Wednesday, August 5, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Look at that, two updates in a row. I must be feeling guilty over abandoning you over the entire weekend! haha ;)

I was kind of prepared for a mostly boring night in the house since all the major happenings are over, but it was kind of interesting despite that. This mostly stems from the fact that the JCrew (which is what I call Jackie/James/Meg) believe that Shelli is the main target and the one the house will be voting out whereas Vanessa has got Austin, Julia, Liz and Steve on board to evict Clay instead.

As noted in last night's update, Austin does want to tell James that they've decided to evict Clay instead of Shelli but wasn't sure how to go about doing it. Tonight Vanessa and Austin tried to plant a few seeds regarding that.

It all started when Jackie came across Vanessa, Austin and the twins in the purple room (which I've been calling the grey room all this time but just found out the house guests refer to it as the purple room and so now I shall too). Vanessa had been talking game and panicked a bit at being 'caught'. She immediately followed Jackie into the Have Not room and confirmed wanting to have a meeting in the HOH room later to finalize a plan/alliance for next week just in case it's double eviction. Double eviction is weighing rather heavily on these house guests mind the last few days for whatever reasons. This actually ended up sketching Jackie out enough that she and James retreated to the HOH room to start discussing things. Meg and Becky joined them shortly afterwards. Their discussion makes it very clear they have little trust in Vanessa/Austin/twins but just enough that may do them in if either Jackie or Meg don't win HOH. James had probably the best quote of the night "Whatever groups Vanessa starts aren't solid. She always flips the script."

They spend the next little while discussing next week and how they want it play out if it turns out to be a double eviction. The entire discussion goes on the assumption that Shelli will be voted out and Clay staying and so it basically amounts to nothing. Meg mentions that she thinks they're starting to lean towards keeping Shelli and Feisty Jackie came out "No, no! Fuck that! That's not how this works, they know the rules!"

I think subconsciously James knows, he keeps saying "one of them is going home" as opposed to "Shelli is going home" but that could be me giving his subconscious too much credit. ;) Meg, it pains me to say, makes an excellent point in stating "do we trust the other side enough to target floaters (referring to JMac/Steve) or do we just attack them." I'm a teeny tiny bit interested in what Meg would do if she won HOH. I honestly don't think she'd target Clay because she secretly likes him and wants him to motor boat her breasts. (just my opinion! haha) Meg goes on to say she'd target Austin while James thinks the target should be Vanessa. Becky makes the observation that there's no real point in thinking about DE until they know who wins HOH. Meg repeatedly says she doesn't want to be taken for a fool.

I checked into a Jmac/Clelli conversation in the back yard for a moment here. I'd like to point out that JMac's closeness to Clelli has been noted and he's notched up higher on most of the other's hit lists in terms of targets. In this conversation, JMac says he'd go after Jackie. Look, I love JMac; I've said repeatedly how adorkable I find him, for whatever weird reason, but he is NOT playing what you'd call a good game. His 'independent' game they've all talked about has garnered him negative attention and has made him an expendable minor target.

Austin joins the HOH room and then James literally goes on the balcony and YELLS for the twins because James is subtle like that. ;) Vanessa joins them as well. There is a looooong discussion between all of them (James, Jackie, Meg, Becky and Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia) over next week's plans. This crew goes over and over different plans, but all initially with the presumption that Shelli is gone. Finally, at one point Vanessa begins to lay the groundwork to let the other group know that they may keep Shelli. She brings up her promise to Clay (that she'd evict him). It eventually gets to the point where she states she thinks in this scenario 'since it doesn't make a difference and we'll target whichever one of them stays next week' everyone should vote individually and should just vote for whomever they think will keep them safe this week. This is also her attempt to lay the groundwork for Austin and the twins to be able to vote to evict Clay.

I noted this on twitter so I want to just throw this in here as well to give an example of JMac's game: I switched feeds really quick to where Steve and JMac were talking in the lounge room and I caught them just as JMac ws saying he doesn't think there's any game talk going on at this the group of 8 discusses double eviction and possibly targeting him. Oh boy.

Now back to HOH room. Vanessa tries a variety of strategies to put a target on Clay for the JCrew, but they consistently shoot the down:

     Vanessa: Clay has been more vocal about wanting you out James.
     James: I've beat Clay three times in competitions, he's gotta win to do it.

     Vanessa: Clay wants to go home. He cried and made me promise to vote him out.
     Meg: So we'll send him home next week.

    Vanessa: So do we want to vote out someone [referring to Shelli] who will be a bigger target for us next week?
     James: Why would we keep someone in who has a better chance of winning HOH?

There weren't any cams on Vanessa's face, but I can imagine that internally she was screaming! ;) haha In the end, this lovely little group of 8 decided that Shelli will go and Clay will be DE target. Vanessa went to each of them, individually in front of each other to demand they give their word, since she's giving her word and her word is her bond you know!

