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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Big Brother 17 cast revealed, but only 14?

Eight days ahead of the new Big Brother USA season on CBS, ETonline has revealed the #BB17 cast ... but there are only 14 house guests, down from the usual 16! Does this in some way represent upcoming twists for this season? Stay tuned, obviously.

I think it would be awesome if CBS steals a trick from Big Brother Australia (and probably other international versions, but #BBAU is the one I've watched lately) and brings in new house guests to replace early (or even mid-season) evictees. (Big Brother Australia's name for replacements is "intruders.") That would be a worthwhile twist. (Has CBS done this in earlier seasons? Since I started with #BB15, I'm still the Newbie Desk writer around here.)

A first update to the Big Brother Gossip Ticker graphic (in the right sidebar) will be posted later today with the new cast's names and photos.

Follow me @uselesstraffic -- it's like a personal Big Brother Gossip Ticker update delivery service. I'm betting that even Twitter didn't know that's what they're for! What are your impressions of the new house guests? Comment below.

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  1. Please, please let this not be the return of Zankie or the Riley Sisters. . . I have a nice TV and would hate to hate to throw it out the window. LOL. Welcome back, btw!

  2. Agree with you 100 percent K Murphy! No returning players!