Monday, July 24, 2017

At the end of the day...

Hey hey everyone! It feels like forever since the last time I wrote one of these! Life has been keeping me rather busy lately doing my duties as a PANK. :) But I did finally have time to catch up on all things BB19 related yesterday afternoon. I managed to finally watch the Battle Back episode (Oh Cameron, we still hardly know ye!), listen to the Big Brother Gossip Show podcast (have you done so yet? Check it out if you haven't, it's always an informative good time!) and thoroughly enjoy the new opening. Great job on that, as always Scott! :) I also managed to catch the Sunday night episode on Sunday night! haha

I didn't think there would be much to recap for tonight, and there isn't really. Just a few little tidbits here and there...

POV ceremony was held today, and despite Jessica voicing some misgivings about the vote last night on the feeds and running scenarios of using the veto (of which Cody and Elena both talked her out of), at the end of the day Jessica chose NOT to use the veto and so nominations remain the same. Josh and Ramses are nominated, with Jessica, Cody, Mark and Elena believing it will be a unanimous vote to evict Josh. However, the rest of the house (Xmas, that vet, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matt and Raven) actually intends on voting out Ramses. If house dynamics stay as is, there will be someone at the end of a super fun blindside! ;)  I personally don't really care who goes. There is some all around terrible game play happening from so many of these house guests that it's very disappointing whilst at the same time fun watching these guys fumble about.

There was a loooooong hot tub conversation tonight in which Raven regaled the house guests with her woeful medical tales. Regaled, retold, rehashed, whatever. It was a long story time in which one by one the house guests exited stage left, including boyfriend Matt, until only Cody was left listening. I listened for a while, but just couldn't take anymore and finally switched feeds, only to notice that I actually lasted longer than Matt did, which made me giggle. Internally. ;)

Afterwards, Kevin and Jason played a game of pool in which Kevin subtly questioned Raven's medical condition. He noted that she is in great shape, works out better than anyone there...but "he's not sayin' nuthin'. He just hopes she's ok, she's a good girl." Personally I think this is what Kevin does best...he sneaks in his real thoughts or information he wants to pass along, but in throwaway comments so that they don't really fully register with the other HG's. I think he hopes to plant seeds that he can later harvest to his advantage. Problem is, some of these house guests are so thick headed, subtlety is completely lost on them.

The only other really interesting thing that occurred tonight is that apparently Jessica told Kevin about her power. I didn't actually watch this portion, as I had stepped away from the feeds for a bit, but when I returned twitter was buzzing. She slightly mislead/misinformed him regarding the full extent/details of the power, but she did talk about it. Kevin told her she shouldn't have said anything, lol. This was shortly before the hot tub group conversation in terms of time line for the evening. A better updater would have time stamps for you, but I'm not a better updater and so you're stuck with what you've got. ;)

Shortly after the hot tub conversation though, Kevin and Jason were in the lounge room and Kevin totally hinted to Jason about Jessica's conversation with him. He didn't come right out and say she told him, but passed it off as him being concerned because they (Jessica/Cody) were playing it 'too cool' and what if they have some kind of crazy power. But, "that's just his opinion. He doesn't know nuthin." Jason essentially said he didn't really care at this point about any power, he is just sticking to the plan at this point.

So I think that's that for tonight. What do you think? Should Jessica have used her POV to try and ensure Josh goes home? Do you think telling Kevin about her power will impact Thursday's vote? Are you tired of Raven's stories? Do you think we'll get a true blindside, or will someone give it away? Who are you hoping gets evicted this week?  Let me know in the comments, or find me on twitter @Shienara33 and tweet at me! :)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 13 Recap

Tonight marks a rare event during the Big Brother season - an episode that will consist entirely of footage that feed watchers have yet to see. The feeds went down Thursday afternoon until late Friday night. During that time not only were the Battle Back competitions held that we saw on Friday’s episode, but a new HOH was crowned and their nominations were announced sometime on Friday night.

Not only did we not see those actual events, we didn’t get to see the fallout. We were unable to see the reaction of the house to the return of Cody. We didn’t get to view the scrambling that always occurs right after a HOH competition, or how the said HOH decided on their nominees.

It’s not that we’re completely clueless as to what happened, though. The conversations that occurred among various house guests after the feeds were turned back on Friday night have given us a pretty good picture. We do know who won HOH, and that Josh may have made a scene during that competition. What exactly he did we will now find out!

The show begins with Cody’s reentry into the house. Jess is a happy girl, obviously, but Paul isn’t. He babbles in his idiotic way how after getting him out once he now needs to do it again. Cody, though, says he’s going to have to play a different way this time around, and he’s going to listen to Jessica.

