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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wednesday Night Power of Love

Well, I'm back. Apologies for no post last night, but I never promised I'd be able to do a post every night, so you can't be too upset with me. ;)

In any event, tonight has go to word here would be 'interesting' but with a serious inflection of sarcasm. There was the CBS episode tonight which you can read Scott's recap if you didn't manage to catch it.

My feeds have been buggy ever since I updated BBViewer. They're lagging and freezing, with skipping backwards to last night's house guest podcast where Austin picks Jason as his favourite something and I don't know how to fix it. It takes a few seconds to correct itself each time as I have to re-load by clicking the LIVE button, so I'm missing some things. Not a lot, but some, so I thought you just ought to know.

I started watching the feeds tonight when Audrey/Day had a convo about keeping her. They made a deal and even shook on it, but I don't know if Day is buying it. I took a break around this point to watch the West coast airing of the tonight's episode. I should have stuck with Scott's recap; there was no real need for me to watch.

Day took a moment talking to a camera about having to work with Audrey, but the majority of the rest of the evening was taken up with prepping for their 'podcast' and then actually running it.  Apparently last night's podcast denigrated into a sexist debacle in which Meg took it upon herself to give Jeff crap for letting it go too far. (I did not see any of this, just going by my go-to live feed updaters today.)

The result of this was, lucky for attempt at redemption by Jeff, Austin and James! YAAAY!! They decided they were going to give the girls a chance at hosting the podcast. But, since they're all about female empowerment, they first needed to gather up supplies of their female friendly sponsors, those famed makers of cotton balls and panty liners and hair curlers. Bless their souls.

Before they started, we did get a brief reprieve from Day, Jason and Meg with a bit more Jiz twin banter, making comments on their different aspects and personalities.

Which brings us back to the podcast of course. In an attempt to let the men redeem themselves and prove that they're models of feminism, Becky and Shelli decided to host the weirdest version of Blind Date I've ever had the misfortune to witness. Jackie was the blind date and each of the three men were called in turn and interrogated in front of the rest of the house guests. It was painful, it was boring and it really made me long for our own Big Brother Gossip Show to return. I really can't wait until Saturday!

There really wasn't anything interesting about this whole thing, except for a moment where Steve (the 'security') caught Jeff spying out of the room they had been sequestered in and told him he would have to deduct points. As I've mentioned before, for whatever reasons Jeff does NOT like Steve, so he bitched and complained about the idea of Steve having the nerve to rat him out and deduct points. Jeff said if Steve did that, there would be consequences, like taking away his bed since he never sleeps anyways. He's such a nice guy, that Jeff.

The game involved answering a bunch of lame questions while pretending to be on a blind date with Jackie. And there was a weird portion on how they would handle a really 'totes cray' Jackie who wanted to be a pregnant bride on the second date since her ex would've done that for her but he got run over by a car. (don't ask) Because, you know, that's empowering and totally redeems their sexism. (more sarcasm in case you couldn't tell.) James was eliminated first, by a Skittle vote of 5(James), 4(Austin), 3(Jeff) and then Austin was voted the unanimous winner after the second round. The big prize was not only their redemption, but a lovely Silver Power of Love necklace made of tinfoil.

After they finished torturing all of us with that farce the podcast, Becky, Shelli and Clay started cooking for everyone since the Have Nots get to eat tonight. They made enchiladas and mashed potatoes, with Shelli eating a salad and Clay absolutely butchering a lovely steak.

While they were cooking, the rest of house guests minus Audrey stayed in the living room and played a couple of games. One was some kind of turn-taking shout-out-a-number game where you couldn't go at the same time as someone else or you'd have to start over. It seemed overly complicated and not fun at all to me. Then they played another game that gave me flashbacks to the clapping games I'd play in elementary school. That one was little more interesting to watch; Steve and John really got into it.

Food was ready shortly afterwards and as I'm writing this the house guests are chowing down on all their meal. Tomorrow is the live eviction show, and unless something totally drastic and crazy happens after I go to bed, expect Day to be voted out tomorrow. My guess is HOH will be one of those crap shoot/pure luck competitions since they got a lever/ball/bucket game to practice a bit today.

That's it for tonight! Feel free to follow me on twitter: @Shienara33 where I am extremely opinionated. Sweet dreams!