Thursday, September 3, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 32 Episode Recap

Here we go with the final big blast of the season before the September 23 finale. Not that there won't be tense moments over the course of the next three weeks, but that early September double eviction marks the last truly unpredictable moment of the season. After tonight, the remaining players tend to know their place in the house. They (finally) know their allies and enemies, and the day to day activities begin to grind to a halt.

How enjoyable those last weeks are will depend on the course of tonight's events. I've been preaching this for weeks, but it's oh so important that Austin or one of the twins is evicted tonight. If not, then somebody from the "other side" needs to win the HOH competition that will take place later tonight. If this doesn't happen, they have the numbers the rest of the season. They'll coast to the final three with at least two of them making to that point.

In other words, the biggest nightmare would be for them all to survive the second eviction AND then winning that second HOH. There has to be some sort of turn of events or what has been a fascinating season is going to turn into one long dry hump.

We left off last night with James taking himself off the block, replaced (as arranged) by Julia. Tonight begins with the predictable reactions to the move. Meg makes a joke at how there are tons of threats in the house she could have put up instead of worthless Julia. "Thanks for nothing." John jokes that "Vanessa really wants me here", and reminds us that it was just last week he was evicted. Vanessa congratulates James, who points out that having Julia on the block is a great opportunity to break up the Austwins. Julia babbles nonsense, as usual. Vanessa explains that putting up Julia ensures that Meg goes home.

Back in the have-not room, Meg is "livid". James tells her not to give up hope. "You don't know what Steve and JohnnyMac are thinking." At the same time, John is upstairs with Vanessa saying that he has to piss off the jury. Vanessa, though, knows that the "whole jury hates me". She also explains taht putting up Julia proves to him they're working together. "I'm final two with you", says John. Even Steve doesn't believe they get along, which Vanessa says is a good thing.

Moving back to the have-not room, James tells John that they need to "get a team together" to get rid of Julia. He points out that "they" control all the votes right now, and Meg leaving will ultimately screw them all. (He's right, by the way.) John claims to actually be thinking this is a great opportunity. "This could sink my game, so what should I do?"

Steve then grabs John to talk. They discuss whether to flip the vote. Steve says in the diary room that it "seems obvious". The twins interrupt their talk by doing yoga in the living room, so Steve heads upstairs to talk to Vanessa. He tells her that he trusts her 100%, but points out that Austin would never make a move against the twins. Vanessa is having none of it, though. Steve believes that if Meg survives, they'll target the remaining Austwins. "You've lost your mind", replies Vanessa.

Steve is now in the bedroom contemplating what he should do. "This is a huge game-changing decision, and I realize I'm over my head." He heads into the bathroom and pukes.

And with that, the house footage is over. Julie addresses the house, and announces that it's a double eviction tonight. This time, the house is actually sort of surprised. We jump right to the final statements, and Meg wishes her father a happy birthday. She babbles about losing friends, and playing as an independant (what?). Julia sends love to her family, and talks about how tough it was to pretend she was Liz at the beginning of the game. "I have so much more fight in me, and I have to prove Zingbot wrong." Ugh.

Voting then begins with Liz, who obviously votes to evict Meg. James then votes to evict Julia. Steve is up next, and he has decided to evict Meg. There goes the flip! John also votes to evict Meg, as does Austin. Meg has been evicted by a vote of 4-1.

Everybody gets their hugs, and Meg walks out to huge applause. Chen asks who she feels played by, and she says that it was Vanessa. Sort of. Julie asks if she regrets saving Vanessa weeks ago, and she doesn't. "James and I would have been in the same position." Meg also says that Vanessa "scares me a lot", and complains how "she always listens to everything everybody says". James is then brought up, and Meg says they're best friends. "I don't think there's any fireworks there." Goodbye Grandma.

Now it's time for the HOH competition, and it's a question-oriented comp called "BB Roadtrip". The questions are all about the first six evictees. Pairs of photos are shown "travelling the country", and then true/false questions are asked about the pics.

After the first two pics are shown, Chen asks about the eagles in the rock climbing photo. Everybody is correct. The Mount Rushmore photo is asked for the next one, and Steve and James are now out. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

Two more photos are then shown. Question three is about the Mardi Gras pic, and John and Austin are now out. It's between the twins. And now I'm pissed. They both get the next question correct, and more photos are put on the screen. They again are both correct over and over before finally Liz wins HOH. Gross.

After commercials, Liz is shown talking to Steve and then John. She's called to the living room to announce her nominations. She babbles a bit before putting up James and John. Then we go to more commercials.

We return to the POV competition. Everybody but Vanessa is in this competition, and it's a ball rolling setup. The platform is boomerang-shaped, with holes on the other end. The highest score from two separate shots wins the POV.

