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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Big Brother Season 17, Episode 7 Recap

I hate to say this, but this will probably be the first show full of filler. Not a lot happened between the BOB competition and the POV ceremony, so look for a TON of cutesy segments, including some trumped-up showmance garbage featuring Shelli and the Wonder Bread boy Clay.

As expected, the show kicks off with the end of Sunday's BOB competition, which saw Jason and Steve win over Day and John. You know the drill here. The winners are happy, the losers are not, and various other people somewhat coherently read their diary room scripts. Let's move on, ok?

Ok, let's back track a little bit. Remember how Audrey was the supposed big target? Well, Shelli has always wanted to go after Day, and with her being the newly crowned reigning HOH, she can certainly do that. "Looks like we're going with my plan."

Becky is then shown heading up to the HOH feeling good about herself. She believes that she (finally) established some relationships in the house, and "Shelli gets to do my dirty work and get Audrey out of the house." Hold your horses, girlfirend.

Day is now seen in the bathroom, crying into a wash rag. "Get it together." She knows that John threw that POV. "He didn't come up with a strategy. He didn't communicate with me. I wish I could have worked by my damned self." She knows the entire house is out to get her.

John and Clay now head into the HOH to celebrate. "I didn't do anything", says a celebratory John. "She had such a bad strategy that I just (went) with it." They both told him that he did well, but he's still not feeling safe. "I'll play along because I really don't have any other choice."

After he leaves, the two wannabe lovebirds talk about how much they like him, and then they cuddle. I knew this showmance bullshit was going to come in to play.

In the darkened bedroom, Jason and others are talking about how good it feels to be off the block, but he still feels bad for Day. James mentions that if one of them doesn't win the POV, "Day is good as gone". Meanwhile, Audrey is listening in through the wall as Jason mentions that somebody could possibly be backdoored against Day. Meg brings up Audrey's name, and Audrey says it is suspicious that nobody has been talking game to her. They all continue to talk about getting out Audrey. "I don't think she'll send Day home over Audrey", says James.

Time for a twins twist, and I can't wait until we see if or how they show everything tomorrow as the entire house knows they're two different people. The switch is made, and which ever one is now in the house begins cleaning the kitchen. Jason heads into the room, and they talk about how she was just in the diary room.

Twist segment over, it's time to pick players for the POV competition. Shelli pulls out "house guest choice", and obviously she picks Clay. John pulls out Meg, and a defeated-looking Day ends up with Steve. She's pissed, as he's not her "ride or die" pal Jason. Shelli picks Jackie to be the host. Why????

Audrey is now chatting with Clay, and she tells him that she will always work with them. He tells her that him and Shelli are giving her a "second shot", and they're going after Day. Audrey says that's great news. "Whatever it takes, thunder buns."

Meanwhile, Day knows what is up, and she's telling Jason and James that she knows she's the target. She's screwed with this lineup of POV players. "This house is full of cowards. I'm going out because I called out Audrey."

After a set of adverts, we come back to the POV competition. Once again, it's a film set. It's a one on one competition involving various props. They have to recognize what is missing from a picture of Kathy Griffin, and then retrieve the item. John's name is pulled first, and he challenges a truly pissed-off John. Yep, this doesn't go well for her. John wins.

John then picks Steve for the next round, who then picks Clay to go against. Clay wins, which actually makes Steve happy because he doesn't want to be seen as a competition beast. Meg is chosen to start the next round, and she plans to lose. She picks Shelli to go against, because she should be perfect for this competition as an interior designer. Um, sure. Hearing Shelli describe the competition makes me want to stab myself with a handful of pencils. She's the first to ring in, but she brought back the wrong item. Meg says she's "so annoyed". Are you?

Meg then picks John for the next round, but he picks Meg as his opponent. Meg's tossing of the round works this time, and we now have John versus Clay for the POV. Guess who wins? Yes, it's our boy JohnnyMac!

A finished competition clearly means it is time for more commercials, so we come back to Shelli entering the HOH to talk about who to replace John on the block. Clay wants Day out, because she has an "ability to rally the troops...more than Audrey". Shelli suddenly claims that she's not so sure, but she will obviously do whatever her boy toy wants. "Everybody wants Audrey out!" They decide to go get Becky to let her know what's going on.

Becky is informed that Day is Shelli's real target, but Becky doesn't trust Audrey. "That's two more weeks that Audrey could run around and say this, that, or the other thing." We get a flashback of Day acting up towards Clay, and remind Becky that she can win HOH again next week to go after Audrey. Ultimately, Becky doesn't really care. "I do trust you. I trust your game planning."

Day is now in the shower, saying "I know one thing. I'm not just going to roll over and die." Sure you're not. "I will get through this", she says in the diary room. "Trust me." James and Jason still hope that it's Audrey that goes up in place of John.

Vanessa is also worried about being nominated, so she heads upstairs. When she is informed that Day is the target, but that they want to talk John into not using his POV. Yeah, right. Vanessa thinks a "real innocuous" girl must go up. At that moment, John walks in and they try to talk him into not using the POV. "No one is going to vote you out." Clay says they'll understand if he doesn't agree with this, but they guarantee that he has the votes. JohnnyMac is not happy. Johnny's diary room comments are hilarious, but he's not going to stay on the block. He suggests Becky or Liz.

Austin now makes a token appearance on the show as he heads upstairs to talk to Shelli, who asks him to go get Liz to join them. Shelli wants to put up Liz, and she's told about this idea. Obviously, this doesn't go over well with Liz, but she finally agrees. She heads downstairs in tears to talk to Becky, who tells her to stay calm. Austin also works to reassure her, and they all decide to keep quiet in order not to rile up Day. (Oh yeah, in case you forgot that Liz has a twin, she has to tell us that her main reason to not be evicted is due to not letting down Julia. Ok, then.)

I'm checking the clock as this long, boring episode begins to wind down. More commercials leads us to a shot of the house sleeping. Jeff walks into one of the bedrooms, and wants to snuggle with Meg. Ugh, more filler. "I miss boys", says Meg. Austin, though, uses this opportunity to possibly get Meg on the block instead of Liz.

Austin's idea is to get Vanessa on board, and then they'll head up to talk to Shelli together. He talks about how Meg has been whispering about "flipping on Clay and Shelli", and they just can't lose Liz. Vanessa indeed heads upstairs to repeat this story, and Clay walks in on them...followed by Austin. He tells the trio that Day is trying to set everybody up against the Shelli and Clay, and that they see the two of them as a "duo". Meg's name is then brought up, and Shelli admits in the diary room that she could be a better idea than Liz. "Nobody would vote out Sweet Meg!" Well, I would.

Audrey and Clay now have a little talk, and she informs him that she does not want to go up. Clay tells her that the only way she's staying in the house is because of what he and Shelli have been doing for them. "I don't know if you're aware of this", responds Audrey, "but it sounds like you're a little condescending." Clay denies this, and warns her that if she plays against them he'll make sure that she is indeed put up. Clay heads back upstairs to tell Shelli how Audrey is pissing him off. "I don't trust her at all." And there is that final cliffhanger before the episode's final POV meeting scene!

Finally, we get the overly-scripted moment where Johnny stares at the wall, reads off that same text we've now heard for years and years, and finally calls the house in. Oh yeah, and we hear the usual silliness from the nominees, HOH's, and those who may or may not be put on the block. Finally, Johnny does exactly what we knew was going to happen. He takes himself off the block, and Meg is put up! Shocker!

A few diary room comments later, the show is over. What did you think? Are you happy that Day is probably going home tomorrow? Do you wish it was Meg leaving instead? What about the fake showmance? Tell us what you think of all of this!!!

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