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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 3 Recap

Generally speaking, the Sunday show is the weaker of the week's trio of broadcasts. There's always a lot of filler such as the insipid "who wants to see my HOH room" segment, or showmance segments (real or fake).
The first Sunday airing of the year, though, is a huge exception. It's actually one of the most interesting broadcasts for the simple fact that it's the only look of the first seven days of the season before the feeds are turned up. Yes, there was footage from the house on Wednesday and Thursday's shows, but they were extremely limited. We saw them come into the house, followed by introductions, and then the HOH competitions. That was it.
Even after three days of feeds, there are a lot of unanswered questions that tonight's show will hopefully answer. Why are people suspicious of Steve? What happened between Da'Vonne and Clay? How did Clay end up primarily hanging out with Meg instead of the other thirsty girls? Most importantly, how did Jace turn Austin into a douchebag?
We should also get a confirmation that Liz is the twin twist for this season. Some people still have some questions about this "fact", but as I said on last night's Big Brother Gossip Show, I'm 100% convinced it is her.
Before we get to the show, though, I have a little programming note. Due to a prior commitment to help a director friend on a music documentary, I will be away from the feeds and show airings this week. Thus, there will not be recaps of this Wednesday and Thursday's shows. Sorry, folks, but I get to witness one of my favorite songwriters, Lydia Loveless, record her next album.
With that out of the way, let's get to tonight's episode! After the first airing of the brand new intro (zzzz), and the typical overlong recap, Seriously, folks, it was two minutes long. That may not seem like much, but it should never be more than 30 seconds...especially this early!
We start off with The Amazing Race guy signing off, and Day (which is what I'm going to call Da'Vonne from now on) believing this "is going to be something good for me". Vanessa says she'll "bet it means something good for me". Meg, of course, is oh so excited about everything. Jeff is disappointed that Jackie didn't win HOH, so it's important "for both of us to decrease the target on our backs".
Funky music comes on now as Jace and Austin begin their bromance. It's so disapointing to hear them talk about "bro-codes". Seriously, Austin, break away now!!! And it goes on and on and on!
Then we get to the dreaded "who wants to see my HOH room" segment. *sigh* I guess it's already time for a pee break. I guess it's a bit more interesting than normal as we get our first look at the HOH, although Jace ruins it with more bro-talk. Yeah, you're going to get the "babes" for sure.
Serious music is then heard as the two HOH's begin to plot a bit. Neither of them really know anything about any of the fellow house guests. Jason doesn't really like Steven, and he doesn't believe that Jason is a dentist. "He's a little weird, too", replies James as we get a shot at John flossing. They then talk about how Jace has a "good social game", and that he's already everybody's friend. Jason adds that his biggest threats will be the big dudes, and we get an air guitar shot from Austin and Jace. Ugh. He doesn't want to put them up right away, though, because then "I'm setting myself up for the worst game play ever". Girls, though, "take a little bit longer for their mask to slip". In the diary room, James says he has high hopes for working with Jason.
We shift downstairs to the two Amazing Race players, which is already more screen time than Jackie has gotten on the live feeds over the course of three days. She says she's cool with James....and Jason. Yep, she doesn't know their names. "Yeah, I haven't talked to anybody", she confesses. Jeff then gives a little backstory in that their relationship isn't the best these days. He's worried that they'll be targeted just because they've had a TV appearance already, and he wants to distance themselves so they don't "seem like a pair". Audrey then walks in, and the scene ends.
John is then seen talking about how he has terrible pickup lines, and Liz gives him a helpful hint. Then out of the blue, Steve asks if she's wearing "space pants". What are space pants? "Your butt's out of this world!" Oh, it's a pickup line! Good one, dweeb! The entire room laughs.
There's a quick shot then of three girls talking when we hear the dreaded "Big Brother Takeover" sound bite. They all rush into the living room, and Phil is again on the screen. He tells Vanessa and Day that on the Amazing Race there's a "fast forward" twist that allows teams to skip to the next pit stop. "Inspired by that, I'm introducing a twist called 'The BB Fast Forward'." They get immunity for the week, and Day goes nuts! They also get to pick another house guest to be immune for the week. Day's not completely happy with this. "My job was to sit back, be pretty, and be safe this week. Now I've got to make a choice." They get thirty minutes to decide.
Vanessa announces she's going into the hammock room, and people can come talk to her. She tells us that "as a poker player" (I'm going to get sick of that), she has to make "the best of the cards she's dealt", and that she wants to choose somebody who is likely to be the next HOH. Shelli is the first to come talk to her, and Shelli claims that she's a strong competitor. Clay and Audrey are the next shown, and Vanessa tells both of them that there's no way they're going home this week. Vanessa wants somebody who is strong, and she is then shown talking to Austin.
Meanwhile, Day is talking to Shelli. Day doesn't want to use it on her or Audrey, as she also believes she's likely to be safe this week. Shelli is kind of pissed that Day isn't going to use it on one of her alliance members. Day explains in the diary room that she's not going to do that because "I don't want to blow up my spot". Audrey is not happy about this either, complaining that "I don't want to be vulnerable". Day continues to talk to people, and Steve complains that "James is avoiding me". Day tells him that he's "giving off an Ian vibe", and that scares people since Ian won. Day advises him to "up his social game". Liz is brought on, and tells Day that she promises to keep her safe. "If you take me with you, I'm going to get the next HOH and you're safe with me". John is asked what he'll do if he wins HOH, and he says he'll go after guys. She also asks if he's really a dentists, and he confirms it. She still doesn't believe him. "You want me to pull my retainers out and prove it", he asks.
