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Monday, November 7, 2016

Big Brother Gossip #706: The Many Moods of Shelby Stockton

Before chatting about this episode I must give a bit of an apology. We had some connection issues that not only affected the ability of our fine friends in the mixlr chat to hear the show live, but the three of us were disconnected a couple of times on Skype. Thanks to those who patiently sat through these problems.

This week's live feeds commenced with the somewhat shocking HOH win by Shelby. Through the course of the next five days, we saw a variety of mood swings from the recently-graduated law student. Tonight we study everything she did or didn't accomplish, including a mischievous plot by Jason and the rest of the Misfits.

Once again, we also give a lesson about thinking of the bigger picture. We perfectly analyze why certain people need to stick around for a few more weeks even if they are indeed the worst people in the world. Hopefully, you have all learned that you should take Colette's voting tips to heart. She is thinking of the overall good of the feeds - chaos, controversy, and clusterfucks!

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