At the end of this there is some minor dispersing. The twins head out to the hot tub where Julia, the prettier, smarter and more fun twin (In my admittedly and completely biased opinion! teehee) states that after that meeting, she's leaning more towards doing what the house wants; she wouldn't mind Clay staying since he'd target Austin and get him out of the way for them. (Liz is tellingly silent when Julia says this btw. I think Austin has imprinted on her with all of that stroking and pawing) She then goes on to say how much she respects Vanessa's opinion though and so they'll talk with her before making a final decision.

Jackie stays and begins a huge rant about Vanessa, questioning her, her motives and her tactics. It was kind of funny because she was just getting on a roll when Vanessa walked back into the HOH and Jackie had to put her game face back on really quickly. *IF* (and that's a big if) Jackie or Meg win HOH, Vanessa just might be in a little bit of trouble. See how fast things can change in the house? In last's night update I mention that Vanessa is in a really good spot right now, tonight we find out just how much Jackie, James, Meg and Becky are actually on to her. Vanessa attempted to do some Audrey'ing but Jackie basically called her out on it "You don't want to vote her out this week but you're saying if you won HOH next week you'd be willing to put her [Shelli] on the block?" James does in the end give Vanessa 'permission' to vote for Shelli to stay, since he doesn't think Shelli deserves to go with a unanimous vote against her. Vanessa also asks him if Shelli ever threw her under the bus and James is truthful and says that she hasn't, that he's aware of. Vanessa stutters and stammers a bit and then exits HOH.

After Vanessa leaves, Becky rejoins them and she goes along with the anti-Vanessa sentiment in the room at that moment. She continues to harp about how she's bitter she had to distance herself from them while she was on the block against Jason, and it was ALL because of Vanessa. I'm not sure if Becky is still being a double agent or not, I had read earlier that she told JMac that she was going to align with Jackie/James/Meg but who really knows at this point. Apparently James fell asleep during Becky's rant though, haha. "Did I just fall asleep on Becky? I've no idea what the heck she was just saying."

This all leads up to THE MOST EXCITING PART OF THE NIGHT Y'ALL! I can't believe I managed to hold myself back from telling you until just now because it's just that juicy and exciting!! [this is complete sarcasm by the way, just in case you couldn't tell]. CLAY AND SHELLI HAVE THEIR FIRST KISS!! Whoa! Shelli has been denying Clay this whole time they've been engaged in their 'showmance', stating she didn't want their first kiss to be on camera. I'm not sure if it's being on the block together that changed her mind, or if Clay said something that helped her change her mind , since one moment the cams were on JMac and Steve and the next they were on already kissing and canoodling cousins Clay and Shelli! (I couldn't resist that comparison, sorry!)

And so I shall end this little update here. When I left to begin writing this, Vanessa had taken Julia into the comic room to do some jedi drilling for possible memory comps. They are going over days, competitions etc. Clay and Shelli were doing a little more lip smacking in the back yard and Jackie had left HOH to go to the bathroom while Meg was showering.

I'm not sure if I'll do an update tomorrow, I think it will truly depend on if anything exciting happens. As it stands, I'm fairly certain Vanessa does NOT intend to keep her double eviction deal with the other side. I believe that they will still vote to evict Clay and are banking on one of them winning HOH. They'll try to appease the other side by putting up Shelli, but it'll just be another fake out. They intend to put JohnnyMac up with her and vote Johnny out instead. I will be watching the feeds though, so you can follow me on twitter @Shienara33 where I will regale you with my witty banter, keen observations and pointless opinions. ;) And of course, if anything dramatic or exciting does happen, I'll let you know!

What do you all think? Does the JCrew side stand a chance? Are Clelli going to make it to second base before one of them is evicted? Can John do anything to get himself off the radar? Is Vanessa making the right choice by wanting to blindside them by keeping Shelli? Can anyone on the live feeds kiss without making those gross, horrible slurping sounds?! ;)

Monday, August 3, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Aloha! I've been absent again for a few days, so my apologies. This weekend was a long weekend for me so I spent some time having fun with friends and made an overnight trip to some local hot springs, which was glorious! ;)

I did keep up on twitter a bit, and have watched a bit of feeds tonight so I thought I'd do a short recap. In nutshell, James is HOH; he nominated Clay and Shelli for eviction, over which the fallout was the stuff that makes feeds worthwhile. Tears, recriminations, alliances crumbling and turning on each other. You know, all the best things about Big Brother! ;)

James also won the POV. Jackie ended up having to wear a knight's unwieldy armour and Vanessa had to be her squire for 24 hours and polish her shield. Shelli had to complete 2400 'battles'-she had a sword and had to hit three different targets, along with ringing a bell every time she completed 100 battles.

There was some scrambling on Shelli and Clay's part in hoping to convince James to use the POV on one of them. There was some talk of trying to get him to put up Steve and when that wasn't working, they decided to try and convince James to put up Austin. Shelli told James about Judas etc. She told James that Liz and Julia don't really care about Austin and would vote him out. (this did make it back to Austin as well and that's been a bit fun to watch). Her own 'betrayal' didn't sit well with Shelli, she was upset with herself to the point of claiming to be sick.

