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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What CBS Didn't Show You Tonight

Like most feedwatchers, I was furious at what CBS decided to show us tonight when it came to the switch from Austin to Jason as the replacement nominee. According to the CBS edit, Austin pretty much saved himself by pleading to Shelli and Clay that he would never betray them (along with a similar plea to Vanessa).

That's not what happened at all.

To fully understand, one must go back to Saturday afternoon. As CBS did show tonight, Shelli was really proud of Clay's big POV victory. It was almost like how a proud mother reacts to anything positive her precious little son accomplishes.

Unfortunately, the rest of the house didn't jump for joy with as much enthusiasm as she did. Why would they? At the time, Shelli was so wrapped up in her own little world that she didn't even notice that they weren't ready to hand him a trophy rewarding him for the performance of the season.

CBS also did show Vanessa planning to tell Liz the big plan on targetting Austin. She was to head downstairs and apply her makeup, and immediately run back upstairs. She wasn't to hang with Austin at all, and he could NOT come up to the HOH with him.

The next 70 minutes were hilarious for those watching online. Liz did head downstairs to put on makeup, but that's not all she did. She puttered around the bathroom for quite some time, and then sat down with Austin for a chicken dinner. As I was gathering audio at the time, I can verify that it was 70 minutes before she meandered back upstairs.

In the meantime, Shelli found out that not everybody was as enthusiastic about Clay's victory as she was. Now nothing comes between Shelli and her boytoy! She was suddenly convinced that the other side of the house had banded together to go against her and Clay.

Shelli then rushed upstairs and told Vanessa that they must rethink their plans. He's a number for them, after all, and along with the twins will continue to be a target for weeks to come. Yes, Liz's chicken dinner saved Austin's ass this week!

Edit #1: Austin fed into Shelli's paranoia, and introduced the idea of the big alliance of the "other side". After Shelli brought this up to Vanessa, including the concept of keeping Austin, he was summoned. Austin admitted that he didn't have an proof, but the possibility "made sense".

But I'm jumping ahead a bit there. While that decision was sort of made at that moment, Vanessa had to dot some i's and cross some t's. Liz finally came up, and Shelli immediately gave her attitude. "I know everything", she said to a clearly confused Liz. Like CBS showed, Liz did claim to not have the same feelings for Austin as he did for her, and she also did bring up the numbers situation just earlier referenced by Shelli. Liz also made the line of the week, as she called Julia her "cock block" in dealing with Austin.

So again, at this point Austin was saved, and he was then summoned to meet with Vanessa. She made him sweat it out a bit, and he did proclaim his loyalty to her as shown on the broadcast. But, and this is a big but, he screwed himself when he was again asked about the hinky Audrey vote he cast as "Judas". He lied once again, and since Vanessa hates liars (except for herself) it looked at this point like he may have unknowingly killed his comeback.

For the next 36 or so hours, Vanessa went back and forth about whether to keep Austin or not. He was the target here and there over this time, but other names were brought up. It seriously looked like Jackie was going to go at one point on Sunday. John's name came up, as did Meg. Jason was also considered, but it wasn't until Vanessa began obsessing over the "Phone Booth" twist that Vanessa decided that Jason was lying to her. She didn't believe that Day had won that twist based on the three people whose votes were set aside. Keep in mind, this was something that happened three weeks ago! Almost the entire cast was asked with the threat that Vanessa knew the truth, which she obviously didn't. It was finally decided that Jason was indeed lying to her, and there was the reasoning this goofball needed.

Yet the story wasn't quite over yet. On Monday, shortly before the POV meeting, Vanessa had second thoughts. Maybe Jason wasn't lying. It was Jackie's turn to miss the opportunity, as she was summoned to grab Jason for a chat. Instead, she continued to brush her hair, adjust her boobs, add lotion,  and clean her glasses with the hemline of her dress. No, I'm not making this up.

Edit #2: During this time period, Vanessa became paranoid about James. Did he or did he not try to throw the BOB? There was a conversation about how he actually helped Liz with the "i" in Christine's name. She wandered downstairs and asked a semi-sleeping, confused James if he indeed assisted her. When he stupidly said yes instead of "why do you ask", she was furious. This fact didn't ultimately change anything, primarily because James was ineligible for nomination due to his BOB win.

Jason never made it up to the HOH, and he was then put up as Clay's replacements.

Why CBS went with the edit they utilized tonight is beyond me. Wouldn't it have been much more entertaining to watch Liz disobey her orders and putter around the house? Wouldn't Shelli's anger over the lack of excitement of Clay's accomplishments be much more fun for viewers to see? This is why you need to get the feeds and/or listen to the Big Brother Gossip Show!


  1. I have to agree with you! CBS missed a lot of content with going with is slant of the edit. I am discussed by Austin's "Jason betrayed me!" comment. He is one sick puppy! I can't stand it that Jason is going instead of him. Austin and Liz and their smugness this week after the Veto meeting has really annoyed me! I also do not care for productions interference with the game by NOT putting Julia back in as they were scheduled to on Monday. Julia likes Jason, she would feel bad for him and probably vote for him despite what the rest of the house thought, although she would do it secretly. Also, she might have blown up that Liz was the extra vote for Jeff. Also, I think if Julia was on board for Jason Steve would turn and vote Becky out because he really, really doesn't like her. Why doesn't Steve like Becky? I know why Becky doesn't like Steve but I don't understand the other way around.
    Shelli was more angry that people weren't jumping for joy when her boy toy won POV than she was about Austin's telling information (which was not the first time he has done that - have you people forgotten) Shelli is just stupid and petty.

  2. the twin thing was/is absolutely stupid. This one of the worst casts ever.

  3. On the feeds tonight, Julia stated in response as to whom she'd sleep with "I'll sleep with Becky. I don't want to cock block!" and I thought of this write up and laughed and laughed. ;)