Steve is first, and his first ball goes off the does his second one. Great job.

John is up next, and both of his balls also go off the platform. Austin then gets a six with his first ball, followed by a 9. He's now in the lead with 15.

Liz throws her first ball, and gets a 15. He next ball rolls back to the beginning for a zero.

Julia then throws a 13, followed by a 4. She's now in the lead with 17.

It's now up to James. His first roll goes off the does his second. Julia is the POV winner. What a horrific competition.

After sitting through even more commercials, we get pleas from James and John before we hear if Julia will use the POV. James says he "appreciates your friendships", and says they're all his friends. John says it would "be really awesome if you use the veto on me. Use it." Needless to say, she doesn't use it because she "doesn't want to get any more blood on my hands". And we go to even more commercials.

 Now we get to hear the same speeches all over again, as it's final plea time. James just says "keep me", and that he "holds no personal grudges". He's there for his daughter. John says he "doesn't have anything funny, but it would be really cool to stay."

Voting then begins with Austin, who votes to evict James, as does Julia, Vanessa, and Steve. It's unanimous. James is heading to jury with Meg.

Julie reveals the results, and James is out the door. Vanessa is heard making it all about herself, crying that she feels "so all alone". Ugh, knock it off. Julie asks why James didn't campaign, and he says that he "knew he was a huge threat in this game" that was going to be the next one out. He knows that he needed to break up Austin and the twins. He's asked about his "big, bold moves", but didn't really do much when he wasn't HOH? Why didn't he play more aggressively? He says that the bigger players tended to be the ones going out the door. He's then asked about Meg, and he says he's been "trying with Meg for 75 days, and if I haven't got this far yet, I might as well throw in the towel."

With that, the show is over. What did you think? Are you disappointed that half the house are now the Austwins? Who do you want to see be the next HOH? Let us know your thoughts!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 31 Recap

Since we are now in September, it's obvious that the live feeds are going to slow down. Even Vanessa won't have the self-created reasoning to marinate 24 hours a day on nonexistent issues.

Somehow, though, the broadcast shows must go on. How will they fill three hours a week? I think we saw the first clue this past Sunday where filler segments on phony romances, pranks, and Grandma Meg. Ok, tomorrow's double eviction will be (hopefully) a bit action-packed, and that will also help fill out Sunday's show.

So this is a warning for tonight's show. While there is a POV competition, little else happened during these 72 hours. Expect to see some selective editing to lead up to the POV meeting, but otherwise there is undoubtedly going to be a lot of nonsense scattered throughout the broadcast.

As expected, the show commences with the fallout from Vanessa's predictable nominations of James and Meg. Vanessa says she nominated them because they're a "strong couple" (say what?), and she's not sure if she can trust them. Meg has tears in her eyes as she calls it a "lose/lose" situation, especially since all of her friends have been "taken from me". James hugs Austin, but says that he'll do what he can to win POV.

Vanessa tells James that she's happy to talk to him if he wants. This was just a "game move', after all. James then joins Meg in the have-not room, and complains that they "Clay and Shell'd us". Meg replies that one of them has to win veto, and then she starts crying. "One of us is going home. Either I go home, or I stay here without you." He asks her if she wants to talk to Vanessa, and Meg agrees. "Funny how we kept her", says Meg.

Vanessa then does come in, and babbles and babbles. We played this on last Saturday's Big Brother Gossip Show. Vanessa barely catches a breath. Meg says she has never targeted her. "I feel like such a fool." Vanessa then backs out of the room as Meg continues to cry. Nice job, editors, as Vanessa's lecture actually last almost a full half hour.

Back upstairs, Vanessa asks Steve if Meg has talked to him. "Very little." She wants to know what is the best move if James wins the veto. Steve points out that the only people left are himself, John, and the Austwins. Vanessa knows that putting one of that trio up could come back to haunt her, especially with all the "blood on my hands". Steve questions whether they'll take the two of them to final five, and Vanessa says they will.

It's then time to pick POV players. Vanessa pulls Julia's name, James hauls out Liz, and Meg's pick is Austin. Vanessa couldn't be more happier. "These are there people who I can count on to fight to win this and keep the nominations the same."

Meg and James waddle back to the have-not room to whine some more. Meg thinks that Liz is going to try to win to make sure the POV is not used by anybody. James says that if he doesn't win this comp, "I deserve to go home". He wants it to be down and dirty. Meg finally laughs when he wraps a blanket around him. "This is the one time we absolutely need it."

After commercials, it's filler time. This time, it's James and his little baby. Good for him, but it's fast forward time.

Ok, back to the game as it is now POV time. The comp is called "Hide and Go Veto", and it's a varaition on Hide and Go Seek. One at a time, each of them will have three minues to hide a card. They'll then be unleashed into the house for two minutes. The person who's card is hidden the best wins the POV.

