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Thursday, February 8, 2018

Celebrity Big Brother - tonight Omarosa talks about her time in the White House with Trump

On Wednesday evening the Celebrity Big Brother live feeds finally kicked off and we saw the house guests LIVE.  However they have been in the house for a week now so there is a lot we didn't see.

CBS has given us a teaser of what will be on tonight's show and it includes former Trump aide Omaros Manigault telling Ross Mathews about her time in the White House with the Trump administration.  She told Ross several interesting tidbits including:

  • Being 'haunted' by Trump's tweets and wondering,"What is he going to tweet next?"
  • Others in the White House worked to keep her away from Trump.
  • She'd like to say things in the White House aren't her problem but, "It's bad."
  • When asked by Ross to say things were going to be OK, Omarosa replied, "It's gonna not be OK, it's not.......... so bad.....' 
We may see more on tonight's show or perhaps that was the entire conversation and CBS is using it to get attention (worked for me!).

See the tease in its entirety here:

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