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Saturday, July 25, 2015

At The End Of The Day...

Hey folks! :) Back for another quick little update! If you happened to read John's recap of Thursday's episode, then you will know that Jackie and Vanessa won the two HOH positions.

Between then and now, a few more things have happened so I'll catch you up to speed on the big ones as of now: In terms of nominations, Vanessa nominated Clay and Becky while Jackie nominated James and Liz. The original plan was for James to throw the competition so that Jackie could remain HOH, Vanessa would be dethroned and they could take the opportunity, depending on POV results, to back door Austin.

Alas, as the saying goes, sometimes the best laid plans go awry...and that means a scrambled house for us to watch! So it was Julia in the house for the HOH comp and nominations (and she was made aware of the plans to back door Austin. He's been a bit shady and not shy about making it known that Liz is his priority, not Julia). However, there was a twin switch today and so Liz was officially back in the house for the actual Battle of the Block. She was not a happy camper about being nominated.

The BotB competition took place and Clay and Becky lost!! According to houseguest reports, it was some kind of comp based on past house guests. Lots of names spelled wrong etc. James apparently did try to throw it, Liz has been complaining that at one point she caught him walking; she had to go back and get him at one point as well. So Becky and Clay remain nominated, Vanessa is HOH (Jackie dethroned) and Clay/Shelli/Liz/Austin are Have Nots this week. Wonder if they'll be able to turn the lights off...

Clay and Becky aren't exactly thrilled that they lost, but they're both being very positive about it all. Shelli is pouting and freaking out more than Clay is. I think she's afraid her brother Chris will escape from the attic and leave her behind with the twins. (If you get the reference, you can thank @ColetteLala for that gem!) Vanessa is freaking out because if she follows through with the back door Austin plan, she will be 'swimming in blood'. She really didn't want to have to be the one to put him up. She's also losing her mind over the acne on her chin; she can't figure out why she's breaking out so badly.

The cams spent a lot of time on Austin and Liz in the bathroom as well. It's a bit uncomfortable to watch them to be honest. Austin is very touchy-feely; he strokes her hair, rubs her back and strokes her arm and leg. Now, I'm not ragging on Austin in terms of him doing these things because Liz is not telling him to stop; it's just extremely obvious to most of us that Liz is allowing it for game reasons; her body language makes it very clear that she's not into him. It feels like Austin would like to absorb Liz into his being or something.

Ok, despite all that, they did have an interesting conversation that really exemplified that Austin is delusional about more things than just Liz. He really is not aware that he is the target at this point. A couple things are fishy for him (And Liz) but they're both thinking that Liz was the original target. Liz brings up that Julia told her she's not sure Austin 100% has their backs; I guess she brought up Austin telling Jason about them. Austin is super offended at this since according to him, he's been protecting and looking out for them this whole time. This conversation also demonstrates how good of a position Clay really is in-even Austin has said if he wins POV he'll take Clay down. Austin would like to target Steve though if that happens. He rags on Julia a bit; he thinks she's playing the game all wrong-she spends too much time talking with JohnnyMac and playing chess with Steve.
Jackie and Vanessa are both in the HOH room discussing the situation as it stands. Jackie is an odd one for me right now. She was such a part of the background scenery for so long you basically forgot she was there. Now that Jeff's gone and she's spending more time actually gaming and strategizing, she's a tiny (tiny) bit more interesting. She has flashes of awareness that give me hope, followed by the most amazing delusions and lack of knowledge as to bring me back down. lol She spends most of the time reassuring Vanessa that they can still hit their target this week; that worst case scenario is that Austin wins POV because then they can't nominate him, but they can always throw Steve up too. She's not aware that Vanessa is working with Steve though. Jackie also brings up multiple times that the twins will be target next week as well, also unaware that Vanessa is working with the twins. Jackie isn't sure what kind of game the twins will have once they're in the house together. "Oh, so we'll have twins for a week, ok. Then, bye!"  Clay eventually joins them and again they go over everything. Clay is confident that James really did try to throw it, no one is blaming James.
In the kitchen, Becky, John and James are chatting. Someone, somewhere has apparently told Becky they think she's a comp beast. Um, ok. But Becky is kind of quietly freaking out about it-she thinks it's because she has sculpted muscles while the other girls don't. "But I'm not really a comp beast! It makes me think people are telling me this so that they can plant the seed that I'm a target!" She also talks about this some more with John in the comic bedroom.
At this point, Jackie and Vanessa are asleep in the HOH room and the rest of the house guests are in the kitchen eating like all their food is going to be taken away tomorrow. So that's it for now; whatever happens from this point forward will depend on who wins veto. Veto picking ceremony should be tomorrow as well as the veto comp later on in the day.
There won't be an update tomorrow, I have a birthday sleepover date with one of my nephews so I will be busy spoiling him. Make sure you take the time to listen to the Big Brother Gossip Show live tomorrow night if you get the chance. I might be slightly biased, but I think it's the best BB related podcast out there! (and I thought this BEFORE I started writing these little updates for this site! haha) If you can't listen live, they'll tweet out links on where you can download from iTunes so I'm sure you are already following @ColetteLala (linked above), @BBGossip and @bigbrothrgossip since you're on this site. I just really like using my newfound knowledge of linking in an article! ;) If you're so inclined, you can check me out on twitter as well @Shienara33 Have a great night!


  1. I'll be happy if Austin goes next. He is weird and creepy. His whole alter ego in the top hat is douchie

    1. I'm here partly for the drama, and I feel like he'd make for some fun stuff being on the block!

  2. Is someone, anyone, going to break up Shelli & Clay?

    1. Shelli and Clay are in a really good place actually. Or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it! lol They're boring as all heck and I don't understand why they're not a bigger target considering they are a couple, but they're very well liked, are playing a solid social game and have managed to maintain that despite two HOH wins for Shelli. It's weird!

  3. They aren't smart enough to break up the twins.

    1. Nope, they're not. Jason has even mentioned a couple of times that he'd rather get Steve out first. STEVE?! C'mon! lol I don't get it either, but people get focused on weird things in that house.