In the end, James did NOT use the veto and Clay and Shelli remain on the block. The current drama in the house is that James et al (Meg and Jackie) want and think the house will vote out Shelli and that Clay is staying. However, Vanessa has convinced Austin, the twins and Steve to vote out Clay and keep Shelli. She didn't have to try very hard to convince them of that; the twins were already leaning towards keeping Shelli anyways.

Clay however, has gone from crying and making people swear to vote him out to *kind of* back tracking. He's not exactly campaigning/fighting to stay, but he's no longer asking people to vote him out. This week might turn out to be slightly interesting to see how the dynamic of the showmance couple being on the block works out, knowing that one of them is going and how that affects their campaigning. Vanessa's crew already think Clay is a little bit shady to go from begging to be evicted to 'doing what's best for their game'.

The biggest current issue happening is that Austin wants to let James know that they've decided to vote out Clay. Vanessa isn't 100% on board with that yet; she keeps questioning Austin on what his reasoning is behind that. She'd rather just do it/blindside them and explain later. Austin wants to let him know ahead of time so as not to burn any bridges with a blindside that's not really necessary. Austin seems pretty adamant so I do think he'll win that discussion. Austin also asked Shelli to say she lied to James about the whole Judas thing going forward in order to make up for her throwing him under the bus (or bridge, if you're James! haha).

There have also been lengthy discussions on who to target during a double eviction. JohnnyMac is high up on Austin's radar so he's not going to be able to coast for much longer. Becky is also expendable to them along with Steve. Honestly, love her or hate her, Vanessa is playing a very good game right now and is in a pretty good spot. The only other little interesting tidbit that happened tonight is that there have been comments-seed planting by Vanessa in my opinion-that Austin controls the twins and therefor will not be targeted for a while because that's (theoretically) 3 jury votes he'll control and the other house guests will be afraid of alienating him and/or the twins.

That's it for tonight, since I'm still in recovery mode and need my beauty sleep, or something along those lines. ;) You can follow me on twitter @Shienara and if you haven't already, give a listen to the latest episode of the Big Brother Gossip Show. It's one of the best ones yet and the Liz impression contest will have you peeing your pants from laughing!! It's available for download on iTunes as well. G'nite!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 18 Recap

I'm not exactly breaking new ground here by saying that people who watch the feeds see the CBS broadcasts differently than those whose only exposure is via the network showings. For non-feedsters, every show is truly brand new. Most don't read blogs, and have no idea that most of the events happened a few days earlier.

Online viewers, though, know most of what's going to be shown. We watch for the competitions that were blocked from the feeds. We tune in for the diary room commentary. Mostly, though, we watch for the erroneous information. The errors in continuity, storylines created by bad editing, and diary room comments that were clearly fed to the house guests.

Fact it, though, that for the most part a good episode is great for both sides of this viewership...except in the case of an episode such as tonight. While endurance competitions create some of the most enjoyable feed viewing, the following Sunday's episode that features said competition isn't that exciting. Given that we know everything that happened during the two hours of the competition, the first third or so of the broadcast is not really as essential for us to see again as it is for the broadcast-only viewer. (In fact, the only excitement for us will be at the very end.)

Given this fact, I'm going to gloss over most of this portion of the show. I know the order of people dropping. I know that most of them are going to state how important it is for them to win this, along with how hard it was to stay up on the ledge. Most importantly, I've heard and seen the footage of James and Shelli make a deal at the same time that Johnny falls off the ledge.

The only real interesting point of the competition comes at that point. Shelli is heard in the diary room saying, "I feel alright with my deal with James. I do think he's the type of person who will keep his word. This is a deal that was made in front of the entire house, so if he doesn't say true to his word then that's saying a lot about James as a game player."  What makes that interesting is that on the feeds, she learns the truth about James' plans right after this moment, and claims that the diary room asking her this question made her feel worried about their deal. (Of course, this clip isn't aired but was heard on last night's Big Brother Gossip Show.) Also interesting is Vanessa saying that Shelli not including her in the deal shows where she is in her alliance's totem pole.

But I'm getting ahead of the storyline here.  Everybody is then shown walking into the house, and they see Julia's picture on the memory hall in place of Jace. Liz, though, is freaked out that James is the new HOH, especially since she's "been gunning for him in previosu weeks".

Meg and James celebrate in the bathroom, and as we played last night he says he's going to "rattle the cage". Jackie joins the celebration, and they talk about how shocked they were that Shelli dropped.

Austin and Vanessa now talk. She's upset and paranoid, as usual. "You can only worry about what you can control." The twins are then shown heading into the bedroom to talk about Austin revealing Julia's name. Austin joins them, and Julia bitches at him about this "shady" fact. Ugh, this week's show is AGAIN copying EVERYTHING we aired last night! Wait, Julia just said she wouldn't "trust him with a ten foot pole"??? What does that even mean?

