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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Want Some Big Brother 19 Interviews? Here You Go. Print, Audio and Video.

Loads and loads of interviews out there - in "Print" - Video and Audio.......  So here you go.  I'm not adding to this list - just getting what I can see as of Thursday night.


Dr. Will Kirby's Facebook Live Interviews.  2 hours.  Please realize Will is bullshitting 90% of the time, doesn't care a lick about the house guests and likely didn't watch a minute of the feeds and maybe 3 episodes, yet these interviews rock - Will is in full Big Brother form - acting exactly like he did on BB2 and 7.

Rob Cesternino's interview - he does a great job - especially with Raven.

ET Canada Videos:

Morgan Willett's Afterbuzz interviews

ET (USA)Videos:


Dana Swearingen's audio only interviews: Go Here - they are worth checking out:


Big Brother Network:


Hollywoord Reporter:

TV guide:


I'll may try to add a few more.....

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