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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Big Brother Gossip #915: Season Finale

We here at the Big Brother Gossip Show truly loved this season so we decided to actually do a postseason finale. We chatted about everything that happened during the 90 minute CBS broadcast, and we have all sorts of suggestions for future season.

We also have a tons of opinions about various aspects of this season as a whole. Was Tyler robbed? Would JC had won if he made the final two? Will Angela and Tyler last? Will Snoggy and Bayleigh make it? More importantly, are the rumors true about her being pregnant? Obviously, we also have a final goodbye to that silly little woman named Sam.

This has been so much fun this season. The feeds were great, and this cast gave us all kinds of material to work with. Unlike previous seasons, we actually like the vast majority of these people, and it certainly influenced our episodes this season. 

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  1. Wish Scott and Mike would do a podcast alone. I think Colette is lovely woman and I would probably like her in life. I just can't listen other on the podcast. It is painful to listen to the guys force laugh at the Awful impressions. I want to listen, but it is unbearable. I would donate to one with just the guys. Think about it please. Not saying you would have to dump her. Just do an additional hour alone? Please consider it.