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Sunday, August 5, 2018

How to listen to the Big Brother Gossip Show

This past week I put up a poll on my twitter account asking if you listen to the Big Brother Gossip Show each week.  Of the 1000+ replies about 25 % answered, "No, I don't know how to" - that means they (perhaps you) would listen if you only knew how.  So this little post if going to show you several ways to check out our show and hopefully you'll become one of our fans and learn a lot about Big Brother that you didn't know before.

But first.....  a little history about us and how we support ourselves.......

We've been putting our a weekly Podcast about Big Brother since season 13.  That's 10 seasons when you include "Over the Top" and "Celebrity.  Its what I call 'not your parent's podcast' - we drink, we use bad words, we disagree, and we laugh - a lot.  For us its a great way to spend a Saturday night.

On each show we start out by thanking our Patrons, those are the fans who are our sponsors.  Yup, we don't have any advertisers, any money we get is from the people that listen to us, and our podcast is FREE.  We have a couple bonus level including, access to Scott and Colette's bonus shows about other reality shows, aptly titled "Day Drinking" - we answer fan questions usually related to Big Brother - and Colette does in depth investigative reports on our "Executive Producers" who are our biggest supporters.  Plug time.... if YOU would like to become a Patron you can visit our Patreon page here.

Alright, now that that is done lets give you some of the many ways you can listen to our  show.

I'm guessing some of you that don't know how to listen to it aren't quite sure what 'podcasts' are.  Quite simply its just a recording - in our case audio only but some folks put out Video Podcasts as well.  We record the audio and Scott posts it to a server and then all the other podcasting 'services' see the new recording and share it with their subscribers.  What I'm going to provide is a list of different websites and applications (apps) you can use to listen.

Techy disclaimer....  I'm a Windows computer kinda person, I also mainly use an iPhone for my mobile device.  So Macs are not my strong suit, and I do have an Android tablet but I seldom use it.  Finally Linux?  If you use linux you aren't reading this because you already know how to listen to podcasts!  I've also added instructions for Amazon Echo and Google Home at the end!

Here are the many ways to listen to out show,  in most cases you can install the application on your device, some require you to register, then search for the "Big Brother Gossip Show" and you'll find us!

  • iTunes - this is the thing we plug a lot because its the largest podcasting system out there. You'll need a computer running Windows or Mac OS to listen - or an iPhone or iPad.  On the phone or iPad you can simply launch the "Podcasts" app and search for Big Brother Gossip and you should find our show. On your computer this link should take you right to the iTunes page which will give you the option to install iTunes LINK   
  • Stitcher - I use this myself for most of my podcast listening.  You can use it from a web browser but its also an app that you can install on your mobile devices - just search your app store (iphone or android) for Stitcher and once you have it installed you can again search for and add the "Big Brother Gossip Show" - this link will take you directly to our show page in a web browser: Link to our shows on Stitcher
  • Tune In - Tune in allows you to listen to a lot of radio stations as well as podcasts.  There is an app for both iPhones and iPads as well as Android devices.  Again they have a web page as well where you can listen to our show on your computer: TuneIn Link
  • Patreon - Can't forget our Patreon page.  You don't have to be an actual Patron of our show to listen to the podcast there, and there is a Patreon app that you can download as well - link to the Big Brother Gossip Show on Patreon.
  • Soundcloud - yup, Scott lovingly places every episode on Soundcloud as well - get the app or just go to this page.
  • For the hard core, "I just want to download the show as an MP3 and play it" people, you can go to the source, Scott's page, and have at it: Real Punk Radio's BBG page.
  • Finally there are so many 'podcasting' apps out there - some I have heard folks say they use: Overcast, Podbay, PlayerFM, just do a search in google or another search engine for "Podcasting Apps" and you will find tons, all of which should be able to play the show.

Did I still not answer your question?  Do you need some hand holding?  THATS OK!!  Tweet at me @BBGossip or email me at ilovereality at gmail and I'll try to help you out!!

UPDATE: I forgot that you can also listen to the show via your Amazon Echo or Google Home.  Its really simple.

Have an Echo?  Just say the following, "Alexa, play the Big Brother Gossip Show on Tune In"  and she'll play the latest episode.

On a Google Home you can simply say, "OK Google, play the Big Brother Gossip Show on Tune In"

Now get listening!!

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