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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 16 Recap

I don't have much to say to open tonight's episode. A good portion of this will undoubtedly again originate from Saturday's Big Brother Gossip Show, with a few minutes at the end devoted to what was originally 24 hours of craziness from Vanessa. The only moment of real interest will come at the very end with the POV meeting.

So let's just get this over with by heading to the aftermath of the Battle of the Block competition, which was won by (mainly) Liz and James. Shelli is pissed that their "perfect plan" didn't go as expected. "I'm feeling so helpless right now." Vanessa rushes up to the HOH to whine, because she didn't want to remain as HOH. "The plan was to backdoor Austin, but I didn't think that I'd have to e the one to do it." She tells Jackie, Clay, and Shelli that the plan is still on, though.

Jackie is also not happy, but she's still excited about getting rid of Austin. Shelli, though, thinks that Liz should be informed. Vanessa says she has to walk around acting happy, which is hard because, as we all know, she's "not fake".

In the bathroom, James is apologizing to Becky for not losing the competition. (Ugh, that's what's wrong with BOB.) He says in the diary room that he must do everything possible to let them know he did try to throw it, and says it was Liz who was getting all the letters. "You're good", replies Becky. "Honestly."

Clay then heads into the bedroom, saying he must win POV. Johnny thinks this is hilarious, since that's been his life this entire game. It's actually a funny scene.

In the other bedroom, Liz is complaining about James' perfromance in the BOB. "I did that entire thing, then I'm like 'James, aren't you happy'? And he's like not happy." They are starting to understand that there is some kind of setup...but really aren't worried as they don't believe that Vanessa wasn't involved. Or is he? "Maybe they were targeting Liz all along."

Austin heads into the HOH, and says "something weird is going on". He tells her how James threw the competition, and he feels that everybody is setting them up. Vanessa lies, and whispers "Judas" as he leaves.

Back to Austin and Liz. They get in bed, and he starts tickling her. In the diary room, she says that she loves hanging out with him, but doesn't "see him in a romantic light". She's "in a bit of a pickle", though, as she knows he's starting to like her. He sees it differently, though, and after some more rolling around in bed he turns her head and kisses her. "I hate you", she whines. "You're so annoying." She claims to not have been expecting it. "Oh God, what a night. What a night." He's basking in the glory of hitting first base, and says she "felt bashful" about their grade school love.

Bad funky music comes on now, which means it's time to pick POV players. Vanessa doesn't want to pick Austin's name, and pulls out Houseguest Choice. She picks Shelli. Clay pulls out John's name, who compares it to be "calling in to work on the weekend". Becky pulls out Liz's name, which is "risky", according to Vanessa.

Upstairs once again, Becky and Jackie come in to talk to Vanessa...followed by Shelli. Vanessa still wants to tell Liz because she doesn't "want to do her dirty". Shelli at this point isn't so crazy about the idea because Liz will most likely run and tell Austin.

After a series of commercials, we get filler on the weirdness of Steve. He sits in the photo booth, and seems to have a oconversation with the cameras. It's dumb, and is only there to give him a cameo. Let's move on!

The awful funky music comes on again, so it's time for the POV. "It's time to get nutty", says Jason. The backyard is made up to look like the woods, and Meg gets her little cameo as she describes it. Then the contestants come out dressed as squirrels. Ugh, shut up Meg!!! Ugh, this whole scene is awful!

So they have to store 250 nuts to win by rolling one up a platform, and then catching it as it comes back down the other side. If they drop it, their score goes back to zero and they have to start over.

It's a painful competition to watch, especially with the diary room commentary. Clay actually claims this is harder than anything he did in football! It's terrible. Let's just go to the end. Clay won. Happy?

At this point, Vanessa is still planning on back-dooring Austin, and we're reminded of this before we head to commercials. When we come back, Meg jokes that Clay finally won something. Shelli yells some congratulatory silliness from the bathroom. "He didn't just win it. He creamed it." STFU Shelli.

Becky, though, is sad and crying in the have-not room. Jackie comes in and consoles her. Thankfully, this doesn't last long.

Finally, the fun begins. Vanessa tells Liz that she has something she wants to tell her. She tells her to go do her makeup and come right back up without Austin. Ugh, terrible edit here. What they're not showing you is that Liz took almost 90 minutes to return. She put on makeup, changed her clothes, cooked some dinner, and all kinds of other things. Meanwhile, a jealous Shelli found out that people were actually rooting against her Clay, and suddenly Austin was not the target.

