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Saturday, February 10, 2018

New HoH - one Houseguest goes to the Hospital

With the eviction of Chuck on Friday night, the feeds went off an hour or so after the live show aired and didn't come back for several hours.  When they did we had a new HoH and Omarosa had been taken to the hospital.

The feeds came back about 3:04am Big Brother time - thats 6:04am ET.  We saw Ross in the HoH bed with Marissa and quickly learned he had won the HoH competition.  It was the dizzy bowling competition where the HGs dress up like ballerina's, spin, and roll bowling balls.

According to Marissa, Omarosa picked her to compete against and Marissa ended up eliminating her, something Marissa was very proud of.  Ross eliminated Metta.  The rest of the eliminations we don't know about yet as the HGs quickly went to sleep once the live feeds returned.

The details on Omarosa's injury are very slim.  From the way Ross and Marissa talked about it, it didn't seem to be too serious, however she hadn't returned to the house when the HGs got up in the morning.

Ross plans to nominate Omarosa and Keisha - likely sometime today.  He said to Marissa that he is going to explain that anyone else would nominate both of them as well and he wants to give them a chance to play for the POV and hopes they would do the same for him.

Julie Chen said on Friday's show that the POV would 'play out live' on Monday, I assume she means the POV ceremony will be live.  The POV competition is likely to be late Saturday or on Sunday and shown on Monday's show.

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  1. 1st...why bother hiding all of this from us? Someone leaving for medical care is not unprecedented, we know what the comp was & we're still going to watch, and being able to continue to watch the "fresh" fallout from eviction/HOH would have meant the Metta World Peace to us. 2nd...and the most annoying to moi, whyyyyy have Orwell tweet that some of BBAD would go to live feeds before it ended. FAKE NEWS! And at least have the courtesy to send another tweet to say "my bad, they may not be up for a while" FOWL!!!! 3rd Omarosa needs to come back & win the Veto b/c she's the OG BV (bitchy villain) of the reality biz & we need her Master's from the Kellyanne Conway School of Spin up in this Kumbaya Castle. Keisha my bring some bitter, but we need Omarosa to keep everyone salty!