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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Big Brother Gossip #811: Rebel Without a Clue

What do you do with a Big Brother contestant whose only game move this season, besides eating cereal and doing unmentionable things to Raven, is to not follow Have-Not rules? Yep, we're talking about Matt, one of the most useless castmembers in quite some time.

A game move was made against him so what did he do? This tough guy with Boyz II Men lyrics tattooed on his arm got his revenge by flaunting the rules of the game. Yes, Big Brother has rules. And yet the powers that be did absolutely nothing against him. In the long run, it really doesn't matter. He was evicted, as was his desire, and his ueseless girlfriend remains in the house.

We spend quite some time talking about this, along with the other weirdness that happened this year. Like, for example, how a woman with a broken foot was able to win a racing competition. Like how at the final 7 portion of the show people are still volunteering to be nominated. Or how the nominees were openly discussing throwing the POV competition to the game's "mastermind".

Tonight's show was so much fun, even if we may be struck down for some of our commentary. We really appreciate all of the support you guys give us every year, and if you want to help out please check out our Patreon site. We are including the various elements of Scott and Colette's Day Drinking spinoff show as part of this year's rewards, so we really hope you think about checking it out. Otherwise, you can find this show on iTunes, Stitcher, and all of the usual podcast sites.

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