As people are in the kitchen, Jessica says she’s sorry “but I’ve got some kissing to do”. They make out in the apple room, complete with added CBS sound effects. They sit down, and she says he needs to win this HOH. She says that nobody is happy that he’s back. She reports that Kevin has had her back but that Josh promised to evict her if he wins HOH. There’s even a clip right before the eviction happened where he promised to do such a thing. “Josh, why do you always do this every time”, she replies. “It’s exciting to me” is his excuse.

She also tells Cody that Jason has been good to her. She also lets him know that America gave her the third temptation, and how she can halt the eviction to keep them in the game. He’s pumped at this news as it benefits both of them. “It’s a pleasant surprise that for at least one week in this house I have safety.” She asks him to promise to work together this time around, and he says he’s now going to play her game. She also lets him know how she’s become friendly with various people. She wants Alex, Josh, Christmas,  and Paul to go.

Meanwhile, Paul is being consoled by the rest of his minions. Christmas says it’s scary to have Cody back in the house, and they’re a super threat. Alex warns that they’re going to be more social this time. Paul gets on his high horse about how the social levels in the house were so much better after he left. They want Josh to buddy up to Cody, but he says there’s no way he can do that. “Maybe Mr. and Mrs. Meatball have been through enough already.” Paul reminds him that if Cody gets HOH it’s him and Josh that will be put up. He pretty much tells them to not even talk to the pair. (This is so pathetic to watch everybody taking their marching orders from him.)

It’s HOH time, and it’s a landscape of a city street. It’s called “What’s the Holdup”, and they have to keep traffic stopped. This is done by holding up the red light with a flimsy stick. Each person who is eliminated then gets to pick a remaining person to be punished. Christmas gets to play in this comp, although she does get to rest her injured foot on her scooter, a fact that’s pretty hidden from the cameras most of the time.

Kevin is out after only 17 seconds. Mark starts to make fun of him in the diary room, as does Paul, but they’re both out within one minute. Kevin decides to punish Cody, and that allows trash to be dumped over him. Yeah, this is actually sort of funny. Mark then also chooses Cody. Of course he does. This time it’s a fat guy with road rage yelling at him. Yeah, that won’t affect Cody at all. Guess what? Paul does the same, and it’s now concrete poured on his back. (BTW, the diary room stuff during this is unbearable, especially from Josh and Elena.)

Jason then drops at the two minute mark, and he decides to punish Jessica since the earlier punishments had no effect on him. This time it’s a graffiti guy with spray paint, and she doesn’t flinch. Elena is now finished, and this time Cody gets mustard and ketchup poured on him by a hot dog vendor. Matt is next, and Cody gets more garbage poured on him. Jess says this is “fueling my fire”.

Raven’s out next, and the stupid raging fat dude is out again. Right after bragging how he’s going to beat Cody and Jess, he’s out. “How about that, Josh”, says Cody to him. “How about that?” Obviously, he picks Jessica to get the punishment, but he promises that he’s going to turn it into a punishment for two. The concret guy comes out again as Josh starts calling them meatballs again. Yeah, what a zinger. Cody just rolls his eyes at the moron.

He continues to yell at Cody as the game continues on. Too bad he’s not very original, as it’s just meatball this and meatball that. Everybody else just laughs at him, as Jessica whispers “just focus”.

Jessica tells Christmas that she wants to squash everything, and if she drops she’s not their target. Christmas says thank you, but even after Cody says he agrees she won’t make a deal. Meanwhile, Paul is whispering instructions for Elena to tell Josh. He yells that he’ll give Christmas a foot massage, pizza, whatever if she doesn’t make a deal.

All of sudden, at the 1 hour 24 mark Cody drops. It’s between Christmas, Ramses, and Jessica. Cody picks the torture to go to Ramses, and it’s again the graffiti artist. Ramses then drops, and it’s between the scooter-addled Christmas and Jessica. Elena screams at the TV before we head to another commercial break.

When we return, Ramses gives Jessica the hot dog punishment. She’s so focused, though, that she says nothing will cause her to drop the disc. Kevin notices how Jessica “has never changed the look on her face”, and as the sun begins to come up Christmas finally drops her stick. Jessica is the new HOH! That comp took 2 hours, 52 minutes!

Everybody heads into the house, and an exhausted Jessica asks if “all of my dreams came true this week?” Paul congratulates her, and again he’s getting the her edit as he has to mastermind everything. In the bedroom, Kevin says that Josh is making a fool of himself. He says that Josh will probably go up twice for his actions. Jessica tells Christmas good job, and says that she will live up to her promise she made during the comp. Cody, meanwhile, promises to “just shut up and listen to Jess”.

