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Friday, June 30, 2017

More details on Megan's departure and other bits of info

The live feeds aren't even 24 hours old and as is usual we already know SO MUCH more than people that only watch the TV show.  Here is news on Megan, the new Cat Cam, the Pendant of Power and Have Nots.

Megan: While I will not go into the details that TV Guide did earlier today, I will let ya know a bit more since Paul just filled us in on the Live Feeds with his take on Megan walking out of the Big Brother house yesterday.

So it starts with Megan apparently claiming so some that Jessica said something racist about Alex.

This morning, while talking to the live feed viewers, Paul says he intentionally let Jessica know that he overheard Megan saying this and that is what started the ball rolling.

Jessica, who doesn't like Megan or Alex according to Paul, ended up confronting Alex and Megan about this rumor.

Alex went in the DR and demanded they play back the tape to see if Jessica had indeed said anything, production didn't show her (not that I expect they would either way) but Alex then turned on Megan apparently thinking she made up the story to get people to turn on Jessica.

Megan eventually retreated to the DR (about 10am BB time Thursday) never to be seen in the Big Brother 19 house again.

Make sense?

After Megan left it sounds like they had a new nomination ceremony and Alex went up in Megan's spot.  Wow, Alex may leave next all because she confronted someone for starting rumors.

Cat Cam: In other news while the POV players were being selected today (Matt, Jason and Raven along with HoH Cody and nominees Alex and Jillian), Big Brother cut to a camera of cats at an animal shelter.  Is this a new version of the FishCam? Are we finally being spared feed  'highlights' and Jeff interviews?  I hope its true but won't be shocked if the "JeffFish" camera returns later next week.

Pendant of Protection: Paul also revealed to us that he did indeed win the Pendant so he is safe for 3 weeks although  no one else in the house knows.  It sounds like it will only be revealed if an attempt is made to nominate him.  Ramses has some type of curse which we think came along with Paul accepting the Pendant.

Have Nots: It sounds like Megan was one of the Have Nots.  With her leaving there are only three, Ramses, Jillian and Josh.  The room looks like it has loads of spikes.  Unsure how hard they actually are yet.  I am sure it will be shown in detail on Sunday's show


Get the live feeds if you don't have them yet via any links on our site and remember we have our weekly Big Brother Gossip Show on Saturday where we will recap the 1st few days of the feeds!


  1. I heard from Dr. Detroit that Megan hit Josh. I'm assuming that was incorrect? Either way, we will definitely find out one Sunday. Can't wait for the next podcast. You've got some good fodder!

  2. Oh, also, why did they make Megan change her hair color? Why did they care what color it was before?

    1. This happens more often than you think in an effort to distinguish each of them from each other. Some girls have gone blonde, or darkened their hair. Most of the time this is done before any interviews. We only know of it this time because it was done between chatting with Jeff and later promo pics.

  3. I was excited about this season until the first episode. This group of HG's is terrible. Then Paul enters the house and really took me out of it. Haven't watched since the Wednesday episode. Now this woman who claims to be a interrogator leaves. She claims to have a "bad case" of PTSD. A bad case? That sounds so made up. The producers didn't know about it or she is full of shit. I just started my 2 weeks vacation and was looking forward to watching this season and the live feeds but right now I would rather watch reruns of BBQ Pitmasters. Hopefully this changes. I have been watching Twitter and checking here but nothing makes me interested.

    1. The feeds have turned me around. These people are nuts!