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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Anticlimatic Jiz Show

What a waste of an evening.

A little bit of a background before we commence. The news that Liz has a twin slowly spread through the whole house yesterday, primarily by Jason. At times, it got a bit uncomfortable, as they all claim there is a fat one and a skinny one, although both are a size 4 at best. (BTW, Liz is called "thickums" or "Helga", while Julia is "Skinny" and "Cruella".) Pretty much everybody eventually knew the big secret, so it was decided they should trap her.

Meanwhile, Audrey was back to her shit-stirring ways, but she's doing it in a more subtle way these days. She just quietly goes up to people and puts little bugs in their ears, and then moves on to others. It's quite fascinating to small doses.

Anyway, it was decided that the house would put on a "podcast". If you haven't seen some of the late night sessions, Austin and Jace started this silliness where they put on a little talk show. The plan for last night was to do another one in order to confront Liz (or her sister) about their twist.

The twitter world was in a tither about this idea. We were all expecting fireworks. One problem - Austin's cohost turned out to be Jeff. Ugh, what a mistake.

Shortly after 11 pm, the "show" began...with an interview of Becky. Come on. We learned all about her dating issues. She's apparently gone on a plethora of tinder dates, and they've all been disaster. What a shocker. If it wasn't for the fact that I was waiting for the Liz segment, I would have fallen asleep within seconds of this borefest.

Finally, though, Liz was brought on to the show. Instead of confronting her, they also asked her primarily questions about her dating life. While a letdown, it was quickly obvious what was going on. The plan is to use these answers to trip her up, and they have plenty of ammunition. Apparently one sister told a story yesterday about a disastrous date where she had to run away, while this sister says she's never had such a thing. Or maybe it was the other way around. Remember, it was around 2 am my time as I sat through this.

The real highlight of this entire fiasco was the devil eyes that Jason showcased through the entire segment. He is a true shit stirrer. Day, who spent most of this time with her face in her hands, also had to run out of the room a couple of times, but I'm not sure if it was to not laugh or just out of frustration. "I told you! I told you!", she screamed at one point in the bathroom.

Once they were finished with Liz, it was Audrey's turn but by this time I was half asleep. Time to turn off the feeds! Liz and her sister were the main topic of conversation the rest of the night, and it is pretty humorous to watch everybody study her and her wall picture for hours at a time. They've even begun timing her diary room sessions.

As of now, it still looks like Day is going home tomorrow night. Even with the power to nullify votes, it's going to be an almost unanimous vote. Another faildozer of a twist!

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