Later, Christmas reminds Josh in the bathroom about POV. “One step at a time.” He claims that he still has a few tricks up his sleeve. Really? Have you had one yet?

For some reason, Josh now thinks he can convince Jessica to put up a bigger target. Really? He heads up to the HOH, but she’s not ready for him. He says he’s going to sit outside and wait, and she whispers “please don’t” as the door shuts. Cody then enters the room, and they want to know why he even wants to talk. Cody says he’s going to send him away, and tells him “she doesn’t have time for you”. Good for them. He does know this means he’s going on the block. You think?

Matt and Raven now visit. Raven doesn’t trust them, but is going to say whatever they want to hear. Jessica says she’s done everything she can to repair relationships since Cody left, and she wants to use these nominations to prove that fact. Jess explains in the diary room that she’s going to do some buttkissing this week, and weak Matt and Raven claim they support her. Mark also grovels to them, along with Elena, and Cody claims he has no grudges for him. Cody tells us, though, that he will never trust him again. Jess also knows that everybody is their friend only because she’s HOH and everybody’s eyes roll when Mark says ‘it’s just like week one”.

After they leave, Cody asks about the two. She says that Mark is acting “bizarre”, and she doesn’t trust anything he says. Cody agrees, saying that Mark will ALWAYS just pick the safest route. That’s exactly what I said on last night’s Big Brother Gossip Show.

Paul then talks to Cody, and claims he only went after Cody because he went after him the first week. Cody says he has nothing to gain by going after Paul this time around. “You keep your word”, Cody lies to Paul. He even claims that they could cause a lot of damage by working together, but Cody says it’s “all show”. Paul also yells in the diary room how he’d never work with Cody.

Before nominations, we have some old footage of Kevin’s weird seran wrap gimmick. Every night before bed, he wraps it around his belly. “A clean wrap at night will keep you tight.” It’s strange. It also doesn’t work.

Ok, let’s get to the nominations. Jess says she doesn’t know what to do, so her and Cody talk about it while she puts on makeup. Cody suggests Josh and Ramses, who is no threat to anybody’s game. She would love to “cut off the head but the safe move it to cut off the ass”. Ha, that’s a good line. She knows they don’t have the numbers to take out somebody like Paul, even though Cody says he didn’t believe a word he told him. He does say he likes to see her make badass moves, and jokes that if it blows up in her face he can say “see how it is?”

No surprise, but the nominees are indeed Josh and Ramses. She tells Ramses to “please don’t take it personal. You’re not my target this week. You’re just a pawn.” She tells Josh she thinks he’s “played a very dirty and disgusting game in this house. In my opinion, you don’t even deserve to be here, and I can’t imagine anyone better to take you out than me.”

And that’s it. There’s a bunch more screaming in the diary room by Josh, and others do some babbling. Nothing is really revealed here. So what do you guys think of tonight’s episode?

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Big Brother Gossip #805: Reunited And It Feels So Good

What a crazy week this was in the Big Brother house! Unfortunately, we didn't get to see a lot of it on the feeds. The Den of Temptation, Battle Back, HOH, and nominations all occurred during times when the feeds were not only blocked during the action but in the ensuring hours afterwards. They were down for 3 hours on Wednesday, and almost 30 hours from Thursday to Friday.

Yet we did find out a lot of info during the last 18 hours or so that the feeds were live. Tonight's show features us taking those comments made last night and today and using them to piece together exactly what happened during those extremely important hours.

This show also features the debut of this year's theme song. Scott went through hours and hours of clips to put together a medley the perfectly captures the season so far. 

Tonight's show was so much fun, even if we may be struck down for some of our commentary. We really appreciate all of the support you guys give us every year, and if you want to help out please check out our Patreon site. We are including the various elements of Scott and Colette's Day Drinking spinoff show as part of this year's rewards, so we really hope you think about checking it out. Otherwise, you can find this show on iTunes, Stitcher, and all of the usual podcast sites.

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Big Brother Season 19, Episode 12 Recap

Tonight we finally get to see who exactly is returning to the Big Brother house. Or are they returning? Last night’s episode failed to answer many of the questions that have arisen this week. We do know that Jessica won the “temptation”, but we don’t know about the corresponding “curse”. We also know that tonight’s show is going to feature three competitions that will involve Cameron, Jilian, Cody, and Dominique.

Due to my Friday night music show on realpunkradio, I was not able to watch this live. In fact, I’m actually viewing this at the exact same time as the west coast viewers. I’ve stayed off twitter, though, so I was not spoiled while viewing this. Since it’s also a comp-oriented show, my recap will be shorter than usual.

