everybody slowly wanders out of the room. (This was stupid on their part.) “Nobody talks to me. Not one person. I’m over it. I’m dumb. I should have just left today.” She asks Nicole why everybody leaves the room, and she plays dumb. “I don’t know.”

It’s now nighttime, and Natalie notices that Tiffany is sad. They go into another room, and she breaks down. (Again, they’re following our show’s script.) As we’ve heard a million times over the last few days, Tiffany goes on and on about how she’s so alone. “I have nobody! I have nobody!” There’s more of these tears in the diary room. Natalie tells her that she’s available whenever Tiffany wants to talk, and hugs her before leaving the room.

Frank and Bridgette now chat about their bad situation, and Tiffany comes in asking to talk to Frank. She wants to hear “the truth” about why Frank was against her, and Frank again tells her about Day’s stories. “I don’t know what to trust”, Tiffany responds, “but I was told information about you.” Frank wants to know who was telling her this stuff, so he can go after them in the Roadkill. Tiffany says she might as well “make a deal with the devil” and informs him that they all want him out. Yep, he can’t trust Nicole. He can’t trust Paulie. “That’s why they’re so paranoid.”

When Day’s name comes up, she just happens to walk in the room...and back out. Instead she runs up to the HOH to report on what she just walked in on. “They’re having a deep conversation. He’s trying to like pull her.” Frank is pissed because he thought they were on his side. “Now I don’t know who to trust.”

He leaves the room, and Nicole comes in. She asks if Frank said “something to make you mad”, and then Day comes in and asks to talk to Tiffany in ten minutes. Day walks out, and Nicole asks if she wants to talk to her. Tiffany responds with sarcastic answers, which of course flusters the little twit. “I just say you in here with Frank, and I know you two don’t get along.” Nicole finally gets up and walks out of the room.

Meeting in the lounge area, Day and Tiffany play a game of “what’s up”. They both mimic each other, and Tiffany asks why she’s crying. Tiffany says she “plays the game right. Direct. Loyal.” Day plays dumb, and claims that Frank is now attaching himself to her just to have another ally. Zakiyah then walks in, and Tiffany repeats her story to Zakiyah. Outside the room, Nicole and Paul listen in. Zakiyah justifies herself, and the two of them both start giggling when Tiffany pulls her headband over her eyes. Zakiyah then leaves, and Day says she needs to “pull it together”. Day tells her to give her a hung, and to “get it together”. (Again, we played ALL of these clips!!!)

After another set of commercials, Tiffany is in the diary room talking about how she’s heard so many stories. “I don’t have one person in the game who truly has my back.” Day returns to the lounge area and tells her that “you can’t let this game stress you out like that”. She says the best plan is to take information she learns and “use it in the game”. Tiffany’s mood lightens up a bit, and they end up fist-bumping. “Screw the crying. Game on.”

Nomination time, kids. Yep, it’s official. Tiffany and Natalie are nominated. The only surprise is that Paulie is actually wearing a shirt. Paulie says that Tiffany is up because he was one of three people who wanted her out the previous eviction, but “those same votes that saved you won’t be there” this time. He also complains that her game is similar to her sister’s game. Natalie is up because he doesn’t know “where your head is at”.

Tiffany’s response is that she is now going to go after Paulie’s “little minions”. Paulie repeats that he’s really after Tiffany, which means that Natalie only has to be nice for the next week to survive.

Back in the lounge, Tiffany waves Frank into the room. “I hope you know that was so fake”, she says. “They’re doing it to make a show to you.” She tells him that he cannot trust Paulie. “Disperse them. Paulie can’t win everything.” Frank is finally getting the picture.

It’s now Roadkill time after a commercial break. In this game, the truck is outfitted like a disgusting Port-a-Potty. They have to “eradicate the odor” by hanging up the most air fresheners in the correct order. The person with the most air fresheners in the allotted time is the winner.Time to fast forward, especially since Paulie is the person describing the game. It’s awful. When they do their little fishing tackle reveal, Tiffany is declared the winner. “The BB gods have spoken. I’ve won this roadkill, and I feel amazing right now. I really want to shift the power in this house.”

Everybody goes their separate ways when they walk back into the house. Tiffany says she’s going to use this win to build “more trust” with Frank, who does hope she won. Paul and Day chat about the game, and they think Paulie won. Paulie walks in and says that’s not true. They all believe that Frank won it once again...or possibly Corey.

In the bathroom, Tiffany reveals to Day that she’s going to go after Corey this week. But because that means she’s safe, Day isn’t going to reveal this to anybody. Tiffany then lets Frank and Bridgette know the good news, and Tiffany really wants to stick it ot Paulie. She again talks about putting up Corey, and “if he wins (POV) put Nicole’s ass up”! Yes!!!

Yes, it’s now that time. Paulie has everybody gather in the living room for the Roadkill nomination reveal. The names fly by on the living room monitor before stopping on Corey’s name. So we have our full set of nominations - Natalie, Tiffany, and Corey.

There’s the usual handful of diary room comments before the show concludes. So what do you guys think? Are you tired of Tiffany’s tears? Or Day’s lies? Or Nicole’s whine? Or Corey’s obsession with Tiffany’s sister? Tell me what you think!!!

Today We Watched a Big Brother Couple Sleeping, And What We Saw Next Was Shocking!!!

The feeds just cam back after an hour or so, and as expected Corey took himself off the block. Tiffany then semi-secretly put up Da'Vonne as the replacement nominee. Now she has to convince a couple more people to join Frank and Bridgette as votes to get rid of her. If not, Tiffany will indeed leave the house on Thursday.

But that's not really the big news of the day. Shortly before 9 am Big Brother Time, an alert feedwatcher noticed some movement on one of the bedroom cams. Shockingly, it was the bed shared by Corey and Nicole. Yes, Nicole, the self-congratulatory sweet, virginal princess who has supposedly only kissed four boys may have been playing around with her semi-interested boytoy.

The scene begins with the two of them facing the opposite ways soundly asleep. Suddenly they're awake facing each other. Corey's hand is clearly moving in a somewhat rhythmic pattern, and she begins rubbing,scratching his back (and lower). A little groan is heard coming from her, and her hand is also in motion under the covers.

Were they touching each other in an erotic matter? As somebody who has watched these late-night (or in this case early morning) activities on past seasons, I will say yes. Do we actually see fingers on private parts? No. Online there's currently a pretty funny debate as her fans completely deny that their "girl next door" would never do anything naughty, while the rest of us giggle at their delusion.

Oh, Nicole, that makes two years you've let a boy ruin your game. Great job!!!

Edit: A couple of other little notes. Supposedly Da'Vonne flipped her braids in Tiffany's face after the POV ceremony. Tiffany ran to the diary room to report it. Also, Paulie's plan of staging a fake fight to "call out Frank" never happened. Remind you of somebody else?

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Big Brother Gossip #605: Calm Your Nipples

Paulie's chutzpah, Tiffany's paranoia, and Frank's flatulence are just some of the items we discuss on this week's show! Oh yeah, and Colette says to watch Gaslight.  And don't forget to check out our Patreon site!!!

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