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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Big Brother Gossip Show #908: Sam Interrupted

Look, we have no choice but to focus this week's episode on our favorite little Virginia welder. She was the focus of the feeds from the moment that Thursday's show every chance that we can let Colette do her impression we're going to give her free reign.

So this week gave Colette plenty of opportunities as she was nuttier than Kaitlyn was even at her craziest moments. At one point she was hiding in a closet. At another point she was muttering to herself as she sat on a storage room counter. She was full of paranoid comments about herself and how others viewed her.

Then we figured out exactly what was going on. This goofball has fallen in love!!! She in infatuated with another houseguest, and it's not who you may think it would be! Oh she has it in for this fella, and tonight's show runs down everything about this unrequited love. 

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