"Poor" Shelli is now feeling sad, and she pulls Vanessa into the Have-not room. She justifies why she made that deal with James, and Vanessa pulls her great passive-aggressive moves on her. She understands why she did what she did, but that's what was best for her. Vanessa says it's either going to be her or the twins that goes this week. "That's the game we signed up for." Clay enters the room, and then Austin comes in to complain about Julia's anger towards him. When he leaves, Clay says they need to get to James to ensure that the twins and Austin go up. "The thing is", replies Shelli, "we're going to lose one of them, (and) it's my fault". Clay tells her to stop thinking that way.

After commercials, we then get some filler material of Shelli and Clay. Why? So much happened this weekend. Why do we get their phony relationship? At least we get to see just how dumb he is.

This is followed by Steve and James filler. Why oh why???

Ok, back to the game (and back to our show's script). James is in the HOH with Meg, Jackie, and the Rat. I mean Becky. They talk about Shelli wanting to cut a deal with a so-called alliance member, and how they're coming after them. "She needs to go. Let's do this." James adds in the diary room that Shelli is definitely his target as she "runs the show". They go through various combinations of nominees, and Meg says that "nobody can know about this".

Unfortunately, the rat was involved in this conversation, and after commercials, but again CBS screws with the timeline. Becky told Clay in the bathroom, but they're jumping ahead a couple of hours to show her verifying the info with both Clay and Shelli in the lounge. Nobody likes a narc, Becky! This makes no sense, as she's telling them to act like they have no idea they know they're going up. Continuity, Big Brother editors! What you're showing makes no sense!!!

Clay and Shelli argue a bit about this. "Why can't I get up and walk around", Shelli complains. Clay says he's "ten times as pissed off". She wnats to get Vanessa for advice, but Clay is not so sure they should.

We now see Vanessa heading into the HOH. She's worried that she's going up, and tells him that the Jason eviction was a "house decision". Ha, what a lie. She babbles on and on, but basically throws out Shelli and Clay's name. "If I wanted one of them to go home, would you be against it", James asks. Of course, she agrees. She says that if she's not put up, she won't him up or a person of his choice until final seven (or something like that). James likes that idea.

The loving couple now head up to the HOH, and Clay reminds Shelli to put on "happy faces". James is reminded of their deal, and they again lie about their role in the Jason situation. "I totally get why that was so upsetting to y'all", says Shelli. Austin is the real devil in last week's plans, says Shelli, but James plays dumb. "I'm just telling them what they want to hear", he says.

In the middle of the night, James can't sleep, so he heads downstairrs to tell Meg that he's just going to put both of them up. "They need to be broken up." Meg says that she thinks "everybody will just keep the noms the same". James is worried that they'll become another "Mack train" like Brendon and Rachel (what?), and he has to make a big move now. (And live feeders cheered.)

It's now the moment of truth. Will James follow through on his plan? As Daniel Bryan's fanbase likes to shout, "YES! YES! YES!!!" He says he nominated Clay and Shelli because "there was a line drawn in the sand last week, and I was blindsided by that as well. Shelli, you stood on that wall, and you beasted that competition, and I know you will go to the end of the season with Clay. I know if I got to take Clay out, I have to take you out as well. As far as our contract we had up there, it's up to my discretion whether that contract is valid and it's not up for appeal."

Shelli reminds him that he did "publicly, in front of the whole house" made that deal, "so everyone in this house can know right now that James is not good for his word". Clay swears in the background, while Shelli goes on that "Clay had nothing to do with Jason going up on the block last week, and anyone that wants to come to us to find out the true story is fair game". Ha! Best nomination ceremony ever!!!

We end with diary room commentary, but it's as expected. Clay struggles with words as he complains about loyalty. "Maybe we're just naive to think that there are people in this house that plays the game like us." Ugh, I hate him so much. James just wants his noms to stay the same, and Vanessa is pissed that Shelli threw her "under the bus" with that reply. Shelli says that they just HAVE to win POV to make it possible for both of them to make it through the week.

So that's it. A somewhat exciting episode, thanks to the fun at the end. What did you think? Are you happy that the phony couple is on the block? Are you mad that James broke his word? Let us know your thoughts!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Big Brother Gossip Show #506: 50 Shades of Liz-uh

What a show tonight! Seriously, I thought it would never end!
I'm not complaining, though, as it was also one of the best episodes we ever had. We covered the official entrance of Julia, the end of the Battle of the Block, the endurance win of James, Vanessa's nutty behavior, and the nominations of Shelli and Clay.
More importantly, we played all of the submissions to our Liz impression contest. You people are so hilarious. All three of us were in tears laughing at how great these were. Special mention must go to Troy, who won with his extended "conversation" with Liz.
Thanks again to everybody who contributed, and to all of those who listened in our Mixlr chat. Obviously, I must also thank Mike and Colette for their hard work in making this show so much fun.
As always, you can grab this via iTunes, stream it through Stitcher, or...


