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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Big Brother #808: Kevin Can Wait

If you've been following the Big Brother feeds, you may be thinking he's actually this week's target. Paul can't stop talking about his faults, and once you state a fault like this to Alex and Jason it's bound to be the focus of the conversation.

Yet Kevin isn't this week's target. Obviously, he can wait, and that's where we get this week's title. Kevin is bound to be Paul's next target. It's not this week, and it may not even be next week. Yet it's clear that eventually Paul is going to issue the orders.

That's not all we cover this week. Raven has her daily medical problems. Christmas has to have various men bow down to her. There's even some final two chats! 

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  1. Not much action in here. The house just succeeded in getting Cody set up for eviction.....AGAIN.

    It's got me thinking about how much Allison Grodner has screwed up Big Brother. When it first came on the air it was perfect. It didn't need fucking with. But, she decided to bring in all these silly gimmicks and fan interference and has spoiled a once great show.

  2. I agree. I've watched BB since day 1. I loved it. Now there are so many twists and turns coming and going. It's hard to keep up. And where do they find these people? They are just plain strange!