After the unnecessarily long intro of the entire season, the show begins with Julie by saying returning to the house will be “even more challenging” as there is no guarantee they will be returning. The four competitors are then introduced, and Julie explains that they are now sitting in “Evictionville”. They must win three competitions to escape. All four will be in the first challenge, with the top two advancing to the next challenge. The winner is then the final evictee still standing, but they’re not guaranteed re-entry. In a Big Brother first, they will then have a showdown with a challenger from the house, who will be selected by those in the Big Brother house. If that person wins, there will not be a returning player.

Cody says he wants to wreck a bunch of player’s games, while Dom says she deserves a second shot since she was “wrongfully” evicted. She promises to go after Paul.

The first competition is called “Maize Race”. They must maneuver a ball through a maze through ropes and pullys. If a ball falls, they have to grab it and start over.

Before it begins, Cameron says he needs to get back as he only spent a few hours in the house. Jilian doesn’t have anything to say, as always. She just needs to get back in the game.

Cody actually isn’t confident of his abilities as he says he lacks finesse. Yet he and Cameron jump ahead of the two girls. Jilian’s ball drops, and a few minutes later so does Cameron’s ball. Cody says he just has to be patient after hearing the other’s failure. Cody eventually maneuvers his between the final holes to be the first to qualify. “I’m one step closer to seeing Jess.”

Dom starts talking to Jesus, but she’s still behind Cameron. Jilian is still praying that others fail as badly as her so she can pull out a surprise win. At this point, Cameron is at the other end of the platform, and sure enough he becomes the second qualifier. Dom and Jilian’s seasons are officially over.

For the second competition, Cody and Cameron are playing “Billboard Bashers”. They are to catapult balls at their billboard’s ten panels. The first to knock out all ten advance. If they run otu of balls, they have to retrieve the ones they already shot.

This game isn’t as easy as it sounded, as most of the early shots just bounce off the billboard, which leads Cameron to think he has it in the bag. He does, in fact, get the first panel but Cody is right behind him. Cody is already out of balls, so he races to grab those he already shot. He’s also surprised that Cameron is so good at this competition. In fact, at one point Cody is up 6 - 2.

Cody decides to soften up his launch technique, and begins to catch up. It’s quickly 7 - 6, Cameron. Cody finally jumps ahead with his eighth ball, and then hits the final two to advance to the final battle. Well, at least Cameron doubled his Big Brother screen time.

Before we see who the house picks, Cody gets to pick which of the original two comps for that final shot at returning. However, there will be a new maze, and the billboards would be spinning in this new version. Cody picks the maze race.

It’s time for the house to be involved. They don’t know that this has been happening until Julie calls everybody to gather in the living room. She tells them of the Battle Back Showdown, and that the first four evictees did not go home. She doesn’t say who has won, and then leaves them hanging.

Mark is pissed. In fact, he’s almost crying again. Jessica tries to console him, as he’s convinced that Cody will go after him. “You’ve been good to me.” Paul is saying any returnee is “not chill”. Um, your pal Victor returned twice last year! He whines that he’ll have “to do all this work over again”. Cry me a river.

After commercials, we see Julie again calling for everybody to return to the living room. She announces the twist about stopping the returnee from coming back. They are to each go to the diary room to pick who they want as the house challenger. They won’t know who they will competing against until after the vote, though.

Alex votes for Paul, who in turn votes for Alex. Christmas votes for Paul, as does Elena, Jason, Jessica, Kevin, Joshua, Mark, Matt, Ramses, and Raven. WTF??? Julie sends them all into the backyard to makes the announcement, and out comes Cody. Jessica is ecstatic. “This is like a fairy tale to me.” Others aren’t so thrilled. Julie then says he will be going against Paul, and they shake hands.

Cody immediately jumps ahead, as Paul is having trouble getting the hang of the pulleys. The lead increases a bit, so Cody knows he just needs to maintain a slow, steady pace. Cody gets to the far end of the maze, and makes the whole thing look easy. Sure enough, Cody wins and he’s back in the house. Jessica jumps in his arms in excitement. He says that “once I get the chance, I’m taking out” Paul.

Mark is still whining about Cody, as he has during every single interview segment he’s been featured in. But, to be fair, the others aren’t so happy either. In fact, Paul says he’s “not afraid to do it again”.

Julie tells them all not to get too comfortable, as the HOH competition is about to start. We're finished as viewers, though, as that competition will be shown on Sunday night. Who do you want to see win?

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 11 Recap

Tonight is a Big Brother rarity - a night where we really don’t know what is going to happen. The only knowledge we have going into this show is that Dominique and Jessica are on the block. Will either of them be evicted? That’s where things get a bit dicey.