Well, this is a way to extend the air time. We get to watch each of them go in and hide their card, along with explaning it. Trust me, listening to Meg is not a treat. Nor the twins. Nor Austin. nor Vanessa. Yeah, this is hard to endure.

Meg is the first to go look for a POV card, and again we have to endure her commentary. She's about as useless as you may expect, despite her pleas of saving her "big brother life". She comes out empty-handed.

Austin then goes in and tears apart the bedroom. Yet he also returns without a card.

James is the third person up, and he tears apart the kitchen. He empties all of the cereal, goes through all the drawers, but he also doesn't find a card.

Next up is Julia, who bitches about the mess. She also returns with no card. Liz also fails. Vanessa attacks the kitchen, and pulls out a POV card from a pizza box.

The game then starts over for another round. Wow, this is a bore. Liz breaks a bed frame. Julia finds a card. Liz then freaks out over the mess. Meg then finds a card. There are three cards left.

Vanessa then comes close to finding James' card, but fails. Austin works more at continuing to cover his own card. James does the same thing, but also finds a card! Austin's card remains tough to find, but a couple of people come close. Vanessa is also close to finding James' again.

After commecials, Vanessa is shown finding a card...but we're not shown from what room. She appeared to be close to the area where James hid his, but that means nothing.

Here's the results. The first card found was Liz's, followed by Vanessa, Julia, Meg (by James), and Austin. James is the new POV winner! Meg is in tears again as she knows she's really in trouble. Vanessa is more worried about the fact that she has to come up with a replacement nominee.

They all then return to the mess of the house, and the twins immediately start whining. James head into the have-not room and says that it's for "you, Bailey. They tried to take you daddy out." Meanwhile, Vanessa runs upstairs to feel sorry for herself. "This sucks." She knows that James will be gunning for her now, and he'll probably win the next HOH.

Back downstairs, Meg asks James how he feels. "It does feel good...but it feels right." They're hoping this could eventually lead to both of them surviving the week. "No more Mr. Nice Guy."

One of the twins heads up to the HOH to see who she's going to put up. Will it be John or Steve? Vanessa isn't so sure, as she wants to ensure that Meg goes out the door. "What a terrible result", complains Vanessa.

After another set of commercials, James is pacing in the have-not room letting it "sunk in a little bit". He finally emerges, and Meg asks if he's going to wear that medallion all day. "Damned right." In the diary room, he says that Vanesssa is going to have to watch her back. He informs not only Meg but Austin that if he is the next HOH that she's going up on the block. Austin plays dumb, saying that he had nothing to do with anything, but immediately races upstairs to let Vanessa know what he said. Vanessa whines that she's "fucked", but in all actuality she's pissed. Meg HAS to go to punish him.

Now Liz is upstairs, and Vanessa is again feeling sorry for herself. Austin joins them, as does Julia, and a bottle of wine is open. Vanessa begins motormouthing, and she puts out Julia's name as a potential pawn. Julia obviously doesn't think this is a great idea, especially since Meg is known to surviving nominations. Vanessa counters that the only way it's guaranteed that Meg goes is if Julia is the pawn. Julia wants JohnnyMac to be the pawn, but Vanessa has her secret deal to keep John in the house. Julia believes she can beat Meg in any competition, even one on intelligence. (Bwahahahaa!) Vanessa doesn't want Meg to "float to the finals". Neither do the viewers, to be honest. Austin still wants JohnnyMac to be the pawn.

James then heads up to the HOH, albeit reluctantly. Vanessa warns him that she's not in the best mood, but James wants to know why it got personal. This turns on Vanessa's motormouth, so James doesn't get to say too much after this. "The thing is, I don't read into the game like play the game too hard." This pisses off Vanessa, as she believes it's an insult. James says that "it's a respect thing". The conversation conlcudes that the "more you piss me off, the more you're locking in her fate". Oh boy.

So it's now the POV meeting. After the usual babbling, James calls everybody into the house. "Meg, I think you're an awesome girl, but with that being said I have decided to use the veto on myself." Vanessa then stands, and after talking about how difficult this is, she picks Julia as the replacement nominee.

As the show heads to the final credits, we hear Vanessa say that Julia is insurance that Meg goes home. Julia says she feels "extremely nervous", while James notes that this is an opportunity to break up part of the Austwins.

That's it. What did you think? Did you like the POV comp? Is it possible for a house flip? Let us know what you think!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 30 Recap

For the few of you who visited the site on Thursday looking for a recap, I have an explanation. I was in the process of writing one when the skies suddenly opened up for a record-setting downpour. In less than an hour, my little city saw six inches of rain fall. Cars were floating down the streets; a few businesses lost their roofs. It was nuts.

