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Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Audrey and Da'Vonne Show!!!

So we had our first full day of feeds, and I couldn't be more confused!
To tell a bit of the story, you have to go back to the first CBS episode. Remember when Audrey and Da'Vonne (along with Shelli) made their super-powerful girl power alliance? Well, technically it still exists but the two don't trust each other as far as they can throw them.
Actually, neither trusts anybody, and there stems the problem. Friday's feeds started with Audrey planting some bugs in Clay's ears, while at the same time Da'Vonne was doing the same with Austin and Liz (or her twin sister, which is why from now we're going to call "them" Jiz). The Da'Vonne conversation is the more interesting of the two, as she admits that she wants to get Audrey out of the house, but doesn't want to be the person who nominates a transgender.
Otherwise, it's a typical boring morning in the Big Brother house. A bunch of them do a little yoga, and the feeds go down for the POV. The hopes for the POV is for Steve to lose, and Jace to believe that Jeff will be the replacement nominee. Then he'll be shocked to be backdoored! (And it would be a true backdoor, as he didn't participate in the POV.)
The plan sort of backfired, as Steve indeed won the "technotronics" competition by spelling "trombonist". This is when the house went nuts.
You would think that since nothing is truly set in stone, Audrey would remain quiet and just skate through the week. Oh no!!! She begins questioning everybody. First, it's Jeff and Clay, and then she runs upstairs to confront Jason and Da'Vonne. From there, she's downstairs with Austin and Jace. There's talk of a house meeting, but Austin and Jace talk her out of it. James and Jiz are also brought in.
There's also an interesting little subplot in all of this that's a bit disturbing. Steve has been missing from almost all of these conversation. In fact, he seems to just awkwardly be bumbling around the house all day, trying oh so hard to make friends. Well, Hurricane Audrey told Da'Vonne that it was him that was spreading rumors of Da'Vonne talking trash about Audrey.
Da'Vonne confronts Steve, who hems and haws that he has no idea what she's talking about. Later, Audrey is informing him of a few things, and just as he mentions that people had spread a lie about him and Da'Vonne, she walks into the room. She gives him a little stinkeye, and is back out of the room as quickly as she entered.
All of this carries on throughout most of the night. Audrey questions this person and that person, inlcuding Da'Vonne once again at some point. A few dozen different alliances are created, and they get to share six beers and two bottles of wine. Steve gets interrogated again at 3:30 am by an angry Jace, and it's a disturbing conversation.
So that's a short version of the day. Listen to us talk about all of this tonight on the Big Brother Gossip Show at 9 pm ET!!!

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  1. I don't like it when there's this many people in the house. CHAOS

    DaVonne's not very good at this game