Yesterday, I speculated on what this year’s Battle of the Block show tomorrow may entail. Unfortunately, my first prediction was dead on arrival as the feeds went dark for the Den of Temptation proceedings that I figured would happen after tonight’s show.

When the feeds came back, all feed watchers desperately looked for signs of who won. At times, it looked like Alex may have nabbed the honor, especially when she called Jason to follow her upstairs. Nope, doesn’t look like it’s the case. We also noticed a sly grin on Jessica’s face. Could it be her? Dominique’s marathon monologue also gave some indication that maybe she won it. Yet none of them, nor anybody else, confirmed that to be the case.

So how will this work tonight? Let’s quit speculating and get right into the episode. Julie opens by talking about the Den of Temptation that “could stop tonight’s eviction cold”. We start with the aftermath of the POV ceremony, and Jessica and Dominique hug. In the storage room, Jason grabs Alex (literally) and says Dom sealed her fate by calling out Paul and Elena.

Dom heads into her bedroom, yelling out “very funny, Paul” at his stupid snake suit. He says she has made it easy for him to get her out, and Jessica agrees that she has made things easier. She’s going to work on repairing relationships in the house.

In the bedroom, Dom complains how she can’t put on a nice face when she’s stabbed in the back. “My entire team backstabbed me. They’re willing to go to any extreme to win $500k.” She stomps into the kitchen to grab some stuff, and on her way out tells Alex “I hope you protect yourself because if they did it to me they’ll do it to you”. Alex tells Raven, who loudly bitches about it. Dom hears it and tells her she can have a conversation with her about this. She also asks if anybody has tried to talk to her today. Paul says he did.

Elena walks outside and tells Jason about what just happened. She says Dom will go home and see on TV she did nothing wrong to her. Tearful Mark monotones that he feels in the middle of this silliness. “I have to side with Elena on this one.”

Jessica then talks to Elena and Raven in the apple room about staying in the game. That week with Cody “sucked”, and she wishes she could change things. Raven’s not quite buying into it, but they both tell her that Dom is going home. “Don’t engage in anything”, advises Elena.

Now we move outside to Mark and Josh playing pool. The loser has to drink pickle juice, and Josh says it’s all about having fun. Well, not really. Josh is really annoying throughout the game, and everything explodes when he double-hits an eight-ball shot. “Redo it”, he says over and over. Yeah, that’s not how pool works. “Eat the pickle juice, fool”, says Josh. He complains that Mark double-hits all the time. “He’s like a little kid”, says Mark. Josh keeps babbling and babbling before Mark finally throws a cup of pickle juice and hot sauce on Josh. “You can’t beat me when you scratch on the eight ball.” Josh storms into the house, but Elena says that wasn’t a good idea. Josh comes back out with ketchup and mayo and pours it all over Mark. Everything heats up more as Josh starts yelling that Mark “can’t take it”. WIth that short segment over, it’s commercial time, although Julie says that fight is far from over. Yeah, it was a slow week on the feeds.

After commercials, Dom comes out to find out what is going on with Josh. Mark also comes out and apologizes, and he whines it’s about disrespect. He then jumps on the topic of Mark going against his alliance with Cody. “Let’s talk about it’s game on.” More people come out to hear what is going on, and Josh makes a comment about Paul. Paul then tells Dom that it’s not directly about him, and she asks why he’s talking to her. Josh then says he lost all respect for Mark, and he says fine. But Josh isn’t done, and he continues again about breaking his word and going after Christmas and Paul. “Now go grab your people and try to spin it your way.” Oh my, this is funny. “Anybody else got something to say? Cuz I got all day.”

Jessica then speaks up and asks if he never said anything about Christmas. “You lied to me, so now your word to me means nothing.” This gets him going, and Paul complains that this is not how you fly under the radar. Dom is watching, and she knows this could work in her favor. Josh continues on how her work with Cody flopped so she’s now kissing everybody’s ass. WIth that, the week of Big Brother feeds ends.

It’s now time for the Den of Temptation results. We go back to yesterday when the living room TV comes on to announce it’s time to return to the Den of Temptation. Alex reads the card that says they are all to enter to find out if they have won, and that this is the final temptation. If accepted, there will also be a curse. Jason is first to enter, and he didn’t win. Neither did a whole line of people. Dom then comes in, and she’s hoping that it’s her “saving grace” in this game. No, she did not win it! Jessica then comes into the room, and she did win it!!! Jessica won the temptation!!!

She gets to stop one of the next four evictions, and she is clearly pleased. The game has not gone well for her, so “it’s comforting that America has my back”. She accepts, and then opens the book of how she can stop the eviction, and it’s by saying “halting hex live eviction night dive”. The rest of the cast is then shown not winning the hex.

