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Thursday, June 25, 2015

And We're Live!

At exactly 9 PM Big Brother time, the live feeds were flicked on, and just as last year the house had a little surprise for us. Everybody gathered in the living room, and proceeded to individually jump around and throw shout outs to everybody. And I mean everybody. It went on and on and on.
As always, it was a bit of a mess. Besides Jace and Austin's screaming, various other people were just babbling nonsense. After a bit, though, "Jaustin" (ugh) broke it down for us. Jason was dethroned as HOH in the BOB, which means James is HOH. Steve and Jackie are his nominees. Austin is safe from eviction because Vanessa's "reward" for sitting out the HOH competition was the power to grant a person safety. (BTW, Vanessa also had a breakdown tonight as she misses her boo.)
In between even more shout outs, the pair talked about wanting to backdoor Jeff because he's "shady". There was also talk about bringing James, Clay, and Audrey into their groups. Or maybe Liz. If I had listened longer, it probably would have included almost everybody.
Meanwhile, at almost the same time downstairs the talk was to actually back door Jace. James, Shelli, and Jackie want him gone, mainly because he "thinks he runs the house'. Well, I'm sure there are more reasons, as he's annoying as hell, but that's what Jackie said in the discussion. They are also worried about his physical capabilities.
Otherwise, it's mainly just hanging out so far. It's a night of small talk...and shout outs. Please, Big Brother do something about it. I may take a break for awhile.

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  1. Jackie is nominated? YES! Talk of backdooring Jeff? YES!