Friday, July 31, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Confession time: I did not watch tonight's episode, as I kept updated through twitter (and then later read Scott's recap) and instead fired up the feeds because...NO MORE BATTLE OF THE BLOCK! Whoop whoop! Which meant that tonight's HOH competition was endurance and I could watch it play out on the live feeds!

DIE Battle of the Block! DIE AND NEVER COME BACK! :)
Confession time: This update may read a little bit disjointed and/or out of order. I was so excited to be watch an actual endurance comp that seemed to be lasting longer than 30 minutes that I mostly spent my time watching and tweeting rather than taking any kind of decent notes to prompt my memory. Feel free to correct anything in the comment section if you notice that I've gotten anything wrong. :)

The competition involved some fun stuff; storms, lightening, wind, leaves and flying eagles. Honestly, the flying eagles were the best part of this whole thing. I laughed every time they came out.

Fly like an eagle!!
Steve and Austin are the first to fall, followed by Julia and Meg. Becky, Jackie and Liz are next to bail along with Clay. This leaves John, James and Shelli as the final three. Shelli begins to initiate some deal making just as John falls. Shelli asks that James not put up her/Clay as initial nominees OR as back doors; James agrees, included JohnnyMac in that deal and Shelli agrees to take the fall. And so JAMES is now the current HOH.

Worried Austin on the left, Jackie congratulating James on the right.
Cue the scurrying, plotting and planning! As the houseguests are cleaning up we get a few glimpses of the worry some of them are feeling. Shelli does some quick explaining to Vanessa as to why she only requested safety for herself and Clay. Liz and Julia spend some time catching up. There is such a honest dynamic between the two sisters that makes them really fun to watch as the interact. Liz spent a lot of time saying "I'm so scared! This is the worst thing that could happen!" while Julia was saying things like "I don't give a fuck about anyone in this house. I hate Austin." Have I mentioned how much I like Julia? ;)
Meg and Jackie and Becky all go off to sleep (of course) while everyone else is making the rounds waiting for the HOH reveal. Austin, Liz and Julia spend some time in the comic bedroom catching up as Julia unpacked. There's a super funny comment by Julia about her sleeping with Becky because she doesn't want to be a 'cock block' for Liz. I think it's just hitting Austin that having Julia in the house is NOT going to be good for his romantic game; he spends a lot of time following the twins around and you just know he's dying for some alone time with Liz, haha. Clay and Shellie spent some time in the Have Not room, but I didn't listen to their conversation at all. Shelli spent some time alternating between looking worried to looking stern, so I'm sure she was extolling the difficulties of that comp and how she feels bad for almost winning it. Or something.
There's a bathroom conversation with Julia, Steve, JohnnyMac and Shelli in which they spend some time trying to get to know Julia specifically. You see the glimmers of Steve's crush on Julia come out a bit here as well. Shelli claims she has been able to tell the difference between the twins for a long time now and they go over some of the differences (besides the tooth, which Julia hit in the fourth grade by running into a pole chasing a boy btw) such as height, nose bump and eyebrows.
Getting to know Julia.
James spent some time eating and staring at the memory wall by himself. Eventually he's called to the DR and we all know that means HOH reveal time is coming soon. Sure enough, he exits DR and we get the HOH reveal. I won't bore you with the details as they're not really important.
After all the usual fakeness, Meg, Becky and Jackie remain in the HOH with James, and ever more surprisingly, here's where things start getting interesting. I know, I know, I was shocked as well! ;) Becky (who may or may not be acting as a double agent for Clelli-we wont really know until we see her next conversation with them to see how much she divulges) leads a conversation with them about what the plan should be for this week. She apologizes for distancing herself from them last week but claims she did it for survival mode. She mentions that JohnnyMac asked her to give him some space as well because he thinks they're being viewed as a couple and he doesn't want that target. She thinks John is playing a very independent game and that we'll see a very different JohnnyMac once double eviction night is over. She uses gawd damn freaking skittles to lay out the alliances in the house. She talks about trifectas, who's where, who's loyal, how she thinks things went down last week in how/why Jason went up and out. Why I found this all actually interesting (since it's Becky) is because she was totally LEADING this conversation and because we don't know whether she'll report back to Clay and Shelli.
It comes to light that James is NOT married to the idea of keeping his deal with Shelli (YAAAAAY!) but he wants to do 'some investigating.' Feisty Jackie (the one who occasionally flashes with game) makes an appearance and she's 100% on board for breaking the deal "They did it to us last week!" Meg accurately points out that Vanessa is terrified of Jackie but Jackie doesn't understand why. (Jackie and Meg both think the Dark Moon alliance was actually legit for a period of time and have not grasped that it was fake on Van/Clelli's part). Jackie is fired up though, and ready for James to make some biiiig moves! ;)
This crew spends the next little while throwing out ideas for nominations, and contingencies for POV. James stated at first that he was 'for sure going to put up Steve' until it was realized by all of them that if Steve is still up come evection day, he will most likely be voted out. They really want Liz to be up as their pawn; they know Austin and Julia will never vote her out and along with Becky/Jackie/Meg votes, whoever is the final target beside Liz will definitely go home. They just can't figure out how to accomplish that. Do they put up Liz as an initial nom? Do they put up Vanessa? Shelli? They're definitely at risk of overthinking everything and that will be their biggest issue at this point. Vanessa eventually heads in the HOH room and requests some time with James.
Liz is in the red sleeved grey shirt, Julia has her back to the camera.
I cut out at that point in order to write this update so I'm not sure exactly what happened in their conversation. Currently, Vanessa is now in the lounge room with the twins guiding them on the pitch they should give James on why they shouldn't be the target and Austin in the HOH room with James. We all know what Austin's ultimate goal is, but I'm curious as to where Vanessa will eventually fall. Is she more loyal to the twins/Austin or to Clay and Shelli?
So, what do you all think? Does this week have some potential for drama? Who do you think James will put up? Who will be able to influence him the most-his own alliance (who are admittedly not the brightest bulbs) or Vanessa? Will he keep his deal with Shelli? Will Julia be able to keep her dislike of Austin under wraps?
As usual, you can follow me on twitter @Shienara33 if you'd like.
****Just as I was polishing this off, Becky went running to Clay and told him bits about the upstairs conversation. She's a total double agent! Argh! Clay is showing some loyalty to Becky though; he's currently conversing with Vanessa and telling her he just 'has a gut feeling that James won't keep the deal, that he'll try to back door us'.  Vanessa is quick though, she is already suggesting that they turn on Becky (would that be to dirty?-Vanessa) or gauge how close he is to JohnnyMac.****
Ok, I seriously have to go to bed now. I have no idea what'll happen while I sleep, but hey, at least things are buzzing. James could pull off a big move if he keeps his big boy underwear on, or he could be the next Howie and allow himself to be talked into targeting someone not in his best interests. (although at this point, with what we now know, it would actually behoove him to get rid of Becky.) G'nite!! :)



