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Friday, July 3, 2015

Catching you up..... cause we've been busy!

Hey guys,

Without Ash about this season to keep you all up to date this sites been a bit slow I know and my apologies. We are working to remedy that I promise.  Hopefully you have been following myself, Scott and John on twitter as well of course as Colette from as she posts almost daily 'updates' with a her snarky, literal license enhanced twists. Our twitters are respectively @bbgossip @bigbrothrgossip, @uselesstraffic and @colettelala

We can fly by the past week because as you shoud know, Jace is now the next Surfer Dude (BB15 David and BB11 Braden in previous seasons) that was first out the door.

Audrey is in really hot water but I think she will be safe this coming week. I have thought that going into Thursday night's show but I am even more confident as I sit here writing this Friday morning and here is why......

As you should have seen, Becky and Shelli, two HGs that readily admitted to each other they barely knew what was going on last week were crowned HoH's at the end of Thursday's show.  They both quickly came up with their nominees:

  • Becky wanting to target Audrey with a backdoor plan by nominating Steve and Jason and then hoping they would then throw the Battle of the Block (BoB) competition thus staying nominated and she then could in theory put up Audrey with a POV re-nom, assuming both Audrey didn't win it and someone that wanted her out did win it and used it.
  • Shelli meanwhile took the straight forward approach and nominated Davonne and John - her target being Davonne (even though Becky and some others think/thought Shelli was also in on the backdoor Audrey plan).  Davonne is seen as a weak competitor so Shelli and her co-hoh/showmance Clay decided it was best just to get her nominated.
Once nominations were over very early on Friday morning the BoB competition was held and Davonne was so bad at it that John apparently didn't have to work too hard to throw it (Shelli asked him to, having filled him in on the plan to go after Davonne).  With Steve and Jason winning the BoB, Becky is no longer HoH and both Jason and Steve are safe for the rest of the week.

The HGs then went to bed and currently are mostly up or napping and waiting to draw names for the POV competition.  If Davonne or Jason don't win it then she will be in trouble come Thursday.

The "Last Laugh" twist has not been introduced yet - so we aren't not sure how that will play out - but if the entire house gets on the 'vote out Davonne' train, 3 nullified votes won't be much help.

And there you go - all caught up on the nitty gritty details.

Until I know more - catch you on Twitter!!

-Mike aka @bbgossip

UPDATE 4:45pm Friday.  Johnny won the POV competition. He plans to use it on himself, the POV ceremony won't likely be until Sunday since tomorrow is the 4th so there is lots and lots of time for a replacement nominee to be decided. I also forgot to mention that on Thursday after the show the Have Nots were picked - only they weren't picked - Steve, James, Meg and Jason all volunteered.


  1. They are cramming everything in in 24 hours because they dont want to make people(production staff, construction and stuff) work on the 4th. Like to see them get Audrey out but Davonne would be good too.

    1. Unless something major happens - Audrey is safe. Shelly doesn't plan to put her up as a replacement.

  2. Please tell Ash we miss her, that being awake in the daytime is overrated, and that I, for one, would be thrilled if she started the Night Owl again.

  3. Really like the season this year. Hope that Day stays but I hate to see Audrey go. Don't understand why they go after the girls so soon and had hoped for a different out come with this HOH. Have been a fan of this site for several years now and enjoy all your updates and all the commenters and try not to miss a podcast..