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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Big Brother Gossip Show #913: Sam On Film

So Tyler didn't end up being her dream man. Brett was certainly a disappointment. Fessie was in love with the harlot. That didn't stop Sam, though. She still found herself a replacement for Hogan. Too bad she's never seen this person as he is apparently one of the camera men on the other side of the Big Brother walls.

Yes, Sam has fallen in love with a person she hasn't ever seen. "He" may not even be a man. That hasn't stopped her from devoting hours and hours on this person. They've even had a lover's tiff or two.

Obviously we have a ton of fun recapping all of these misadventures, along with a detailed look at Thursday's double eviction. And the fallout from Angela winning Thursday night's HOH competition. Could this be the end of Sam's time in the house? Is she destined to finally end up at the "little house"?

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