Thursday, July 30, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 17 Recap

I really should have called this recap "Hello/Goodbye", as tonight we will be replacing one much-loved contestant with the worst kept secret in Big Brother history.

Let's not sugarcoat this. Jason is going home, and honestly deserves it. I like him. He's a funny kid. But after he was put up to replace Clay this past Monday, he did absolutely nothing to save himself. He slept for most of the day and night, and too much of his awake time was spent with people who can offer him no hope. Unlike a certain segment of the fan base, I don't believe in begging CBS to create fake "twists" just to save somebody I like.

Of course, Jason's futility won't be shown tonight. Instead, we'll get a bit of talks he had with Shelli and Clay, along with some phony diary room commentary that indicate maybe, just maybe they should keep him. Then the voting order will be constructed in a way that will make it look like there's a question whether he will be evicted. Don't buy into it. He's dead meat.

Once he's gone, the super secret big twist will be revealed. You know, the twist that the ENTIRE house knows about. This should be super awkward when Julia is brought into the house. Chenbot is so ignorant of what actually happens in the house that I'm sure she'll overhype it. (Note: Apparently, the house was told to act surprised when she comes in. That's embarassing.)

Ok, enough babbling about what is going to happen. Let's just get this over with. Ooooh, Chen announced that we get an endurance comp...and NO Battle of the Block. My mood has changed!!!

So it's the aftermath of Jason's nomination. Vanessa apologizes, and Jason says he has no idea why this happened. "It's not the way I wanted to do it", she says as she walks away. Jason complains how their new alliance was a "bunch of crap", and that Vanessa should have told him why he was up. "I don't need to hear some stupid apology that is as shallow as a puddle."

Jason isn't the only person upset. Jackie says she feels like a "total idiot". Well, that should be normal. It's Meg who takes it the worst, though. She immediately starts bawling, which carried on through most of Monday. Becky, though, may be the smartest person in this scene, as she decides to just "lay low". Then again, that's what she's done all season.

The sad music comes on as Jason wanders the house, telling the viewers in the diary room how this is his entire life. "I may be blindsided, but there's no way I'm just going to roll over and die." Ugh, well that's what you did, grocery boy. He heads outside, and Jackie asks if this was the plan the whole time. Jason notices that Clay and Shelli aren't upset about him being up.

In the extra room, Austin and Liz celebrate. "One more for the good guys." Ugh, come on...especially when the fake air guitar is added.

Meg heads into the storage room with Clay, and she asks if he knew. He denies it, but he's not very believable. Of course, this is Meg, so she seems to believe him. He tells her that he believes Austin made her a deal, which Meg says doesn't make sense after the eight-person alliance they created. Yes, Clay is confused. In the diary room, Meg claims that she "needs to get answers". Good luck with that.

She then heads up to the HOH to sort of confront Vanessa. Well, actually she breaks down in tears telling her that she was so excited to work with her, but now "I really feel like a dumb girl". Vanessa admits that Shelli and Clay were in on this deal. "If they pretend like they didn't know, that's going to piss me off." Great damage control by Vanessa right here.

