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Friday, July 31, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Confession time: I did not watch tonight's episode, as I kept updated through twitter (and then later read Scott's recap) and instead fired up the feeds because...NO MORE BATTLE OF THE BLOCK! Whoop whoop! Which meant that tonight's HOH competition was endurance and I could watch it play out on the live feeds!

DIE Battle of the Block! DIE AND NEVER COME BACK! :)
Confession time: This update may read a little bit disjointed and/or out of order. I was so excited to be watch an actual endurance comp that seemed to be lasting longer than 30 minutes that I mostly spent my time watching and tweeting rather than taking any kind of decent notes to prompt my memory. Feel free to correct anything in the comment section if you notice that I've gotten anything wrong. :)

The competition involved some fun stuff; storms, lightening, wind, leaves and flying eagles. Honestly, the flying eagles were the best part of this whole thing. I laughed every time they came out.

Fly like an eagle!!
Steve and Austin are the first to fall, followed by Julia and Meg. Becky, Jackie and Liz are next to bail along with Clay. This leaves John, James and Shelli as the final three. Shelli begins to initiate some deal making just as John falls. Shelli asks that James not put up her/Clay as initial nominees OR as back doors; James agrees, included JohnnyMac in that deal and Shelli agrees to take the fall. And so JAMES is now the current HOH.

Worried Austin on the left, Jackie congratulating James on the right.
Cue the scurrying, plotting and planning! As the houseguests are cleaning up we get a few glimpses of the worry some of them are feeling. Shelli does some quick explaining to Vanessa as to why she only requested safety for herself and Clay. Liz and Julia spend some time catching up. There is such a honest dynamic between the two sisters that makes them really fun to watch as the interact. Liz spent a lot of time saying "I'm so scared! This is the worst thing that could happen!" while Julia was saying things like "I don't give a fuck about anyone in this house. I hate Austin." Have I mentioned how much I like Julia? ;)
Meg and Jackie and Becky all go off to sleep (of course) while everyone else is making the rounds waiting for the HOH reveal. Austin, Liz and Julia spend some time in the comic bedroom catching up as Julia unpacked. There's a super funny comment by Julia about her sleeping with Becky because she doesn't want to be a 'cock block' for Liz. I think it's just hitting Austin that having Julia in the house is NOT going to be good for his romantic game; he spends a lot of time following the twins around and you just know he's dying for some alone time with Liz, haha. Clay and Shellie spent some time in the Have Not room, but I didn't listen to their conversation at all. Shelli spent some time alternating between looking worried to looking stern, so I'm sure she was extolling the difficulties of that comp and how she feels bad for almost winning it. Or something.
There's a bathroom conversation with Julia, Steve, JohnnyMac and Shelli in which they spend some time trying to get to know Julia specifically. You see the glimmers of Steve's crush on Julia come out a bit here as well. Shelli claims she has been able to tell the difference between the twins for a long time now and they go over some of the differences (besides the tooth, which Julia hit in the fourth grade by running into a pole chasing a boy btw) such as height, nose bump and eyebrows.
Getting to know Julia.
James spent some time eating and staring at the memory wall by himself. Eventually he's called to the DR and we all know that means HOH reveal time is coming soon. Sure enough, he exits DR and we get the HOH reveal. I won't bore you with the details as they're not really important.
After all the usual fakeness, Meg, Becky and Jackie remain in the HOH with James, and ever more surprisingly, here's where things start getting interesting. I know, I know, I was shocked as well! ;) Becky (who may or may not be acting as a double agent for Clelli-we wont really know until we see her next conversation with them to see how much she divulges) leads a conversation with them about what the plan should be for this week. She apologizes for distancing herself from them last week but claims she did it for survival mode. She mentions that JohnnyMac asked her to give him some space as well because he thinks they're being viewed as a couple and he doesn't want that target. She thinks John is playing a very independent game and that we'll see a very different JohnnyMac once double eviction night is over. She uses gawd damn freaking skittles to lay out the alliances in the house. She talks about trifectas, who's where, who's loyal, how she thinks things went down last week in how/why Jason went up and out. Why I found this all actually interesting (since it's Becky) is because she was totally LEADING this conversation and because we don't know whether she'll report back to Clay and Shelli.
It comes to light that James is NOT married to the idea of keeping his deal with Shelli (YAAAAAY!) but he wants to do 'some investigating.' Feisty Jackie (the one who occasionally flashes with game) makes an appearance and she's 100% on board for breaking the deal "They did it to us last week!" Meg accurately points out that Vanessa is terrified of Jackie but Jackie doesn't understand why. (Jackie and Meg both think the Dark Moon alliance was actually legit for a period of time and have not grasped that it was fake on Van/Clelli's part). Jackie is fired up though, and ready for James to make some biiiig moves! ;)
This crew spends the next little while throwing out ideas for nominations, and contingencies for POV. James stated at first that he was 'for sure going to put up Steve' until it was realized by all of them that if Steve is still up come evection day, he will most likely be voted out. They really want Liz to be up as their pawn; they know Austin and Julia will never vote her out and along with Becky/Jackie/Meg votes, whoever is the final target beside Liz will definitely go home. They just can't figure out how to accomplish that. Do they put up Liz as an initial nom? Do they put up Vanessa? Shelli? They're definitely at risk of overthinking everything and that will be their biggest issue at this point. Vanessa eventually heads in the HOH room and requests some time with James.
Liz is in the red sleeved grey shirt, Julia has her back to the camera.
I cut out at that point in order to write this update so I'm not sure exactly what happened in their conversation. Currently, Vanessa is now in the lounge room with the twins guiding them on the pitch they should give James on why they shouldn't be the target and Austin in the HOH room with James. We all know what Austin's ultimate goal is, but I'm curious as to where Vanessa will eventually fall. Is she more loyal to the twins/Austin or to Clay and Shelli?
So, what do you all think? Does this week have some potential for drama? Who do you think James will put up? Who will be able to influence him the most-his own alliance (who are admittedly not the brightest bulbs) or Vanessa? Will he keep his deal with Shelli? Will Julia be able to keep her dislike of Austin under wraps?
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****Just as I was polishing this off, Becky went running to Clay and told him bits about the upstairs conversation. She's a total double agent! Argh! Clay is showing some loyalty to Becky though; he's currently conversing with Vanessa and telling her he just 'has a gut feeling that James won't keep the deal, that he'll try to back door us'.  Vanessa is quick though, she is already suggesting that they turn on Becky (would that be to dirty?-Vanessa) or gauge how close he is to JohnnyMac.****
Ok, I seriously have to go to bed now. I have no idea what'll happen while I sleep, but hey, at least things are buzzing. James could pull off a big move if he keeps his big boy underwear on, or he could be the next Howie and allow himself to be talked into targeting someone not in his best interests. (although at this point, with what we now know, it would actually behoove him to get rid of Becky.) G'nite!! :)



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