Of course, I was oblivious to this. I was frantically writing until right after the jury house segment began. It was here that our local affiliate began cutting in with weather updates, followed by my cable system's EAS warnings.

Over the course of the last 45 minutes, I saw less than a third of it. I missed Becky showing up at the jury house. I missed John and Steve's speeches, and the votes. I didn't get to see the jurors go back into the house.

I did witness the start of the HOH competition, though, and the few minutes that remained when the feeds came on after the end of the broadcast. Somehow, that sorry example of an "endurance" competition is going to dominate the beginning of tonight's episode. How they'll stretch it out to the usual two segments will be interesting.

So let's get going with the comp. In case you didn't see Thursday's show, it's similar to a season 11 competition. This time, they're standing on small plates attached to a rope. The entire apparatus spins around in a circle that also includes a couple of "Yellow Submarine"-ish giant "hands". Last one standing in the new HOH, and the last juror standing gets to return to the house.

It all starts with Shelli babbling about the "importance" of this competition. Jackie says she's "ready to play". Yeah, they're all basically stating the obvious. Steve doesn't want Jackie's return, though. Liz doesn't want JohnnyMac back because they could be "royally screwed". John says the hands touch him "inappropriately", and Vanessa says this comp is important. See, it's all predictable!

We do get a rule verification here. One foot has to be touching at all times. So shut up with the online petitions.

Clow music then comes on, which of course means it's time for stupid comments from Meg and James.

Austin then babbles about how it's so essential that one of his twins win this competition, and almost immediately Julia drops. Time to start over with the commentary, as Shelli babbles about how tough this competition is. It's supposedly spinning oh so fast. Meg states that even though they're working with the twins and Austin, she needs to do well. We then see Steve and Meg both drop. Shocker! James now thinks he has to win, especially if Shelli returns to the house and comes after him for sending out Clay. Shelli affirms that's exactly what she wants to do (although she has said before it's Vanessa she's after). James then goes into a spin and drops.

At this point, it's nothing but jurors, Liz, and Vanessa in the game. Vanessa is crouched down so low that her ass is on the plate, but both of her feet are firmly in place. Becky is finally seen on camera, which is interesting as we have yet to hear anything from her. Liz then drops.

Jackie's feet then slip down, so she's out. Vanessa is then spinning out of control, and she says she then notices that she's the only non-juror in the comp. "There's no way I'm leaving my fate in their hands." Becky then hits the hand and falls. She claims to be "devastated" as she "gave it my all". Shelli is then out, which means that John is officially coming back to the house. "This is awesome. Now I just got to win HOH." For some reason, well for obvious reasons for anybody who didn't watch the competition live, we head to commercials.

Just in case you forgot, we're now reminded that it's between John and Vanessa for HOH. Austin is nervous. Vanessa tells John that she really wants a letter from her girlfriend, but he says he has "business" to take care of. John then informs us that right before his eviction, he made up with Vanessa. After a flashback, he says that the rest of the house can't know about this so he refuses her deal. He hasn't received a letter, but Vanessa reaffirms that he's safe. He then drops, making Vanessa the new HOH! (BTW, despite what she complains about later, Meg does hug her.)

They all head inside, and Liz is pissed. She heads into the have-not room with Austin to bitch about what John was saying during the competition. "He is absolutely going after Austin and I", says Liz. John is joking around in the kitchen as Julia joins the bitchfest in the bedroom. "He has a vengence towards us for no reason", says Liz. Um, nominating and eviction is not a reason? They all want Vanessa to re-nominate him.

Vanessa then goes into the lounge to relax, and says that she's "happy" to the camera. She thinks this is a "reset" that will allow her to "redraw the lines". James, though, is stressed because he doesn't know how close she is to Austin and the twins. Really? He tells Meg that he wants Vanessa to go after those three. "She might just come to us randomly." Well, she won't.

Steve and John then reunite, and do a stupid air guitar thing. John says that he feels safe, and a super-excited Steve agrees. He's a bit worried, though, that people will think they're working together again. They decide to not be seen again.

Vanessa then enters after Steve leaves, and John (stupidly) admits that he did fall in the comp. Why give her a reason to go back on her deal? Luckily, she says that he's still safe. "Let's take these people out." They hug, and Vanessa explains that she has finally realized she's the bottom person in the Austwins alliance. Vanessa says that they also have to pretend like they have no deal.

In the bathroom, Austin is now whining to Vanessa about John's return. He's still all fired up about John's "shot" at him, and Vanessa says she's going to do what's best for her. Steve joins them, and says "we're the Detonators of this season". There's a flashback of Steve apologizing to Vanessa from earlier in the week. When Austin leaves, Vanessa says that she wants his "strategic input". Steve is a bit paranoid about it, but she reassures him that she wants to do what is best for the "three of us" (Vanessa, Steve, John). Vanessa wants to target James, but wants more intel on Austin's plans.