Jackie now asks Vanessa what happened. Vanessa asks which of the two she can trust more - Jason or Austin. Liz chimes in, and complains how it was Jason who told the whole house that she was a twin. Vanessa adds that the "majority" of the house agreed with this idea, and Jackie point blank asks Shelli if that's true. Shelli denies it, and then sort of backtracks. This is easily the funniest moment of the aftermath of Jason's nomination. "Do I want anybody to go? No!" Vanessa asks Sheli if she backed her on this plan? Shelli doesn't give a very good answer, and Jackie is now pissed at her.

Meg now tells Jackie how Clay lied to her face. They've now figured out the sixth sense alliance, and Jackie points out how Clay and Shelli have been behind every eviction. Jason walks in, and they tell him what they've figured out. James also comes in, and Meg starts crying again. As does Jason. And Jackie. Cue the sad music once again! "Stop putting up my people", whines Meg.

Now we move back up to the HOH, and Vanessa is pissed at Shelli. Clay joins them, and Shelli babbles something that I still don't understand. Ok, she's actually pissed that the only people who have a target due to the Jason nomination are her and her son...I mean Clay. Vanessa doesn't agree, and says she'll be put up before they will. Shelli counters that the three of them should have had some sort of game plan to answer the questions that would arise.

After commecials, we see Jason, Meg, and Jackie outside plotting on how to get two more votes to save him. They wonder which group of two (Shelli/Clay, Liz/Austin, James/Steve) they should go after. The finally decide to "scare" Shelli and Clay that Becky would go after them if she remains in the house. Yep, it's a futile gesture.

It's late at night when Jason makes his move on Shelli. Clay also enters as Jason plans to "serve the biggest plate of bull". He tells the pair that Becky plans on putting them both up next week, and will give them whatever they want if they'll save him. "If you save me, you're on the top of my totem poll. You're on the top of Meg's...and you're in a much better spot then being the tail end of Austin's three-headed monster". He's right, but as I said in the preview it's destined to fail.

So that's it, as we now go to the house. Wait, we get a Johnny Mack family fluff segment??? Look, I love him, but let's move on.

After commercials, it's time for the eviction. Becky gets to make the first final plea, and she thanks all of her friends and family. She says Jason is "wild, but I'm basic". She loves him, but wants to stay in the house. Jason tells them to vote for the person "who will help your longterm game here, and hopefully you'll see that as me". He has "no regrets, just choices".

Voting then commences with Austin, who does a somersault on his way to vote to evict Jason. Meg then votes to evict Becky, but Liz votes against Jason. James, though, votes to evict Becky, while Steve goes against Jason. Jackie, though, votes to evict Jason (interesting), as does Shelli, Clay, and John. Yep, Jason is the person evicted this week by a vote of 7-2.

Julie announces the news, and hugs Meg and James. He tells them all to "play hard", and is out the door. After the uncomfortable moment of the house watching his picture turn black and white, the interview begins with him being "completely caught off guard" by his nomination. He says he was "real naive" to think their new alliance was real. He says that the night they created it, he felt really comfortable, which is the moment in this game everything always goes bad. He's asked who "betrayed you the most", and he responds that it's Clay and Shelli. "I would definitely say that Shelli is evil personified." YES!!! Vanessa, though, is a "smart game player" in his eyes, and did a "smart game move", but "has more soul".

He's then asked why they thought he was such a threat, and he really doesn't know. "Obviously, they see something in me that maybe I don't recognize." Day and him discovering the twins twist is then brought up, and he admits that it was a mistake to not use the info to further him in the game. He's asked about his pals, and they have to start work hard to survive. If there's an endurance tonight, they're going to have to do everything they can to win. "We all know my girl Meg has the jello legs, so she might not be too good at it." He does think she has the best chance to make it further in the game.

The goodbye messages are then played. Shelli outs the "sixth sense", and "hates" he was evicted. Jackie says he's the one person who "should have won the game". Liz then acts cocky, saying "have fun watching from mom's basement". Meg says she already misses him, and tosses him a kiss. He ends the segment by saying that he had the entire house figured out, including the evilness of the twins and the sweetness of Meg.

With Jason out, it's time to bring Julia in. Now Julia hasn't been switched with her sister in a few days, so she's not sure that she's actually going in the house. Yet she's dressed for tonight's endurance competition, and after delaying it as long as possible, Julie finally lets Julia in on that she's now in the house!

She's sent into the house as Julie calls everybody to the living room. Julia is then introduced, and the doorbell rings to Liz hugging her. Somehow, James acts surprised by this "news". Julie then announces that the twins twist is over, as is the Battle of the Block. THANK GOD!!! She then sends them to the backyard for the first endurance competition of the season!

The competition is an old fashioned hang on the wal endurance. Ah, I think I love the nostalgia of this. They're on a "cliff" (i.e. small platform), with rocks to hold onto. The wall then tilts back and forth, and "storms" come and go. The last person to stay on the wall is the new HOH!!! (After the final set of commercials, flying "birds" are also added to the torture. I kind of like this.)

