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Wednesday, September 6, 2017


I'll point everyone that asks to this brief blog post for the next 20 hours......

Thursday night is a double eviction.  Its live - it will be rapid fire.

Amazingly not everyone can watch it live either because they have wall to wall weather coverage as the mother of all hurricane's descends upon them, there is some NFL, college or other team with a game pre-empting the show, or they live somewhere West of the Mississippi so their channel doesn't air Big Brother until later.


Here are 3 options I can think of.  If you can't figure out a way from these options then I'm sorry.  Just know unless you are a Paul fan you probably won't like the result anyways when you watch it later.

Here are the options from easiest to more difficult. These generally require a COMPUTER.  If you only have a phone or tablet you MAY be screwed (try Option 2 though - it may still work as least for a month).

Option 1: Find an online stream.  Several people (including myself most Thursdays) tweet out links to online streams.  These sometimes have pop ups and may even have links to malware - be CAREFUL!  I try to test my links each week before posting but make no promises.  My twitter is @bbgossip - follow me.

Option 2: Check out USTVNOW - I wrote up a very detailed article years ago - my account still works - I've never been charged a dime (they can't - they don't have any personal info from me): READ ABOUT IT HERE. This option allows mobile viewing from the 1st 30 days or so, so you should be able to watch on your phone or tablet as long as the site isn't overwhelmed.

Option 3: Use you CBS All Access account (yes you need to have one for this) and with a firefox browser plug-in you can fake your location so CBS thinks you are in, say, New York, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Indianapolis, etc.  You will be able to watch the show live with the rest of us.  This one takes a bit of work (you need to install a plug-in and use Firefox) - details can be found on this post.

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