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Thursday, August 3, 2017

Yes Christmas still has her power, the Ring of Replacement, here is how it works.

Christmas won the second temptation weeks ago and has yet to use it.  It is called the "Ring of Replacement" and it allows her to replace one of the 'extra' players.  It can't be a nominee or the HoH.  Since we will have 3 nominees for the next two weeks most likely there will only be two people to pick from.

The one way I can see Christmas' power come into effect to assist in getting Jessica or Cody out (this weeks goal by most) would be as follows: Cody (or Jessica) wins the Temptation Safety, then now safe Cody (or Jessica) is drawn/selected to play for the POV and Christmas isn't.  Christmas could then replace that Cody (or Jessica) and thus reduce the chance that the target for eviction, Jessica (or Cody), would be saved by the POV.

Update: The scenario for Christmas to need to use her power this week it is slim and she seems hesitant. If Cody or Jessica don't win (immunity) and lose (automatic nomination) the Temptation competition then one of them should go home Thursday.  

Christmas can use the Temptation at any time until the house is down to 6 people since then everyone will be playing for the POV.

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  1. An eviction show with no eviction. Thanks Allison. You are a genius!