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Monday, July 6, 2015

POV Meeting Results!

The POV meeting FINALLY happened, and it went as expected. John took himself down, and was replaced by Meg. Jason has already informed Meg that he will be indeed voting to save Day.
Day, meanwhile, has seemingly started to finally attempt to sway some votes. She just had an interesting talk with Steve, where she told him to be careful as Audrey had informed her that Steve was relaying information from Day to Audrey. "I think people are just giving you enough to keep you in (so) you're not completely blind. Just be careful."
She also tells him that she was upset that he didn't console her after the big blow out. "You misread me completely", Steve replied. "I felt our conversations were just strategic", she added. Apparently, Jason and Steve are the only "two people I feel comfortable with". She ends by encouring him to "stand up for yourself (but) don't be as bold as I am."
While it's doubtful that she can rally up the votes, even with the insipid "Last Laugh" twist, it's great to finally see Day do something other than lay around and give everybody the stink eye. Personally, I'd love for a miraculous comeback, as Day is better for feed watching, and Meg is a COMPLETE bore!

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