Everybody is again gathered on the couch, and it’s announced that the temptation has been accepted. That means a consequence of this will affect the entire house. “You will learn more in due time.”

But will she use it tonight? Time to find out. Julie addresses the house, and Jessica gives the first statement. She says hi to her mom and Cody, and says she’s not ready to leave. “I’ve got some game left in me.” Dominique then stands and talks about talks some rhyming silliness about false facts, dribbling back, and how she’s a woman of integrity. “I think most people know deep down in their hearts that I do not deserve to be evicted tonight.” She thanks God, and also asks for forgiveness if she is indeed wrong about anything she has said. So Jessica is not using her hex tonight!

Voting then begins with Josh, who votes to evict Dom, as does Kevin, Mark, Christmas, Jason, Raven (and her godawful voice and makeup), Matt, Elena, Paul, and Ramses. Yes, it’s unanimous. Dominique has been evicted.

Julie makes the announcement, and she hugs a few people before heading out the door. “God bless you all, and make sure you take care of yourself.” Paul apparently whispered, “philosophy, outside the house”. I didn’t catch that, though. I’m going to take a break during this segment, though, as it’s all about snakes, God, Paul, and the usual blather. She does get excited when Julie announces the twist that could let her return to the house.

After commercials, Dom is joined by the prior evictees (Cameron, Jilian, Cody). Cameron is asked who followed him, and he says it was Ramses. Nope, it was worthless Jilian. Cameron is surprised as he believed she was liked in the house. Jilian is asked the same question, and she says Jessica or Cody. He apologizes for putting her up, and he then says he hopes it’s anybody but Jess. Well, we know that’s Dom. She whispers a bit to Cody before Julie shuts them up. He even grabs her hand at one point as the others are answering Julie’s insipid questions. When asked, he says he’s shocked that Dom is sitting next to him. “I have no idea what happened. If that happened to Dom, who knows who is safe in the house.” Dom is asked how she’ll do against the other three in the battle back, and she gives a pageant, non-committal answer.

More questions are asked, but they’re all a bit silly. Julie then announces that this year’s Battle Back will be different than last year, and they’ll find out what that means “at the right time”. After commercials, Julie tells us that there will be three comps on tomorrow’s special show, but “will one of them return to the house?” The next HOH will then be shown on next Sunday’s episode, and on next Thursday we will see what Jessica’s consequence is. Oooh, it’s not the Battle Back!!! (As we leave the show, Paul is telling everybody how he thinks Jessica did indeed win the temptation.)

So that’s it. What did you think? Were you shocked that Jessica won the temptation? Or that Dom was evicted by a unanimous vote?

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Big Brother Season 19, Episode 10 Recap

Tonight will be fun, but no matter what they show it won’t be as thrilling as it was while watching it on the feeds. To quickly summarize (without “spoilers”), Alex’s nominations didn’t go over well with some people. This wasn’t helped by a surprise Friday night POV (instead of the usual Saturday competition), and afterwards everything exploded into a 5 am house meeting!!! There were 5-6 hours of titillating feeds! How they’ll cut that down to a segment or two I don’t know. Well, I will know by the end of this recap.

So let’s not waste any time! After nominations, Alex says she nominated Alex “to take away a number from the other side”, and Jessica because the entire house wanted “retribution” for Cody. “Plus, I don’t really like Jessica, so sorry.” She dances around in the storage room in celebration of herself.

Jessica hugs everybody and says she was “prepared for this”. Dom, though, “knew something was up”. She believes some on her side knew about it, and is going to find out who. Paul comes into the bedroom to console her (yeah right), and says “you know where to find me”. “Everything is reparable.” In the diary room, though he plays his usual cocky routine. Walking out of the bedroom, he tells Josh to give her some time, but you can hear her giggle under the covers.

Mark then comes in to console her. She says she came into the bedroom so she doesn’t explode on people. She’s convinced that it was Mark and Paul that turned on her because they started “acting strange on me three days ago”. Sad piano music comes on as she complains that her own team betrayed her. We then get pathetic footage of Mark crying in the diary room. Oh please.

Upstairs, Dom is shown speaking in tongues to God to find out exactly who betrayed her. Seriously, she’s speaking in tongues. “All of a sudden, I hear Paul’s name three times.” She exits the bathroom, and “guess who’s waiting? Paul!” They then talk about why she’s nominated, and she says that there is somebody in her group. “I hope that I’m not the person you’re referring to.” He adds that he hopes that she would come to him if she had any issues. She sighs, and asks if he would ever betray her or be dishonest. He says no, and that he can only play an honest game. (Excuse me while I choke a bit.) He also adds in the diary room that he is definitely playing a more sneaky game this season.) He then tells Dom that they may just have to disband their group. She then tells him that God has been advising her, and that He will help her expose the person who betrayed her.