Filler time after commercials as we have to endure Meg. Fast forward time. I can't deal with Grandma Meg.

Oh god, even more filler as we have to see Vanessa's HOH room reveal.

Back to the game - Vanessa is now whining to Austin and Liz that Meg didn't congratulate her after her HOH room. She needs to do what's good for her game, and it's now John. She wants to target James and Meg, and we go back to Thursday morning when the pair attempted to switch the eviction to Steve instead of John. Vanessa tells them about this talk. Well, she gives her own personal spin. She tells them that James said, "I love the girls and Austin, but it is a game." It immediately works on Liz, who says they've ridden on their coattails for the last two weeks. "I feel fooled by them, and I want them out", she says. Oh, you silly twit.

If you're still watching, you're going ot want a barf bag. They filled this segment with footage from last Sunday night. Liz and Austin had a "date", and he officially asked her to be his girlfriend. Gross. Gross. Gross.

There's even more filler, as Julia is now trying to prank Austin. Fast forward.

Ok, back to the game. Meg and James go up to talk to Vanessa, who wants to pump them for information about Austin. Yeah, this won't go well. Vanessa tells them that her mind is open to big moves, but she needs some information. There's an awkward silence, so Vanessa moves on to how she was the target the previous week. Meg denies knowing anything about this. Yep, that's pretty stupid of them, so Vanessa moves on to pawn talk. She claims to want to put out John, so would either of them be pawns. James then says that if one of them has to be a pawn, he will volunteer. Meg says "no", and starts to cry. "Put me up before him." Vanessa can't believe what she's seeing. "You all are nuts." This is giving them even more reason to put them up, as they're acting like a married couple. James then says that next week he'll be willing to put up Austin and the twins, but Vanessa complains in the diary room that they didn't give her any reason for HER to do just that this week.

Back downstairs, Meg and James giggle about the chat they just had. They think they did well, and James says he'd be shocked if the two of them go up. He also doesn't think Vanessa is as close to Asutin and the twins as they originally thought, and will keep them so that they do her dirty work next week. Oh my, these two are so clueless.

We're almost finished her, but in the last seconds before nominations James suddenly remembers a deal he had with Vanessa from weeks ago. We get the flashback to that moment from day 44. Stupidly, though, instead of racing upstairs to remind her, they decide not to just in case they weren't going to be going up. They certainly don't want to piss her off, you know. Stupidest move of the game, and competely representative of Meg's game. Dummies. Big dummies.

So it's time for nominations. Vanessa had spent the day practicing this "epic" nomination speech she was going to give, so I'm expecting something ridiculous. Everybody has their little diary room moments on what they expect and what they hope doesn't happen before they're all called in for the ceremony. Yep, the nominees are Meg and James. "This couldn't be farther from personal. It's a game move. If nothing else, it's a chess move. Unfortunately for you guys, it's my move now, and as anybody who has played chess with me would know, I won't hesitate to put a King in check and a King isn't worth much without his Queen." Um, ok. She spent all day for that?

Meg says she feels "super game is falling apart". Well, you had no game. Austin says they're getting what's deserved. Vanessa talks about he "side alliance" with John and Steve. "I'm sorry, James and Meg." Of course, James regrets not telling Vanessa about their deal.

That's it. What did you think? Are you feeling ok after that Austin/Liz date? Let us know what you're thinking!

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Big Brother Gossip Show #510: D-List At Best

It's almost shocking that this far into the season we still have so much to talk about. Here's just a partial list - Austin and Liz making it official, Rock Paper Scissors being considered as a potentil method to evict, an endurance comp that took less time than it takes to clip on Julie Chen's microphone, and worthless Meg FINALLY being in danger.
It's a funfilled 2 1/2 hours that you should download NOW via the usual sources, including...


Big thanks to Mike for his help tonght, and special thanks to Ms. Colette Lala for her triumphan return to the show. It's such a relief to have her expertise back on the air. Of course, thank you all for listening, whether you do it live on mixlr or via later download!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 28 Recap

First off, I apologize for not recapping this Sunday's epsiode. I had some technological issues that transpired just before the episode began, and out of frustration I just gave up. Sorry. Given Austin's horrific nomination speech, though, you readers should feel relieved that you didn't have to endure my rage.

Tonight's episode could be a frustrating watch. While there was a flurry of activity in the 24 hours after Austin's HOH win, the house quieted down for most of Saturday. Although Vanessa stirred things up a bit on Sunday, I have a feeling the little of it will make the air.

We do get the return of Zingbot tonight, however, and that's always fun. What's weird is the lack of chatter on the feeds after the Zingbot POV on Saturday night. There was plenty of talk about the actual competition, but not that much about "his" actual zings. Usually we hear each and every one of the jokes. This year, we only know of a couple of them.

