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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 6 Recap

After missing a couple of episode recaps, I'm actually excited to be back on the bus tonight. While I've previously mentioned that I generally hate Sunday episodes, tonight is an exception. Since I missed the live feeds for almost all of last week, everything shown on this broadcast will be new material for me. Yes, for the first time ever, I'm a CBS-only viewer this evening.

I'm also excited for another reason. I already mentioned my issues with the Sling player that provides me the screen shots. Especially the new laptop player that Sling demands you use for their new models. Well, thanks to site owner Mike, I'm now the proud owner of not only an older Slingbox but I have the fabulous old player installed on my laptop. This is the comfortable way to work!

Not that everything is peaches and cream. Having Shelli and Becky as co-HOH's is one of my worst nightmares of this young season, and everybody knows how much I DETEST Battle of the Block. Well, I'll do my best to be as positive as possible for the next hour. This isn't easy, you know!

So let's get rolling with the aftermath of the HOH competitions. Vanessa congratulates Shelli, who says in the diary room that she can't "believe I actually won". Nope, neither can we. Becky is also excited, especially since she believes she can work with Shelli. "We're going to be like the two girls in the tub with bikinis." Yep, that gives the creepy James some new fantasies. Clay is also excited for Shelli's win, but he knows that Day won't trust him or Shelli. She's off to the side, and says "whoope de fucking doo" in the diary room. Vanessa adds that she feels good about her week, especially since Audrey appears to be the target for the week.

We head backwards to footage that wasn't shown on last week's shows. Audrey created a fake drama with Vanessa over a non-existent "all-girls" alliance. "She's been working hard this whole time." We now see Audrey confronting Vanessa over this rumor. Day interrupts them, and after she leaves the room Audrey says that Day is one of those doing the talking. Vanessa is furious, and later confronts Audrey in front of Day, who says "I never said that". Audrey's only response is that since Day clearly doesn't trust her, that's "fine" with her. Day asks her if she's saying she never told everybody that Vanessa was starting an all-girl's alliance. "No", replies Audrey. "Let's go rally the troops", says Day. "Game on."

While Day heads outside and grabs various witnesses, Audrey complains that she's being "exploited". In the diary room, she admits that she made a mistake "if people connect the dots, and some dots were definitely connected". When everybody is in the room, Day asks "did she, or did she not, rally up all of you, and tell you that Vanessa was at the forefront of this alliance?" Jason says it is true, and Vanessa says "fuck you" to Audrey. "You're fucking two-faced." She adds that Audrey said it came from Day, and Audrey responds that everybody else is "pathological". Jason is angry, saying she's "only loyal to herself". It then goes back and forth, and Day talks about how Audrey created her issues with Clay. "All the mistrust in this house", adds Jason, "is planted by you." Vanessa just wants her to admit that she was wrong, but in the diary room says that she didn't want everybody in the house to hate her. "Having a big target in the house is good", she concedes, "as it gets us all one week further".

Later in the hammock room, Audrey says that the whole situation "could have been much worse", although she truly believed "everybody was buying what I was selling them". She knows she's in trouble, so she's going to "lie down and play dead".

Now we're in the living room, and Jeff asks Day and James if they think "Audrey feels like she can get Shelli to side with her". Day shrugs her shoulders, and James thinks she has something with Becky. "She for sure feels safe", says Day. She adds that Audrey still feels safe, and told Day that she is going to go up. "Me and Audrey are a wrap", she says in the diary room, but isn't scared of being put up. Wait, what? She's been a dead soldier since the nomination. (Ooops, I'm jumping ahead here.)

After commercials, it's the dread "who wants to see my HOH room" segment. ZZZZZZZZZ Day feels the same as I. Fast forward time.

Back to reality, Shelli and Becky sit down to talk about nominations. Becky calls the Audrey situation the "elephant in the house", but Shelli is a bit wishy-washy about getting rid of her. Becky says she really doesn't know her, and hasn't talked game with her (or anybody else, for that matter). She wants the two of them to put up four pawns, and have Audrey be the back door. (See, this is exactly why BOB stinks!) Shelli is down with that, and wants to put up Steve. They decide to gather more information.

Jason is then shown talking to Becky, and he's not worried about anything. He's informed that Audrey is her back door target, "and Shellis on board". Austin now talks to Becky, and is told that he's not her target. James is the next through the revolving door, and he's also given assurances. "She (Audrey) needs to go." This is getting old, but JohnnyMack is now given the same speech. At least we get a different room (HOH) when Steve is shown getting his two minutes with Becky.

Clay and Jeff are then shown in the storage room talking about Audrey, but Clay doesn't believe she'll actually come after any of them. He wants to make a deal with her. "Playing with Audrey, dude, is like playing with fire", replies Jeff. Hey, he only used one "dude" in that sentence. He's getting better! Clay believes that Day is the real next target. "We need to get her out before she comes after us." Meg then walks into the room, but she wants Audrey out. Meanwhile, Audrey is "laying around and playing dead", but comes out of the grave to talk to this storage room trio. "Literally, I don't have no one...if you give me an opportunity to show you I'm not going to try to target any one in this group. I'm going to go after the people who started this trouble." Wait, wouldn't the be yourself? In the diary room, she admits that it was an "extreme performance" that is deserving of an Emmy. Jeff isn't happy with this situation, and says in the diary room that she's using Clay.

