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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Big Brother 19 is over - what can I watch now?

With Big Brother 19 wrapped up we all have some free time on our hands.  Here are some shows on YouTube you can check out.  I've watched them all and feel they are worth your time if you enjoyed Big Brother.

Big Brother Australia.  The kinder, friendlier version of Big Brother with the 'normal' rules as opposed to the Survivor style rules BBUSA put in effect after season one.  After a brief hiatus, Big Brother Australia came back in 2012 with 3 seasons.  Many consider 2012 to be the best followed by 2013 and then 2014.  I personally liked 2013 the best.  If you want to watch all three  you should start with 2012 as there are spoilers as to who won previous season in the latter ones.  As of today my youtube playlists are complete - but over time accounts get suspended so I will likely have to fix some (I had to completely redo 2013 today).

Big Brother AU 2012 (85 Videos):

Big Brother AU 2013 (98 Videos):

Big Brother AU 2014 (56 Videos):

The Joe Schmo Show (2003): I wish I could link you to this show but its not on any streaming service and there is only the following brief clip on YouTube.  If you've never seen it you should. The premise is everyone except "Joe Schmo" is on on the act - its a fake reality show with lot of goofs on Survivor and Big Brother (The Bachelor got the treatment on Season 2).   The most famous cast member is probably Kristen Wiig, unknown (to me) at the time.  If you want a treat - buy the DVD and enjoy.  Get Season 1 - Season 2 is ok but 1 is the gold standard.  The clip below is from one of the fake evictions.

Space Cadets (UK 2005): Space Cadets was a 2005 "Reality" show that aired in the UK. Being from the USA I would call it a cross between Joe Schmo and Big Brother (Big Brother because of the camera work and diary room type entries). The premise is they FAKE a shuttle launch. I kid you not - they manage to fool several people into believing they are on a real shuttle.  Its not a 'great' show but I enjoyed it

Is there anything you'd suggest folks check out??

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  1. Nice you used my 2013 uploads to complete your playlist.