So let's get going with the aftermath of Austin's nominations of Steve and John. Austin says his nominee selections represented the "least risk for my game", but still hasn't ruled out putting up Vanessa. (Yeah, right.) John says he's "not dumb" and "doesn't feel safe". Steve talks about how even though Austin promised to not put him up, he saw Vanessa running up to the HOH right before the ceremony. "I'm really frustrated that Austin went back on our alliance, but I've got to give Vanessa credit. I don't know how she's working this magic, but as a superfan I have to appreciate her game play, and she is good."

Steve makes his way into the bedroom, and John says he doesn't believe they're the real targets. Steve again compliments Vanessa on her game play. "She's incredible!" John asks if he knew they were going to be up, and Steve replies that he knew John was going up but there "were certain other choices" for the second nominee. John rolls over and says ,"they won't use (the POV)". They both know they have to win the veto.

Vanessa is now heading up to the HOH, and she talks in the diary room about how not being nominated is an indication that her relationship with Austin and the twins is a "great starting point in rebuilding this relationship in what it used to be and what it could be." She puts on the tears and thanks them. Austin replies that "I may be Judas, but I keep my word". Well, except to Steve. He still claims he has no idea who he is really going to target.

Steve then joins them, and Austin says that if the noms stay the same "you will not be going home". Oh Austin. "This stays in this room here", he adds. He asks who the target is, and Austin says that it's John. "He's the last person I made an alliance with." Vanessa then announces that she's heading out to get some sleep. After she's gone, Steve asks why he's not going after her, and Austin says that if he comes off the block he'll have to put her up.

Filler time, as James pulls more pranks. Fast forward time.

Mercifully, the phony funk comes on as it's now time to pick POV players. (Hmmm, already a lot of game play has been skipped.) Austin pulls out Vanessa's name, John gets Meg (as usual), and Steve pulls out Julia's name. She's excited as it's her first time playing POV.

In the bedroom, Vanessa sits down with a drink. Steve comes in and hugs her, and reminds us that they have been super-tight in the past and he wants to rekindle that. He then leaves the room.

Meanwhile, Liz is worried about how her and Austin have been playing all sides of the house. Liz thinks Steve and John "need to be separated...I want JohnnyMack to go home this week". Austin counters that Vanessa has pulled a lot of shit, but Liz thinks she's always been on their side. "I'm just very much onto Steve and JohnnyMac", says Liz, mainly because she "doesn't know where his head is at". Julia then comes in, and she's told to definitely try to win it. "Things are going to get ugly", says Austin. "Very ugly."

After commercials, we see everybody lounging around as the Zingbot walks in. "I'm back. What's up, losers?" Let's hear some good zings!!!

Zingbot starts to walk but runs into a chair. Julia saves the day. The Zinbot announces that he's "newly zingle, so I got an upgrade. That's right, losers. You can now call me the Zingbot 9000, and I'm now on twitter."

Here we go, starting with James. "I heard Meg is going to take you someplace very, very special after the show. The friend zone."

Liz is next. "I'm confused. Suddenly you're less attractive, less intelligent, and less charming. Oh wait, that's just Julia."

Now it's Steve's turn. "What's less cool than a trombonist that cries for his mommy? Nothing!"

"Will someone please take out the trash? It stinks in here. Oh wait, that's just Austin." POW!!!

"Megggggg. Your New York attitude is very 'Sex and the City'. Too bad your gameplay is more 'Sucks in the City'."

"Johnnnnn! Five out of five dentists agree the only thing less attractive than your laugh is your back hair!"

"Vanessaaaaa! You have been playing a masterful game, assuming that game is the 'Crying Game'!"

"Lizzzzzzzzzzz! You've become such an important part of Austin's life. Are you more excited to meet his mom, his dad, or his girlfriend?????" POWWWWWWWWW!

Now it's time for the POV competition. Oh wait, it's not. Before we get to that, though, Liz has to talk about the situation with Austin's girlfriend. She's not real happy, and he whines that it's a "huge distraction" coming right before their competition.

After commercials, it is time for the POV. It's the old morph competition set in Zingbot's "bachelor pad". They have to guess which house guests are on each morphed photo, and the person who gets through them the fastest wins the "newly Zingle" competition.

We'll just fast forward to the completion of the competition, as it's annoying to listen to their play by play. Especially since Julia is the first up, although she leads for quite some time. Vanessa is the fourth up, and she easily beats Julia's time. John has to beat her time of 2:51, but he narrowly misses. It's all up to Meg, and we know that she fails at all comps. History doesn't change here, which means that Vanessa is the new HOH! "I can finally get some sleep around here", she proclaim. Well, she doesn't. John knows he's now in trouble.