With that, it’s time to pick players for the POV. Alex pulls Kevin’s name, Dom gets Christmas, and Jessica gets Houseguest Choice and chooses Jason. She says they’ve been getting closer since Cody left.

Back upstairs, Kevin asks what Alex wants them to do. Jason says if he wins POV, he wants to pull down Jessica as it’s too risky to keep her on the block. Alex doesn’t like this. Both Kevin and Jason think that Raven would be a good replacement nominee, as “no one in their right mind would vote to evict Raven”. Alex just wants to keep the nominees the same.

After commercials, it’s POV time. The set has a bit of an Indiana Jones vibe, although the pit is full of squirrels. This is the “Temple of Temptation”, and the doctor has not given the OK to Christmas to compete. She tears up in the diary room because she loves to compete. Nobody replaces her, though, which is strange as it lessens the odds for those on the block.

They have to go across a suspended beam over “lava”. Pushing a button gives them a point. The first to get 50 trips (points) wins. If they fall into the lava pit, the score resets to zero. There’s also a temptation that will give a player a cash prize. However, they also forfeit the POV.

There’s not much to say about the actual competition. They all babble the right words about needing to win the POV, and they over-explain how the game works. Kevin has absolutely zero balance, and falls over and over. He finally pushes the button for the cash prize, but it’s only $27. “Do I get it tonight?” Dominique seems to be doing pretty well, as is Alex and Jason. It is quite funny when Dom falls on her vagina, but somehow she manages to save herself. “Jesus, pick up the phone! You know I need help!” Well, he doesn’t help her a few minutes later as she does indeed fall.

It’s really between Jason and Alex at this point, unless one of them falls, of course. In fact, they’re tied at 49 when Jason whips across one last time and wins POV! Now he wants to “use some of that power in my favor!”

As they come back in the house, Paul says that he needs to talk Jason into using the POV. And he has a plan. First, he’s going to get Alex to put up Mark as a pawn. He explains how Mark is the only person that has been openly working with Dom, so it helps ensure she leaves. He seems to succeed, so the second part of his plan is to get Jason to push putting up Mark. Jason and Alex are then shown talking, and then we hear Paul say he has to make it appear to be their plan. So he comes into the room and tells Alex that he will only agree with the plan if she tells Mark ahead of time.

Mark is then brought up, and he whines like a girl when he’s told of the plan. Elena joins them, and Mark continues on about how he doesn’t want to be the pawn. He doesn’t help his case by saying he would never vote to evict Dom. Yes, that’s why you have to go up, bozo!!!

Dom is now shown coming upstairs to talk to Jason “about this snake in the house”. She’s hoping this will develop enough trust for him to use the POV on her. Jason leaves to go chat with her, and she talks about how she’s been betrayed. She says she knows who the snake is, but won’t tell him. In fact, she won’t answer any of his questions as she needs things to unravel. “Pay attention to those who are getting close to you and you will know who exactly the snake is.” Jason heads back up and reports everything she said. “I’m pretty sure she thinks the snake is in this room.”

Later, Alex is then shown coming out of the diary room. Dom pounces out of her bed and brings up the snake analogy to her. “Snakes will do whatever they have to do to bit you...there is somebody here that is a tempter”. Wait a second, she does indeed say that Paul is the snake here. Oooh, I didn’t hear this on Friday night, and she denied and denied that she said that to Alex. She wants a meeting with everybody about this.

Alex heads back upstairs and reports that she now knows who the snake is. Paul says he’ll wake up the entire house to talk about this, but Dom has already beaten him to the punch on this. He still stomps downstairs and says “Dominique, do you want me to start hissing, or do you want me to talk?” She asks what he means, and then agrees to head upstairs for the confrontation.

This back and forth is very fun, but neither of them have very good thoughts. It’s a typical Big Brother circular argument, and she says that America will always see that she is the real one. Paul bristles when she brings up the God portion of the argument. “He’s not here playing this game.”

Before the POV meeting, Mark again comes into the room with his sad puppy dog eyes begging to not be put on the block next to Dominic. He still wants to save her, and they say if he is not put up next to her he has to promise to vote to evict her. He whines, and whines some more, and cries in the diary room. Yes, he promises to do what they say. Jason does want to put up Raven, and tells Alex after Mark leaves that he doesn’t believe Mark will vote as they wish. “So what do you want me to do?”

