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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Big Brother Gossip Show Returns on Saturday!

We're exactly one week away from the season premiere of Big Brother 20 on CBS, and earlier this week we got to meet this year's fresh meat. Strangely, instead of a bunch of minions like last season's Paul disciples, we actually have a pint-sized minion lover in the cast!
You'll hear all the details regarding that little tidbit this Saturday night when the Big Brother Gossip Show returns! Scott, Colette, and Mike have spent the last few days combing through the various videos and text interviews. Who are we picking to create great drama? Who will we be praying to be an early evictee? Who will Scott enjoy sunning in the backyard? Will Mike remember any of their names?
Find out all of this and more Saturday night at 9 pm ET on mixlr, or wait a little bit later for the podcast on iTunes, Stitcher, and any of your other favorite podcast sites.
If you can, please help us out a little bit by donating on our Patreon page, as it really helps us put together the best show we can. As before, we offer a number of rewards, including exclusive access to episodes of Day Drinking With Scott & Colette.

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