John is now shown eating outside after a commercial break, and Vanessa joins him. She asks him if he's over the "thing" with Becky, and also Clay. "They're gone", he says. "I've lost friend after friend after friend." He knows that everybody likes Steve more than him. She plays up the empathy card, and adds that maybe they should work together. Knowing he has no choice, he agrees to "make a deal with the devil". She agrees, claiming that she has "no one" in the game, but has to talk to Austin before she plays the veto.

Austin is then shown entering the bathroom area as Vanessa is washing her face. Vanessa says they're "dumbasses" for keeping Meg and James. Austin is pretty unsure about this idea, especially when Vanessa says the target should be Meg. Austin counters that James would go nuts if his girl is gone, especially if Jackie was to the be the returning player. In the diary room, he even calls her "selfish" for even coming up with this plan. "If you use the veto, I'm really fucked."

John is then shown later coming into the same bathroom, and Vanessa informs him that Austin doesn't want her to use the POV. "I hope you understand that I tried. It feels like shit to always be on the bottom of the totem pole." John counters that even if he leaves, she's still on the bottom. "They told me that we had a five person alliance to get you out (last week)." In the diary room, he says that he's doing anything he can to save himself. He explains more about that alliance, and we get old footage of that meeting. "I just don't understand, though, why they did that", she complains.

Vanessa then confronts one of the twins about it, who of course denies that this happened. "It was Steve's idea", she finally tells Vanessa. "He wanted to bring JohnnyMac into it." She adds that they really didn't want to do it, and it happened because Steve and John are friends. Vanessa is pissed, and doesn't say anything when Steve then walks in. He asks if she's ok, and she responds, "I'm great, Steve. I'm really fucking great. You're suddenly so concerned, aren't you?"

After he retreats to the bedroom, Vanessa asks to talk to him. The alliance is brought up, and Steve claims that he did NOT orechestrate it. She asks over and over, and says "at least you should have the balls to admit it". The fake tears come on once again as Steve begins to hyperventilate. "I'd be breathing heavy, too, if I were you. Goodbye." She then storms out of the room as we head to commercials.

With another set of adverts out of the way, we then get the POV meeting. Despite all the diary room babbling, it's pretty obvious what's going to happen here. Steve is asked for his plea first, and he congratulates Vanessa on her win and says he'll "gladly respect" her decision. John babbles something nonsensical about how asking for the POV to be used on him would be like "asking a gazelle and a tiget to not each other...don't use the veto on me".

Vanessa then goes through everything that she has just learned about that alliance, especially targetting Steve. "Needless to say, I have decided to not use the power of veto."

There's some of the usual blabber about wanting to stay, and Vanessa whines about the lack of loyalty, and then the show is over. What did you think of tonight's episode? Did you like the Zingbot zings? Let us know your thoughts!

Squeezing 4 Days Into Ten Minutes

One of the more frustrating aspects of Big Brother has to do with the CBS broadcast schedule. I've complained for years and years about their rigid schedule of events that are shown in each episode. Let's break it down:

Sunday. Outside of a flashback or two, the entirety of this show comes from less than 24 hours of feeds. The show begins where Thursday's live show leaves off (7 pm Big Brother time), and concludes with the nominations held on Friday afternoon.

Wednesday. This episode covers less than 72 hours of footage, starting where Sunday's episode leaves off and concluding with the POV meeting held on Monday morning. A good percentage of this episode is the POV competition, and quite often the last 24 hours of this time frame is squeezed into one short segment before the POV meeting.

Thursday. This is where it gets ridiculous. Eighty hours or so of activity is squeezed into ONE ten-minute segment. Ok, sometimes there's a portion of another segment devoted to house activities, but they rarely handle this part of the show in a realistic manner. It's all designed to make us think the decision to evict is up in the air, which is rarely the case.

To be fair, there have been seasons where little needs to be shown after Monday's POV meeting. The decision has been made, and everybody just waits around for the live eviction. That's not been the case this season. Look back to two weeks ago when Becky wanted Vanessa out. Wednesday's episode ended as if this was a done deal, and Thursday was edited in such a way that made it look like she saved herself with just a couple of conversations. Live feed watchers know this wasn't the case at all. It took a lot of work from a variety of people, and ultimately it wasn't even Vanessa's manipulations that saved herself.

Outside of that ocassion, Monday afternoons are generally when Vanessa does most of her work. This week was a perfect example. She pretty much had private meeting with everybody in the house, and the decision between evicting Steve or John has changed multiple times over the last 48 hours. Equally frustrating and intriguing, her manipulation of Austin and the twins is something that should be shown to the viewers. The insipid rock/paper/scizzors idea that she just came up with NEEDS to be shown. Instead, we're bound to see only short conversations held with the two nominees, along with diary room footage where she (and others) proclaim this to be a tough but important decision.