Day then announces that she's chosen to save Liz, who is elated. Vanessa then says she's saving Austin, who is "not surprised, but I'm going to act like it". He's not afraid to part ways. Day says in the diary room that she chose Liz because she was the only one who promised something, and Shelli is pissed. With that we head to the first commercial break!
When we return, it's time for more bromance crap as Austin and Jace pretend to call each other. Enough!!! This is oh so disappointing!!! They're even calling each other "Shelltown"!!! NOOOOOOOO! (Although I'm a bit happy to hear Austin say that part of the reason he likes hanging out with him is that Jace's big mouth makes him a bigger target.)
Moving on, Shelli scoots herself into the indoor hammock that will be removed before the next episode of clips hits the air. Clay comes in, and Shelli's panties are immediately moist. Oh, she loves the little Texas football player. She informs him that she was once married, but Clay just LOVES older women. He then tells her how much he loves his mama, and the scent of love is in the air. Well, the scent of cougar lust. She says she completely trusts him, but shuts up as Day walks by.
Day then rushes to Audrey to tell her that she's nervous about Shelli, and she must be placed in the "outer ring" of their alliance. "Make her still think she's a part of it", because her love for Clay will make her unreliable. Day's spot on. Audrey, though, is happy that Jason is the HOH, since they're "bonded by culture". "He wants to go for big targets." Both of them are worried about the big boys, and Audrey wants Jace out first. We then see Audrey talking to Jason about what the two HOH's are thinking, and he informs her she has nothing to be worried about. Audrey really wants to go after Jace, especially since he'll be a competition beast.
After more commercials, we get Steve and Day talking together. Steve really wants to work with her, because she's quiet and observant. Also, nobody would expect the two of them to work together. He does tell her that he loves her as he walks away, and catches himself. She smiles to herself after he leaves the room.
James now tells Audrey that she has nothing to worry about, and Day interrupts them...followed by Jason. Day says that the four of them "have a good vibe", and Audrey adds that it's "diverse". Audrey asks who they have discussed, and James talks about how Jace is a "beast". Jason, though, says that he has to be a backdoor nomination. He's popular, though, so they have to go talk to other people.
First, James goes to Jackie, and tells her that "she looks really amazing in a bikini". He informs her that there is a backdoor plan in motion, but he may have to put her up to make that happen. Jason makes a similar pitch to John, who isn't comfortable with it but "will roll with it and see what happens". They both ask Meg who she wants to see evicted, and she's as wishy-washy as expected. They tell her she may be up as a pawn, though, which scares her a bit. Becky then makes her first appearance of the night, and she's in on the plan. Jason, however, is not happy that James can't keep his eyes off her bikini-clad body. Finally, Steve is approached, and he says he's afraid of being a pawn because he believes he's a target. As a Big Brother historian, he knows this is a potential mistake.
It's now nomination time, and they have yet to retire the script for this segment. The two stare at the wall, and head upstairs with their nomination boxes. They head back downstairs, and everybody is gathered around at the round table. Jason announces him noms first, and they're John and Becky, because his "personal connection" hasn't been so strong. John then reveals that his two nominations are Steve and Jackie, and he says he's "pretty sure you'll both get yourselves off the block". There's the usual diary room blather from the nominees, and Jace believes that his fabulous social game will keep him safe. Audrey and Day head into the storage room to dance around.
Steve then heads into the sauna room (or whatever it's called) to talk to his fellow nominee. It's really a nothing conversation since Jackie has little to say. She says they're going to win, and they hug it out.
Becky, meanwhile, is crying because she had too much confidence that she wouldn't be nominated. Jason brings her into the sauna room, and he tells her again that she's not his target.
It's now Battle of the Block time, and it's a high rise set. They're to "build" a new skyscraper, hauling blocks across a balance beam that involves a middle section that rotates. Oh, and there's also a "wrecking ball". Right after Jackie says she's good at this type of thing, we see her fall. In fact, there's lots of falling mixed with childish sound effects. Let's just skip ahead to the end. Steve has lots of issues, but makes a correction that helps himself. Yes, he crawls across the beam. It doesn't really matter, though, as John and Becky win. Jason has been dethroned, and the show then ends.
So how was tonight's broadcast? Were you questions answered? Do you hate the bromance as much as I? And why wasn't the twins reveal made tonight? Comment, my friends and enemies!


  1. I thought it was interesting that I had no idea of what the BB FastTrack was or who got it even after following updates and viewing a bit of the live feed. Perhaps it was discussed, but I sure didn't see it. It was nice to actually be surprised by something on a taped show for a change.

  2. I thought it was interesting that I had no idea of what the BB FastTrack was or who got it even after following updates and viewing a bit of the live feed. Perhaps it was discussed, but I sure didn't see it. It was nice to actually be surprised by something on a taped show for a change.

  3. It was sort of unclear even on the feeds. I figured it out shortly before we did our show Saturday, but didn't know they called it BB Fasttrack.

  4. Couldn't they just say they are safe this week for volunteering? It had to have a name?

    1. Hey Irishcurse. Good to see you again this season!