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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Monday Night Catch Up

A quick thanks for the very kind reception from everyone, it's much appreciated. I did miss a few things tonight; ice cream and phone calls distracted me. I managed to catch up on a few things and make personal note of others.

At this point, hopefully you're aware that the POV ceremony was held in the afternoon and as expected John removed himself from the block and Meg was nominated in his place. The most interesting thing that happened was that Day started putting two and two together regarding Jiz. (See Scott's post detailing this.)

The big thing that happened, off feeds, was this week's so called 'twist' with Kathy Griffin. The house guests all know the twist involves nullifying votes. I'm not sure if they were told or if they figured it out based on clues, but they all know. We all suspect Day won the power as Shelli mentioned Day was #7 answering the phone. However, at this point they all know the power means nothing since they don't think Day can rally enough votes regardless. Day herself has mentioned how she doesn't want to campaign against Meg because she likes her. Honestly, I'm hoping for more from Day before the end. A little fire, a little spirit, something. Never go down without a fight!

Speaking of Day, she shared her thoughts regarding the Twin Twist with Jason. Rather than perhaps keeping it herself to use as leverage for an extra vote, she let Jason run his mouth. Jason spent a small amount of time in the Have Not room with Meg filling her in. James knows their their theory as well. Jason likes to distinguish between the twins by calling one Heavy Liz and the other Skinny Liz. Make of that what you will. But at least they're noticing so I probably shouldn't complain. Day eventually joined them in there and told Meg that in order for her to go home with a clear conscience, she's going to have to at least ask for votes. She knows she won't get them but she still has to ask.

Egg white facials were a thing with Becky earlier. Shelli, Austen, Jeff and Liz spent some time in the bathroom area as Liz was getting ready to shower. Some small game talk happened, but nothing of grand importance. Vanessa eventually joined them as well.They're planning a podcast again. And I once again probably won't be awake for it, so sad about that.

Steve and Clay had a long conversation in the backyard hammock that I fully confess to not really paying attention to. I find Steve/Clay conversations a little bit painful because Clay speaks like he thinks he's clever but actually comes across more clueless.

However, not paying attention to the Steve/Clay conversation meant I had no choice but to listen to Jeff hold reign in the HOH room. It started out with Jeff and Becky discussing the game a little bit. There was some discussion about which house guests are there for the 'right' reasons, meaning money instead of fame, according to Jeff. Becky demonstrated her distinct lack of awareness of the house dynamic by talking about how she was fine with being dethroned since there was a house target everyone would vote for [Audrey, who is no currently NOT on the block]. She also mentioned she wouldn't vote for someone who didn't 'play' the game in the house until after jury but would for someone who played from the start.

After Becky leaves Jackie comes in and the two have a long conversation about various topics. Jeff thinks Austen/Liz are dangerous and they're at the top of his hit list. Jeff thinks Austen is super jealous whenever Jeff talks to Liz and Jackie thinks that can't be good for Austen's relationship outside of the game. (Austen has a girlfriend). Help me out here folks since I don't watch during the day and I rarely get to see any Liz/Austen interaction; is that accurate? Do Austen and Liz spend time flirting? I did catch Austen talking about his girlfriend for a second, where he mentions that they've been together for two years and that sometimes she thinks his offbeat personality is him over acting a bit.

Jeff also talks JohnnyMac a bit, how he's a good pawn, 'a warm body' in the house. He talks about Clay/Shelli and how he thinks they're going to see a different side of Clay if they let him get too far in the game. He stated to Jackie that his boot order would be Audrey, Austen, Steve then Liz before jury. He doesn't want Meg to make it to F2 as Jeff thinks Meg will win because she's very well liked. He doesn't know why she'd win beyond that, but he's sure she'd win.

Jackie doesn't contribute much to this conversation beyond nodding her head, talking about how she's pissed because there are people in the house who aren't doing anything-she's referring to Vanessa specifically. She then goes on to say that it's a good thing she's off the radar as people will target who they think are strong females instead of her.

Jeff also spent a fair portion of that conversation talking about Steve. He really doesn't care for Steve. He claims Steve has no backbone, then mentions in the same breath that Steve won't give him any information when he asks. He repeatedly mentions how weird Steve is and how he tries to keep up with the other boys in the house but just can't and it makes him seem weird. And then Jeff also mentions how one of the girls (I didn't catch the name so if you did, feel free to enlighten me) told him that he and Clay are the only cute boys in the house. He goes on to say that they need to get Steve out.

As I end this post, Jason and Jackie are having a conversation in the backyard and everyone else minus Day are in the house doing the podcast thing they do, which they are apparently going to make a regular thing. Jason talks about how all the cameras in the backyard were on Steve and Clay so that tells him they were obviously talking game since there were people at the hot tub. Jackie asks him if Steve talks game with him, then says it's alright 'you don't have to trust everyone in the house'. They briefly mention the vote and then Jason suggests joining the others in 'their podcast bullshit. They know podcasts are radio shows right, people can't see them. They're doing the Ellen show.' 

And that's it for me this evening. Check me out on twitter @Shienara33 if you feel like it. Have a great night!

EDIT: I ended up watching part of the 'podcast' It was some silly stuff but as I continued to watch I noticed that Jeff managed to use the medium of the podcast to kind of poke and fish around on topics he had talked to Jackie about. He set up a pseudo-flirty interview between Jackie and Austin, basically leading Jackie into it. He then 'interviewed' JohnnyMac where he repeatedly calls him mysterious and points out the house guests don't know much about it. Then he begins a painful interview with Clay so I decided to update this and then really and truly head to bed. G'night!


  1. Didn't Jeff stick up for Steve earlier in the game saying everyone should be nice to him and not pick on him?

    The feeds are pretty dull. My free week is up on Wed. and I'm unsure if even $6.00 is worth it. The one good thing is watching it on TV and not the computer.

  2. The detective work by the houseguests at the memory wall regarding the twins twist at 4am BBT is feeds gold! Hilarious!