It's possible this could go on for quite some times, so get your feeds now!!! Otherwise, what did you think of the episode? Are you happy the twists are over? Are you sad that Jason has gone? Who do you want to win the endurance? Tell us what you think!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What CBS Didn't Show You Tonight

Like most feedwatchers, I was furious at what CBS decided to show us tonight when it came to the switch from Austin to Jason as the replacement nominee. According to the CBS edit, Austin pretty much saved himself by pleading to Shelli and Clay that he would never betray them (along with a similar plea to Vanessa).

That's not what happened at all.

To fully understand, one must go back to Saturday afternoon. As CBS did show tonight, Shelli was really proud of Clay's big POV victory. It was almost like how a proud mother reacts to anything positive her precious little son accomplishes.

Unfortunately, the rest of the house didn't jump for joy with as much enthusiasm as she did. Why would they? At the time, Shelli was so wrapped up in her own little world that she didn't even notice that they weren't ready to hand him a trophy rewarding him for the performance of the season.

CBS also did show Vanessa planning to tell Liz the big plan on targetting Austin. She was to head downstairs and apply her makeup, and immediately run back upstairs. She wasn't to hang with Austin at all, and he could NOT come up to the HOH with him.

The next 70 minutes were hilarious for those watching online. Liz did head downstairs to put on makeup, but that's not all she did. She puttered around the bathroom for quite some time, and then sat down with Austin for a chicken dinner. As I was gathering audio at the time, I can verify that it was 70 minutes before she meandered back upstairs.

In the meantime, Shelli found out that not everybody was as enthusiastic about Clay's victory as she was. Now nothing comes between Shelli and her boytoy! She was suddenly convinced that the other side of the house had banded together to go against her and Clay.

Shelli then rushed upstairs and told Vanessa that they must rethink their plans. He's a number for them, after all, and along with the twins will continue to be a target for weeks to come. Yes, Liz's chicken dinner saved Austin's ass this week!

Edit #1: Austin fed into Shelli's paranoia, and introduced the idea of the big alliance of the "other side". After Shelli brought this up to Vanessa, including the concept of keeping Austin, he was summoned. Austin admitted that he didn't have an proof, but the possibility "made sense".

But I'm jumping ahead a bit there. While that decision was sort of made at that moment, Vanessa had to dot some i's and cross some t's. Liz finally came up, and Shelli immediately gave her attitude. "I know everything", she said to a clearly confused Liz. Like CBS showed, Liz did claim to not have the same feelings for Austin as he did for her, and she also did bring up the numbers situation just earlier referenced by Shelli. Liz also made the line of the week, as she called Julia her "cock block" in dealing with Austin.

So again, at this point Austin was saved, and he was then summoned to meet with Vanessa. She made him sweat it out a bit, and he did proclaim his loyalty to her as shown on the broadcast. But, and this is a big but, he screwed himself when he was again asked about the hinky Audrey vote he cast as "Judas". He lied once again, and since Vanessa hates liars (except for herself) it looked at this point like he may have unknowingly killed his comeback.

For the next 36 or so hours, Vanessa went back and forth about whether to keep Austin or not. He was the target here and there over this time, but other names were brought up. It seriously looked like Jackie was going to go at one point on Sunday. John's name came up, as did Meg. Jason was also considered, but it wasn't until Vanessa began obsessing over the "Phone Booth" twist that Vanessa decided that Jason was lying to her. She didn't believe that Day had won that twist based on the three people whose votes were set aside. Keep in mind, this was something that happened three weeks ago! Almost the entire cast was asked with the threat that Vanessa knew the truth, which she obviously didn't. It was finally decided that Jason was indeed lying to her, and there was the reasoning this goofball needed.

Yet the story wasn't quite over yet. On Monday, shortly before the POV meeting, Vanessa had second thoughts. Maybe Jason wasn't lying. It was Jackie's turn to miss the opportunity, as she was summoned to grab Jason for a chat. Instead, she continued to brush her hair, adjust her boobs, add lotion,  and clean her glasses with the hemline of her dress. No, I'm not making this up.

Edit #2: During this time period, Vanessa became paranoid about James. Did he or did he not try to throw the BOB? There was a conversation about how he actually helped Liz with the "i" in Christine's name. She wandered downstairs and asked a semi-sleeping, confused James if he indeed assisted her. When he stupidly said yes instead of "why do you ask", she was furious. This fact didn't ultimately change anything, primarily because James was ineligible for nomination due to his BOB win.

Jason never made it up to the HOH, and he was then put up as Clay's replacements.

Why CBS went with the edit they utilized tonight is beyond me. Wouldn't it have been much more entertaining to watch Liz disobey her orders and putter around the house? Wouldn't Shelli's anger over the lack of excitement of Clay's accomplishments be much more fun for viewers to see? This is why you need to get the feeds and/or listen to the Big Brother Gossip Show!