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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Possible Schedule For Last 3 Weeks

Edit: Julie Chen basically confirmed what I've stated in this post, particularly about the double eviction. However, what I have down as the Sunday, September 17 HOH/clip show will actually be shown on Friday, September 15 due to the Emmys being broadcast on CBS that Sunday night.

We're finally getting down to the end, and there's a lot of confusion over how this is going to work. I've spent the day looking at the calendar, along with the format of the past few seasons, to create a bit of a timeline as to these last three weeks. (And I have not listened to an of Paul's erroneous predictions.)

Thursday's eviction will get us down to seven people, which is one more than necessary if they continue with that special surprise midweek eviction that tends to happen to get to the final four. It should also be noted that there are no timeslot conflicts with the NFL this year, as the first CBS-aired Thursday night game isn't until September 28.

Here's what you should expect:

Thursday, August 31 - normal eviction to get down to F7 (as noted).

Thursday, September 7 - double eviction that puts us at F5.

Wednesday, September 13 - "surprise" eviction actually recorded the previous day. Feeds will go down early Tuesday morning, and won't come back on until after Wednesday's broadcast.

Thursday, September 14 - last regular eviction of the season that creates the F3. First part of the final set of HOH competitions will commence.

Friday, September 15 - First HOH competition shown, plus another clip show where the final three reminisce about the season.

Wednesday, September 20 - Finale. Final 2 HOH competitions shown, along with last eviction. Jury deliberations, jury questions, and various other hijinks before votes are cast for this year's winner.

All of this could change, though, if CBS decides to do something about the "Matt situation". In case you're not aware, in protest of Jason not using the POV to save Raven, Matt has decided to ignore all of "have-not" rules for the week. He's been given a penalty vote, but is it possible they will "Chima" him?


  1. He should be removed. He is breaking every rule about being a have not repeatedly.I can only hope people boo him when he leaves.

    1. I agree. Take away his stipend. Or better yet, these morons should really make him suffer by evicting his dumb gf.

  2. Yeah, that's a local deal for preseason games. A couple of markets have that issue tomorrow night.