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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Big Brother Gossip #911: Don't Beam Me Up Scottie

As expected, this week was the Battle Back, and Scottie was the one who beat that behemoth of a foursome that consisted of him and Bayleigh, Rock Star, and Fessie. Yeah, what a furious group of competitors to go against, although it was sort of surprising he beat this sort of ball drop competition against a large person such as Fessie.

But should it be so surprising? Fessie has been a disappointment from day one. Not only did he consist of absolutely no intuition about this game, he was not the physical threat he claimed to be. Week after week he did not succeed at comps that seemed to be set up for him, such as last week's "ball catch" POV or this weeks ball drop. Yeah, he's a complete faildozer.

We go over all of this material, along with the craziness that is Sam, or the controversial actions of JC. Is Tyler set up to win this game? We also talk about the reasons why he should win, and why he may not succeed.

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