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Monday, November 28, 2016

Big Brother Gossip #709: Waiting To Be Forgotten

We've now hit the last week of the special fall season of Big Brother, and the action has rapidly slowed down. Since Shelby's departure last Wednesday, little has happened besides the four of them just laying around. Their fifteen minutes is almost up, which is where I came up with the title "Waiting to be Forgotten".

Ok, I lied. That's a Replacements lyric, and it's also the title of a new book of crime stories inspired by my favorite band. Go listen to my most recent episode of The Ledge to hear three of the authors talk about their stories.

A few things did happen worth chatting about tonight, though. After Shelby's departure, Morgan revealed that Alex is her sister. There was also a breakdown between Justin and the rest of his reminaing alliance after the new HOH, Justin, announced that he was taking Kryssie to the finale.

This led to days and days of Kryssie and Jason complaining about Justin, and Justin doing nothing but moping around the house. Morgan, meanwhile, made the most of her days by herself. She studied the "days", worked out a bit, and did some sunbathing. While she doesn't deserve to win (IMHO), she is definitely the best behaved of the final four.

With the winner being crowned on Thursday, we have decided that our season (and 2016) finale will take place this Friday night at 7:30 PM ET. Join us as we not only chat about these last couple of days but take an overall look at this past season. It's been fun, and a breath of fresh air after the disastrous season 18.

As always, we thank each and every one of you for your support. If you want to see how you can help us more, head to our Patreon site. On Friday we will also be announcing the plans to keep the Day Drinking show alive until the next season of Big Brother!

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  1. I have actually stopped watching after the POV and Shelby lost. I knew she was going and the rest would be boring. When the numbers are this low in the normal BB it's unwatchable on the feeds. They lay around and do absolutely nothing but sleep. I imagine Krissie is whining a lot about people underestimating her (she won 1 comp). Jason must be reminding her how poor he is. Seems like the peoples love of Justin has been waning recently. Morgan sunbathing is always worth the watch. I will be getting surgery when the finale happens and won't know the outcome until Friday at the earliest.I predict it's Jason. I loved this bonus season and most of the rules. Waiting for next summer will still suck but it will be shorter.

  2. I agree that the last couple of weeks are always a bore. Kryssie has been out of her delusional mind. lol BTW, how you feeling??