Instead, it looks like Liz came right back upstairs, followed by Shelli. Vanessa infroms her of all the things that Austin has done to piss her off. Liz stands up for Austin, but says she doesn't like him in that way. She also points out that for the sake of numbers, Austin needs to stick around.

Austin is brought upstairs, and Vanessa confronts him about the Jason incident. Seriously, so much stuff has been skipped here...and will be skipped in the next few minutes. Vanessa tells him off, and starts crying. "I was trying to help us", he says. "I messed up." He asks her if he's going to be put up, and she says that it's possible. He replies that he would never vote against her, or nominate her, or anything like that. "I'd never go against you." She says that he's a good buy who is an idiot that fell in love. Unfortunately, she gave her word that she would put him up. "I don't want to do this", she says as he walks out. Wow, they're making it look like everything was decided right here.

What isn't going to be shown here is that for the next 36 hours, Vanessa was a non-stop talking machine. Anybody and everybody at some point was the prospective new nomination, including Meg, Johnny, Jackie, Austin (again), and Jason. Each of these were going up, depending on what time of the day you watched the feeds.

Instead, we get Austin heading downstairs to talk to Shelli and Clay about his situation. He takes them into the extra room, kicking out Steve along the way. He tells them that he's pissed at Jason, that he's in love with Liz. He pulled Jason aside because he was scared and wanted the twins to make it into the house together. "I fell in love with someone, and that's all that matters to me." He had an "emotional conversation with Jason, and he betrayed me". Um, ok. Clay responds that it's those very emotions that scares him about Austin, who replies that he didn't think his actions would hurt them at all. "We need that number", says Shelli. "We have to keep all of us all together."

Everybody is now suddenly called to the living room. Why? Oh yeah, it's another product placement bullshit segment. Remember that from Sunday's BOB? Each of them get to bring a guest, and Vanessa chooses Becky. Liz (obviously) picks Austin, while James chooses Clay. Yes, we gets some cutesy Meg diary room lines during this segment. They all get dressed, and the product placement is completed.

Ooops, my nap almost caused me to miss one final gameplay segment. Vanessa is with Shelli and Clay, and I once again hear the words "bath in blood". She really needs new cliches. She says that nobody will be targeting them if they backdoor Austin, so why not carry on with it? Clay says the odds for them overall are better if he stays. "My numbers are worse", Vanessa responds. Clay doesn't agree, and neither does Shelli. They begin talking about possible replacements, and after mentioning Jackie Vanessa says that Jason is their "only smart strategic player" who is "single-handedly holding them together".

With that we go to the final commercials. It's now time for the POV ceremony, and as you may guess Clay takes himself down. Vanessa then says it's her most difficult decision yet because she "adores this person". It's a person she'd be buddies with outside the house; a "person with a great sense of humor and an all-around great individual. With that said, Jason, take a seat." POW!!!

Half the house is shocked, especially Meg. (She goes on a huge crying jag right afterwards that lasted for hours.) Vanessa says she did "what was good for my game". Jackie is pissed because it was supposed to be Austin, especially since her pal Jeff was the last person Vanessa evicted. Austin, obviously, is happy. "This is the greatest thing that could have happened to me in this game. This guy manipulated me, and tried to humiliate me. Nobody humiliates Judas." Um, ok.

Meg whines a bit, and Jason then points out that it's the first "real" blindside of the season. "Vanessa is a scumbag bitch. She can sell that she's the most honest, loyal, straight shooting person there is, but she's talking out of her backside." He says that he's not just going to lie down, although feed watchers know that's exactly what he's done the last two days. "If I stay, that bitch is getting it."

So that's it. What are your thoughts? Did you hate the edit as much as I did? Are you happy Austin was saved? Are you pissed that Jason is up? Tell us what you think!!!


  1. I don't have the live feeds so I was really curious as to why Steve was so happy to see Becky losing? Did she do something to him? I just read the past weeks updates and saw where someone wrote that Steve would want Becky to get evicted so he could work with John, but the way he was relishing in her losing seemed a little extreme (and a bit creepy).

    1. It was a very weird diary room segment that seemed to come out of nowhere. The two have had very little interaction, but if truth be told few people have paid any attention to him.

    2. Watching on delay and this is the entire reason I came on to look at the recap while I'm still watching. It was so strange!

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