How can producers fix this? That's the tough part. The obvious fix is to get rid of the nonsense. Recent episodes have relied too much on silly stuff, such as Steve talking to the cameras and James pulling pranks. Maybe more of the Thursday evictions can be dedicated to house material. The family segments and interviews with former "legends" can be cut. A couple of minutes can be saved by that uncomfortable time the house watches the evictee's picture go to black and white. Julie Chen's insipid interviews can also be minimized.

What do you think? Do you wish the broadcasts better reflected house action?

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Well hello there. :) Yes, yes I'm still around even though I've been MIA since last week. Things in real life have been a little busy so I haven't had the motivation to do much updating, though I am keeping abreast of things happening in the house via twitter.

I'm really hoping that you all have kept up to date on the major happenings by listening to the Big Brother Gossip Show but just in case you haven't: Austin won HOH and nominated Steve and JohnnyMac. Vanessa won POV (which was Zingbot with the face morphing competition) and though she tried to create a reason to use POV in order to orchestrate Meg or James going up in a justifiable manner to Austin it didn't work and she did NOT use the veto and the nominations remain the same. The target on who the house wants out is currently in flux; the main target for the Austwins is John but Vanessa fluctuates, especially since she found out from John about the 5-man alliance that she was NOT included in last week.

I actually wasn't going to write an update tonight either, since not much game-related has happened since I turned the feeds on after dinner but a few minor things of note occured. When I got the feeds going the house guests were in the process of setting up for a game of PotBall and that's all that been going on since.

There was a very short conversation between Vanessa and JohnnyMac in the comic bedroom. He was in bed and she went in to grab something. She asked if he would be coming out to join them in Pot Ball and he indicated he would. They then had a short exchange where John basically said to Vanessa that she was the only person he had left to work with in the house. He told her that she was his #1 and that if he wasn't her #1 then he should just be voted out because he's in the game all alone. He said that although they've been going after each other/butting heads he'd rather dance with the devil he knows. Vanessa tells him that she doesn't hold anything against him because he didn't owe her anything, that Steve owed her loyalty. The conversation ends and JohnnyMac leaves to join the game.

Pot Ball begins and it's your typical game. In the end I *think* Team MA (Meg/Austin) wins despite James hitting the Glory Hole. The game devolved into their traditional chocolate war as well and Meg took a chocolate to the face hard enough to start swelling and leave a bruise. She takes it in stride though and laughs as she sits around with some ice to her face.

JohnnyMac went and sat by the hot tub by himself for quite awhile after PotBall as the others made 'creeps' (as James calls crepes). He gets called to the DR and the twins start a game of pool. They have a couple minutes to chat before Austin comes out. They both agree they want to keep Steve over JohnnyMac. They know he's mad at them for putting him up (well, at the alliance since it's Austin's HOH) but they'd rather face him going forward rather than JMac.

Currently going on is a conversation between Steve and Vanessa regarding the outing of the alliance whose goal was to get Vanessa out of the house. This was one of the things I missed earlier, but Vanessa is currently turning on the waterworks talking about how hurt she is, that she thought he was her friend and loyal and to find out he was plotting against her was so hurtful. Steve is trying to play off that he told her and trying to mix up the time frame. John enters the bedroom and Vanessa wants him to clarify; Steve throws out a comment and Vanessa tells him "Let him [John] fucking talk." She then goes outside and gets more confirmation from the Austwins as well regarding the time frame. She and Steve retreat to the hammock to talk more.

The Austwins were around the hot tub discussing the circumstances as well. They just don't understand John's choices to out alliances, despite the fact that he's, you know, on the block and all. They're concerned that Meg/James may use this info as a reason to turn on them. They are paranoid about next week; they are pretty certain that HAVE to win HOH next week in order to remain together.

Other things of note:
  • James had a conversation with Meg where he indicated that he may be interested in making a big move if he wins HOH this upcoming week by putting up Austin and Liz and taking a shot at them. (*pleasepleasepleaseplease*)
  • Vanessa had a very busy, busy day today and had lots of intel gathering conversations with various houseguests. Please note this tweet of @BBGossip that has the time stamps of most of the pertinent conversations she had throughout the day.
  • Vanessa did have a bit of a blow up just before the POV ceremony with Steve regarding this whole alliance thing she's currently obsessing about.
  • Steve apparently had a conversation with the cameras about how he thinks Vanessa is trying to do him dirty.
I'm going to call it a night tonight as I just wanted to make it a short recap since I hadn't done one in so long. ;) Feel free to follow me on twitter @Shienara33 if you're so inclined. I tweet a lot (of course!) about Big Brother, but also about life and other interests as well. Occasionally. ;) Have a great night!