We will now find out, as it’s time for the POV meeting. Stupid Paul is dressed as a snake, which is a huge improvement over what he originally wanted to do. Jason asks for the nominees to say why they should be saved, and Jessica babbles her usual nonsense. Dom stands up and says she was “framed by my own team. There is a snake in the house, and I made that known. He’s dressed appropriately, and he has minions that are working for him. I will not call those individuals out, because I know that whatever they sow they shall reap.”

Weirdly, Jason then asks if they’d be able to work together if he saved her. She states that obviously she can’t work with a team that would stab her in the back like they did. “If you were to stand in my shoes and witness the behavior of Paul the night prior, and the behavior of Paul and Elena post-nom, you would totally understand where I’m coming from because they are not loyal to me as I was loyal to them.”

She finally sits down...and Jason announces that he is not using the veto. The meeting is adjourned, and after the usual diary room babble the show is over. Oh yeah, and Mark is crying again that he can’t “trust anybody in this game”. Grow a pair, Hulk-boy!! What did you guys think of tonight’s show??? Are you excited for the unclear eviction night we have tomorrow?

How Will the Halting Hex Work? Scott's Prediction

(Note: A couple of hours after I posted this the feeds went down, and have been down for the last two hours. Ooops, it looks like part of my prediction is wrong!)

The feeds have been pretty quiet this week. Jessica and Elena have been doing each other's makeup. Kevin has been holding court in the backyard. Raven has been prancing around demanding attention. Paul has yet to stop talking. Oh, and Dominique has been doing a one-person telethon in the apple room.

Ok, there was one incident earlier in the week. A pool game got a little heated, and Mark tossed hot sauce in Josh's face. This didn't go over well, as we know that Josh feels anything is "disrespectful" to his manhood. In this case, he's right.

With so little action, the online community has been focusing on the events that will occur at the end of the week. How will the "Halting Hex" work? Can it be used to save Dominique or Jessica from this week's eviction? How will this play into this week's "Battle Back" show?

I've given all of these questions a lot of thought over the last 24 hours. I've also gone back to last summer to look at how they handled the "Battle Back" that brought Victor back into the house, along with the regular episodes that surrounded the special Friday night show that televised the competitions that allowed his return. I'm sure I won't have this completely spelled out, but I do think I am pretty close to figuring out the sequence of events.

First off, tonight (Wednesday) will be a typical midweek show. There will be the reactions to the nominations of Dominique and Jessica, the surprise Friday night POV competition, Dominique's "house meeting", and Monday's POV meeting. It should be a fun episode, especially the house meeting section. My prediction is that the religious aspect of Dom's complaint will be edited out, but will focus on the snake/infiltrator complaint.

For the most part, tomorrow night's episode will be a typical eviction. There will be footage from the house that will make it look like Dominique has a chance to get the needed votes, along with Jessica ingratiating herself with various former enemies such as Elena. They will then have the normal eviction, with Julie again hinting to the evicted person that they could be coming right back into the house. Finally, she'll announce to the house something cryptic about how more twists could be coming soon. 

That's right. I am saying here that the Hex will not affect this week's eviction. A simple analysis says it's very unlikely. It just doesn't add up. The voting may have ended today, but it just doesn't work for the time frame or the Battle Back scenario. 

The Battle Back is clearly the "curse" of this week's temptation. The winner will get that ability to halt an upcoming eviction, but the unsaid curse to that winner will be the returning player. Battle Back needs four competitors, especially given how CBS edits it together to make it look like a marathon of sorts. Halting this week's eviction would result in only three players. Production also wants that statement from Julie to the house about more twists to create tension and conversation in the house. It just doesn't work to have the temptation happen before Dom or Jessica is evicted.

After Thursday's show, the feeds are going down until after the west coast airing of Friday's battle back special. What I see happening is that shortly after the feeds go down, the house will then go through the Den of Temptation proceedings. This footage will open Friday's show. The winner will undoubtedly take it, but the dramatic music will come up as they pretend to linger over their decision. There may even be a commercial break here to make viewers believe they are turning it down. (They will take it.)

Most of the rest of the show will be just like last year's version. Cameron will compete against Jillian, and undoubtedly win. (Seriously, I see no scenario where Jillian wins anything.) The winner of that competition will then go against Cody, and the final round will see that comp's victor up against this week's evictee (Jessica or Dominique). The final segment on this show will see the triumphant return to the house of that Battle Back winner. 

What about a new HOH? Here's what they did last year. The setup of that final Battle Back competition was basically reused for that week's HOH competition. This was also filmed during the feed blackout, and broadcast on Sunday's episode. Of course, those of who watch the feeds will quickly figure out who won, and we'll be talking in detail about this on Saturday's Big Brother Gossip Show.

So...what do you think of that scenario? Does it make sense to you? Who do you want to see come back?