Now we see Clay talking to Shelli, who lets him know that she wants to go after Audrey. Clay has other ideas, and tells her that "Day has no trust in you...or me, in that". If she (or Jason) was to win HOH next week, she'd go after them. Now the cougar has a new target! She still wants to initially put up pawns. This leads to Jeff being brought in, and Clay offers to go up. Yeah, right. Silly Shelli won't put up her panty-wetting partner. JohnnyMac's name is brought up, and he's suckered into the room. He's asked who he wants to see continue in the game, and he says that it's Jeff and Becky. They tell him that if he throws the BOB he'll be safe. JohnnyMac is not happy about this plan, but he shakes their hands anyway.

With another round of adverts out of the way, it's time for filler. I guess they have to include Jackie somehow. Oh wow, we get the Becky story. You see, she was hit by a train. Yep, it's true. She had a full recovery with no plastic surgery, though, and it changed her life. "I'm your basic bitch." Somehow, Jackie believes that a girl who has been hit in the face by a train is the girl she can align with. Ugh, both of these twits are a waste of Big Brother space. Ok, let's move on.

More filler, as Steve discovers he gets to share a bed with Liz. "This will be a first for me." Poor kid.

And with that, it's nomination time. After the usual diary room commentary from various people worrying about going up, the two twits fulfill the scripted obligations and gather the group together for the ceremony. Shelli goes first, and nominates JohnnyMac and Day. Shelli tells Day it's because she doesn't trust her. Becky then nominates Jason and Steve. Jason was put up because he put her up, and she nominated Steve because they haven't talked. Well, she hasn't talked to anybody about game. Audrey is happy, but she knows that the story isn't over yet. Becky is happy that they four pawns up, but Shelli says that her real plan is to get out Day. "This could be a big move that's super, super risky for my game." Obviously, Clay is ecstatic that his girl toy did exactly what he demanded...I mean asked her to do. Day, meanwhile, now has a checklist of people she wants out.

Two dozen commercials later, James asks Jason and Day why Audrey wasn't nominated. Jason says she's the backdoor plan, but Day says they're actually the targets. Day complains in the diary room that the entire house should have come together to get rid of Audrey. "This chick lied to your face, and got proven to be a liar, and you can't trust me?" Jason's not happy either.

Becky again tells Steve and Jason that Audrey is the real target, and she's "cheering" for both of them. "Everything should go very smoothly for them." Jason really doesn't believe her, though, and intends to win BOB.

Shelli and Clay are then shown laying in the HOH bed, and Audrey interrupts them with "one qustion". She wants to know if there's a "plan B" in case Jason and Steve throw the competition. Shelli doesn't think she needs to inform Audrye of Becky's game, and says she just doesn't want to talk game tonight. Or all season, really.

Day and JohnnyMack are then shown talking, and she tells him she was expecting to be nominated. It's as awkward as any JohnnyMack chat, and he's not sure he wants to throw the BOB. She asks if she can trust him, and he awkwrdly says yes.

After even more commercials, it's BOB time. Audrey uses a bullhorn to tell everybody to change clothes, and they're again going with this godawful movie set theme. Meg makes her token appearance to read the cheesy diary room script. The game involves a "director's shot list", which flashes on the screen, and they must gather the props necessary for every scene. Oh yeah, and they're tied together in an oversized t-shirt.

There's no need for a play by play of this, or the same scripted diary room cheese, so let's just go to the finish. Jason and Steve win. There's more cliches stated by various people, and Shelli confirms that Day is the real target, but the show is basically over.

So what did you think of the episode? Are you upset that Day is the target instead of Audrey? Are you tired of the horrific script writing? Tell us what you think!

Footnote: Apparently, this episode is a perfect example why you should watch the feeds. There are problems all over tonight's show, including the footage that attempted to indicate that Clay was the one who pushed Shelli to go after Day instead of Audrey. That's who she wanted all along. There's also the main reason that Becky wanted to go after Audrey. The lying was just a part of it, but there was also a false claim of racism by Audrey against Becky. Even when acting badly, Audrey is getting the benefit of the edit.


  1. Shelli and her bad dentistry need to go soon!!! As a dentist it's embarrassing to see her smug ugly fake smile....and her smelly boy toy, Clay, needs to go too. He's too cocky. I hope Day gets a miracle or that phone twist helps her in the end.

  2. What is the obsession with back dooring everyone? Is it because the majority of the house have only seen a couple of seasons at most? Day is a woman after Scott's heart with the whole "who wants to see my HOH room" scene. I loved that. Now that it appears that Audrey is going to be safe this week (ugh) I'm really hoping that KG will give that call to Day.

  3. I blame BOB for this backdoor silliness. And yes, Day is right on with that attitude!!! lol

  4. My only issue with Day and the HOH scene was that in the DR, she was bragging about how great she was faking enthusiasm. But, then we immediately cut to her frowning and crossing her arms. That wasn't really great acting, Day. Everything else in that scene was flawless. Also, I hate how production turns to Meg to describe the comp. Why her? GRRR

    1. I don't even watch the comps anymore due to the cheesy script-reading. Especially by Meg. The punks are atrocious.